Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fabulous Saturday!

Hello all!

Well I've had a fabulous Saturday. This morning when I got up I decided to make us a special breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. I've never made it before but I've had it in the US when on holiday, if you've never had it before it's basically flour tortillas, salsa (homemade of course, but I guess you can use shop bought) and eggs, of course it can have additional stuff like refried beans etc!

So I gave it a go, here it is in the pan!

Such a special breakfast deserved the table to be set properly, something I'm ashamed to say we don't do as often as we should, but this morning we did!

And here is Paul's all piled up on the plate, honestly there are eggs under all that yummy chilli infested salsa!

Once breakfast was all cleared away and we were happily sated the postman arrived, oh my I'm one happy girl!

I entered a giveaway on A Sip of Sarsaparilla written by the very lovely Susan, if you haven't read it before get on over there. Anyway I rarely enter giveaways as I just don't need more stuff, but when I saw what she was giving away I couldn't resist and I won!!!

Here is my fabulous prize, some vintage Christmas goodies, I LOVE Christmas and so does my husband, and I'd forgotten to tell him I won so as I was unpacking my goodies he was as gobsmacked as I was. Thank you Susan, that wasn't cheap to send and I apologise for being a UK winner but at least you know your goodies will be treasured, they are being packed away now all ready for December!!

You'll notice there is not just Christmas goodies but a lovely postcard and bracelet (I took a pic with the bracelet on but it came out blurred so I couldn't use it sorry) wow you spoilt me!!

Then this afternoon I started fixing up some stuff I've been meaning to for a while. Actually I didn't get it all done, different things need different glue.

First up, my beautiful black lucite compact had fallen apart, actually I was rather cross, I haven't used it much since I bought it but have been using it more regularly lately and was so sad that the lucite top fell off, then I looked at it and the cheeky seller had just fixed it back on with some tape!!!! Can you believe that?!!!

So I glued it back together, now it should hold up for another 50 years!

Sadly the mirror inside has come loose too, but the glue I used for the lucite was a special hard plastics glue which I bought to fix a lucite bag and which won't work for that, and I don't know about you, but it doesn't matter how many tubes of glue I buy they just seem to disappear, I have no idea where I put them!

Next up was a really cute bracelet I have, it's not exactly designer jewellery or anything but I love it, one of the faces had come off so I needed to glue it back on, it does look like this has happened before because there's some awful glue marks but I still love it, it's got such character! Plus it was given to me by a friend, so that makes it extra special!

Next up a really tiny job but one that was worthwhile, the satin back of this box had come loose and when it holds something like this, it's got to be fixed!

This is about the most beautiful set of jewellery I have, it was given to me by my friends Kev and Ellie for my 40th birthday, it's earrings, bracelet and necklace, it's also a Lisner but I don't go for labels I like what I like!!

Here's a close up, how stunning is this?! Beautiful eh?

So that's my Saturday so far, I have a glass of wine at my side, I'm watching Giant on TV, the film with the most beautiful people, and life is good people, oh yes life is good!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Do you love blogging?

I do! In fact today I thought, how long have I been doing this?

It appears I have missed a couple of anniversarys, oh I'm terrible at remembering such things. I started my blog in 2009 but didn't really start blogging in earnest til Jan last year, so I've missed my 1 year of blogging anniversary, next up I've missed my 100 posts celebration, DOH!

Anyway when I first started blogging I thought who on earth will be interested in what the heck I do,  but then thought, mmmm well I'm interested in what others do so maybe. Then I thought what on earth will I blog about, I know we all go through this unless we have a definate theme to our blog.

This was my first post back in Sept 2009, you can find it here

And the first picture I posted!!

Nothing changes ;o)

On my blogging journey I've met some fabulous people in real life, fabulous people online and really enjoyed the whole journey so far. I'm so glad I started blogging, it's an important part of my life now!

And now to something entirely different....

Ever had those times in your life when everything is changing and you think things look bleak but then there's a faint light in the distance and you think, mmmmm maybe not! I can't go into much detail at all right now, don't want to jinx anything if you believe in such stuff, I'm afraid I do!!

Hence the rather choppy blog post today, I'm kinda elsewhere so to speak, wish I was here I write much better when I am! This probably is how confused I am at the moment, but I am NOT scrubbing floors ;o)

The confusion won't subside until at least next week, but I'll try and post before then!!
oh and just a quick question is anyone in the US a regular at Sephora, I'm nearly out of something & I won't be visiting the US anytime soon or France, so if someone could pick something up for me & ship it to the UK, will pay via paypal in advance of course I would appreciate it more than I can say!  Email me at if you can! Thanks!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

My amazing and talented husband!

Ok I know you're going think what is with this treacley sweet stuff, but he is amazing and this is why.

We were on holiday in the US having the time of our lives in April 2000, we'd just been to VLV obviously in Las Vegas, then on to Phoenix and Tuscon vintage shopping, then on our way to stay with friends in San Diego we had a near fatal car accident that changed our lives forever.

Although I was knocked out and don't remember anything much about it, I didn't suffer much apart from being severely bashed up, the explosion of the air bag took a bit off the end of my nose and I had a mild brain injury. My husband however was very lucky to survive in fact it's a miracle to this day really, it clearly wasn't his time! He had a severe brain injury, his spleen ruptured - and was removed - he lacerated his kidneys, liver, punctured his lung and diaphragm, it was serious shit, I ain't kidding!

He was in a coma for 3 months in all, was medivaced back to the UK after 9 weeks and it was just wait and see.

He has had to learn everything from the beginning, he could neither walk or talk, he didn't understand how to swallow so had to learn to eat again, he didn't even know when he first came round that a nod of the head meant yes and a shake meant no. He's had an amazingly tough journey this last 11 years yet he is still amazingly upbeat, patient - ok sometimes ha ha - and determined.

Despite all that he has to cope with- he still can't use his right arm, his walking isn't great and although it's improving he'll be the first to admit his speech is far from normal! - he is an amazingly creative person. He used to be a musican in my band, we ran a small magazine and he used to be a TV & Film background person, now he can't do most of that, so he does what he can. He writes a lot, and does a regular column called Chicken Shack for Milkcow Magazine, and the rest of the time he paints.

His art has become his way of expressing himself when it used to be his music, but he's pretty good! He's sold several pieces already as we take his art to events when we do them, however we wanted to get it more out there, we're like to get him a spot in an exhibition but for now we've opened an Etsy store for his paintings here.  As with all art you either get it or you don't but it's been great that he has such fans amongst the people who have already bought his art.

Here's one painting that's up for sale right now.

I'm so proud that with all he's been through he still has creativity and joy for life! An example to us all I think.

When he's not being amazingly creative this is his favourite pastime

Eating, yes this man can EAT! Yes that's all his breakfast in Vegas a few years ago, I had some coffee and toast I can't do those breakfasts that could cause a heart attack!

Anyway please excuse me being so proud, but I think you'll agree I have a very good reason to be!!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Things that made me happy on Saturday!

First up all your lovely comments on our cocktails cabinets! We are lucky when it comes to cocktail cabinets!

Next the post! You're probably bored to tears of my lack of finances but it's made me into a demon bargain hunter, and can you believe I found these beauties on ebay for 99p!! Red confetti lucite *swoon* I love it when people don't take good pictures or list badly!

Then because you made such lovely comments I photographed a couple of things from my collection. We bought these frosted 1930s cocktail glasses so long ago I can't even remember but I do remember buying them as they are so beautiful! We originally had 3 but 1 was broken years ago, I have never ever seen another one like it since, so if you spot one that is not a hideous price do let me know. I doubt they're very common any more, they are such thin delicate glass, so beautiful though!

Then these cocktail stirrers have a story behind them and oh boy I love items we have that have a story behind them. We were in an amazing antique mall in Las Vegas with some friends, we found the most amazing stuff in there cheap as well, my husband found a shirt which was $40 but should have been about $150! Anyway our friends spotted these and I couldn't believe how beautiful they were, they bought them and I was enthusing so much about them, in the evening they said look, actually  they go more with your stuff that ours (they are more art deco home wise) you have them, how sweet is that? They are so fab too!

Another thing that thrilled me today is I finally sorted my husbands blog out YAY! You can read it here he's a writer - mostly about music-  and he's an artist which we're going to start an etsy store for and all round fabulous guy! He only has me following at the moment so if you're interested do follow him, he's the best!

Then I had a Cherry B left over from NYE so I got out my Cherry B glass and toasted a job well done on Paul's blog. By the way if you're not from the UK and you're weren't around in the 70s Cherry B probably means nothing to you, but it's a Cherry Wine that was drunk a lot back then! It was probably drunk in the 60s or even the 50s I have no idea when it was first brewed, but the glass looks cute nonetheless!

And then, my home made pizza, all made from scratch, even the dough and pizza sauce which is my special recipe, delicious!

Hope you had as good and as productive a day as I had, feel good about relaxing for the evening now, the only thing I'm ashamed about is that I have been soooo busy all day I'm still in PJs, ah well once in a while doesn't hurt and it's not like I do any outfit posts which is just as well he he!

Happy Saturday all!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Raiding the cocktail cabinet!

Oh yes it really has been one of those days, so time to raid the cocktail cabinet, thankfully it's not too badly stocked still after Christmas, just as well as we don't have any cash to splurge on it!

Here she is well stocked, I DO love my cocktail cabinet!

One can never have too many cocktail cabinets can one? Here's my wall one, no bottles but nice glasses!

Then of course any savvy vintage cocktail lover should always have a mobile cocktail cabinet he he!

oh yes people all neatly folded up to this!

Can you tell I'm relaxing with a glass of something tonight? Hope your day has been great and you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

All change!

Yes you may have noticed that I changed the layout of my blog, I have to say this was not intentional!! You know sometimes when you just find something new in your blogging software and you think oooh I wonder what it would look like if......

Next thing you know you've lost all your settings, your blog looks like crap and you haven't really got time to mess with it! Well that happened to me today. So I went with it, I'd like to do more but hey it looks a bit different so that's all good

Today I did something I've been meaning to for ages, I opened a shop on Etsy! I have to say I only have 4 things in there for now but I will fill it up a little. I've popped a gadget in the sidebar so you can see my wares he he!

I thought it was about time I got rid of some things I'm just hanging onto but never ever wear, I need cash not a full closet/shoe rack of stuff I don't wear or use!

First up was a stunning pair of shoes I have had FOREVER and I have never ever worn them, which is shameful!

How stunning are these? I love them but they don't suit me, they look fine side on but believe me, my ankles are just too chunky for them so they have to go, I just want to keep them in case one day I do wear them but how ridiculous is that?

It doesn't show so well but the rhinestones really sparkle *sigh*

I wanted to put these up as I was going to do a shoe post soon but these might be gone by then, if I win the lottery though, I am withdrawing them from sale, when you're rich you can have things just to look at can't you?!!!

Next up is a really stunning pair of springolaters which have like a confetti lucite front, I love love love them but again don't wear them. I've never been much of a heels wearer, I have terribly flat feet, and I know today I blame my weight but in reality even when I was at my tiniest I rarely wore heels, I would wear them on stage, but I've always been a wedgie girl when out and about as I always loved dancing!

But look at these babies, swoon!

So that's what I've been up to today! An unexpected blog rejig and the start of my etsy shop! I am going to be listing much more soon, keep an eye out on the side there, you might see something you like.

Hope you all had a great day!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New project going slow!

As I said in my last post I quite fancy starting to knit again. Actually it was being sick that prompted it, I would have liked something to do that was useful but didn't require too much effort, that also didn't involve trawling the internet looking at things I couldn't afford to buy!

So yesterday I started!! First up I chose my wool, there is always limited colour choice in 4 ply locally, unless you shop around, but I did find this which I love, especially good for red heads! It matches my footstool nice too ha ha!

This is what I'm attempting to knit

I haven't knit for about 15 years, in fact I remember the last thing I knit which was a wooly winter hat for a tour in Switzerland with my band, we've been disbanded for about 12 years, so yep I reckon a good 15 years. I couldn't for the life of me remember how to cast on, so I dug out a handy book I have. I used to have lots of these but sold some, however I'm glad I didn't sell them all!

It takes a bad picture because at some point someone has covered it in plastic so it would last longer I guess. But I do love the inscription to someone inside.

Once I read the instructions for casting on and I started, I knew exactly what to do, it came back to me immediately, I guess you never forget eh? Here are the instructions which I found rather complicated to read but if you did as it said, it worked, that's how I got to remember immediately what to do!

I knitted for a couple of hours last night and this is as far as I've got, glad I chose a summer sweater this could take some time he he!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Finally on the mend!

I'm finally on the mend and oh boy does it feel good! Let me just say first of all if you have any inkling you have bronchitis get it seen to straight away I don't think I ever had anything that laid me so low for so long, horrible! I'm not 100% still coughing & rather lethargic but I'm well on my way!!

So this morning I thought I needed to cheer myself up, I didn't intend to go out as it's a thoroughly miserable rainy day here in the UK so I had a lovely hot shower, gave my face a good scrub and put on some make up for the first time in about 2 weeks! I rarely put make up on when I'm staying in the house all day but I just felt like it after being so low for so long.

I also put on my favourite summertime perfume - it reminds me of holidays - and jewellery, another thing I rarely do when I know I'm staying in the house! Here's my cute 50's cat brooch

Lovely 50's hooped earrings that I sadly rarely wear as they are screw backed and for some reason my ears don't much like screw backed earrings, they are forever falling off!

And me much happier than I've been for a good couple of weeks!

Please ignore the badly rolled fringe and dark under the eyes, there are some things a girl can't address still when recovering, oh and the fact that my hair need dying so badly! Still feeling feeling better will do me for now

And I have to give a very special mention to the lipstick, I won it! It's Besame Red, and I've wanted to try Besame lipstick for ages but just couldn't justify spending when I'm broke and I have plenty red lipstick, but when you win it, it would be rude not to try it out!! I won on the lovely Retrochick's blog, she's a doll! Of course the prize was donated by the equally lovely What Katie Did, thanks Katie! I have to say I love it, I love how it goes on, it smells nice and as far as longevity is concerned, don't know yet, it didn't survive my veggie burger at lunchtime but I doubt much would have!

Later this afternoon I intend to indulge in a small amount of this....

One should always celebrate emerging from hideousness with a cocktail!

As you know I've been looking on ebay and etsy like crazy while I've been incapacitated so I thought I'd share a pair of shoes I would buy in a heartbeat if I had the cash, they're my size too, sigh....

How amazing are they? If you're this size and have money you can find them here. They have 9 hours to go and still at a reasonable price but I bet they won't stay that way!

Also whilst I was trawling I found this

How fab is this? And you know what's worse, we used to have this trio and because we couldn't find anything else in this pattern we got rid of it, oh how I regret it, it is such a fabulous pattern, ah well!

I also decided this weekend after reading some of my favourite bloggers talking about it so much laterly that I would start knitting again, my mum is a genius knitter so I will still get her to whip up sweaters like nobodys business but I really thought I ought to give it a go. So I'm going to start something easy to begin with, here is the pattern.

Thanks to By Gum By Golly, Snoodlebug and the very lovely Jenny from Yesterday Girl for the kick up the backside I needed!

I'll let you all know how I get on, I need to get the wool first but I'll get started this week, I'm slow so it could be a while, note I'm knitting a summer sweater ;o)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What floats your boat?

Well I'm still sick, went to the docs today and it turns out I have bronchitis which in itself isn't serious, but it's very annoying & brings you down, anyway they've given me antibiotics and as I'm not one to take much medication I'm sure I'll be on the mend in no time!

So as I have pretty much been sat on the sofa for nearly a week now coughing my guts up I've done a lot of internet surfing.

Today the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, I'm under no illusions it's February and I live in the UK, it doesn't mean Spring is here, but it does have me looking forward to wearing something more summery again!

As I was trawling through Etsy it got me to thinking about our particular loves within vintage clothing, my era is definately 50s but within that there are certain things I like and don't like.

Here is something I definately like a lot!

This is currently on Etsy in Wear it Again Sam's store ok well on Etsy they're called Wear it Again, but the shop itself is Wear It Again Sam. Actually I like a lot of their stock, they are very much to my taste. I've been lucky enough to visit the store when in San Diego and loved it, I nearly walked out of there with the most expensive coat ever, I did manage to talk myself out of it though, I was being sensible, it was stunning though!

Another item from Wear it Again Sam, I love these teatimers, so comfy & versatile, get be dressed up or down, love em, I have lots of these both vintage and self made with vintage fabric, though I do particularly like the print on this.

Next up, I do like sparkly, a LOT!

I know this doesn't look like much, but you cannot beat a lurex dress once it's on, it moves with you, it sparkles with the light, I LOVE lurex, I would have a wardrobe full of lurex dresses! The link to this one is here if you're interested.

I love love love linen dresses with embellishments, I don't know why but it's one of my things. I have 3 really nice ones - which sadly do fit at the moment - but I love this one too. People don't seem to wear them much but I think they're beautiful, I prefer them with rhinestones - did I mention I like sparkly but this is pretty cute too! You can find this here on Etsy.

Last but not least, I do like a good a good colourful print. I think a lot of what is missing in more modern clothing is colour! This is a great example of a damn good print! You can find it here if you're interested.

There's a lot more that I like, I love rhinestones, the more sparkle the better as far as I'm concerned. I love halter necks in taffeta with rhinestones of course.

What I'm not into are floral prints, I'm just not a floral print type yet I would say lot of people are and go ga ga over a floral, I don't do pink or purple really, I'm not someone who like a lot of frills or frou frou, I'd be interested to know what floats your boat, I like that we're all different so if you like a pink, floral frou frou dress I'd love to know!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Don't you just hate it when....

You break something you've had forever, especially as it's survived 50 or 60 years already and then you're the one who breaks it?

Well we lost something yesterday, it was no ones fault, it's so windy here in the UK, my husband opened the door the wind blew it and totally blew over our cat vase ornament off the ledge near the door :o(

It was smashed to smithereens so not a hope in hell of fixing it. I looked all over my computer to find a pic I'd taken of it cos it looked great next to the curtains I made in the hallway but couldn't find one anywhere. There is one on ebay for sale so this is what it looked like, sad!

We won't replace it, especially as this one is up for £79, crazy money!

Anyway I feel a teeny bit better today - at last - apart from being awake half the night coughing, but still don't feel quite so much of a zombie today. I thought I would do something useful. I wanted to sew all the cushions for the living room, I'm ashamed to say I made the curtains 2 years ago!! Anyway I got 4 done, then I was just too knackered to finish another couple, I guess I'm not 100% yet, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out!

Here are the cushions on the sofa near the matching footstool that I recovered the other week.

And a close up

Sewing the bobble trim on made it a little more complicated but I like it!

Here is the cushion on one of our wooden chairs, near the matching curtains

I'll finish the other 2 in the week, won't take much doing.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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