Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new blog from yours truly!
That's me and my husband above, quaffing the biggest cocktail in the world in Las Vegas, oh yeah baby! 

I've been trying to get going on blog writing and started off waffling on about what we sell at Notorious Kitsch, which whilst interesting is so bloody corporate, hey look what we sell, buy from me, yadda yadda and that's just not what I'm about!

So I thought I would abandon ship on that blog and start one where I can feature all my favourite things, I gotta tell you I'm REALLY excited about it! I can think of 50 million things I want to blog about right away.
But first things first, talking to my fabulous new friends who I've found on twitter - yeah who would have thought you can actually meet normal nice people online, but anyway I digress! - I was talking about what I should call this blog, my lovely husband came up with Loud Talking Mama, can't think why.... And then the very wonderful Miss Matilda came up with Straight Talking Mama, amazing really cos she's never met me but she knew!!

So thank you to the very fabulous Miss Matilda who gave me the start on this great new journey.

You can find Miss Matilda's blog here not only does she write a lovely blog, but she also makes limited edition clothing which you can find here quite a lady huh?!!


MissMatilda said...

Aha! Lovely cocktails going on, I forsee!
The creative one is your hubby, all I did was swap one descriptive word for another !

Looking forwards to reading everything!! What fun xx

Natasha Bailie said...

Looking forward to reading whats going on in NK's world ;) xx

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