Saturday, 19 February 2011

Things that made me happy on Saturday!

First up all your lovely comments on our cocktails cabinets! We are lucky when it comes to cocktail cabinets!

Next the post! You're probably bored to tears of my lack of finances but it's made me into a demon bargain hunter, and can you believe I found these beauties on ebay for 99p!! Red confetti lucite *swoon* I love it when people don't take good pictures or list badly!

Then because you made such lovely comments I photographed a couple of things from my collection. We bought these frosted 1930s cocktail glasses so long ago I can't even remember but I do remember buying them as they are so beautiful! We originally had 3 but 1 was broken years ago, I have never ever seen another one like it since, so if you spot one that is not a hideous price do let me know. I doubt they're very common any more, they are such thin delicate glass, so beautiful though!

Then these cocktail stirrers have a story behind them and oh boy I love items we have that have a story behind them. We were in an amazing antique mall in Las Vegas with some friends, we found the most amazing stuff in there cheap as well, my husband found a shirt which was $40 but should have been about $150! Anyway our friends spotted these and I couldn't believe how beautiful they were, they bought them and I was enthusing so much about them, in the evening they said look, actually  they go more with your stuff that ours (they are more art deco home wise) you have them, how sweet is that? They are so fab too!

Another thing that thrilled me today is I finally sorted my husbands blog out YAY! You can read it here he's a writer - mostly about music-  and he's an artist which we're going to start an etsy store for and all round fabulous guy! He only has me following at the moment so if you're interested do follow him, he's the best!

Then I had a Cherry B left over from NYE so I got out my Cherry B glass and toasted a job well done on Paul's blog. By the way if you're not from the UK and you're weren't around in the 70s Cherry B probably means nothing to you, but it's a Cherry Wine that was drunk a lot back then! It was probably drunk in the 60s or even the 50s I have no idea when it was first brewed, but the glass looks cute nonetheless!

And then, my home made pizza, all made from scratch, even the dough and pizza sauce which is my special recipe, delicious!

Hope you had as good and as productive a day as I had, feel good about relaxing for the evening now, the only thing I'm ashamed about is that I have been soooo busy all day I'm still in PJs, ah well once in a while doesn't hurt and it's not like I do any outfit posts which is just as well he he!

Happy Saturday all!


Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Ha ha The Sgt and I just popped a homemade pizza in the oven too! Yum! I'll have to go check out your hubby's site. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Cool earrings - thumbs up for a super mega bargain! And Paul now has two followers :)

Kitty said...

I absolutely totally love your cocktail stuff, I'm always trying to collect more 50s cocktail/bar items, it'll be an ongoing prooject I guess. will check out Pauls blog too!

Zootsuitmama said...

Awesome earrings!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh that pizza looks really good & what a bargain on those earrings!

Ivy Black said...

We had homemade pizza as well! Something very satisfying about making your own..don't know why!
Love your cocktail things. I got rid of a lot some years ago, but now I have fallen back in love with the Devil's mixes and will have to keep my eye out for nice vintage glasss. Love the Cherry B one!
Off to Paul's blog

Vintage Vixen said...

So that's a cat and some pretty glasses to look out for. I'm sure between all of us we've pretty much got the UK covered.
I love homemade pizza, it's the best and as usual am lusting after the cocktail accessories. xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Yay to homemade pizza, it was like we all had a big pizza sit in last night!!

Thanks for all the cocktail love again, there is something so glam about old cocktail stuff!

Perdita said...

Ha ha! Cherry B - reminds me of Xmas round my aunty-nan's (great aunt, but she just didn't do the great aunt thing: red lipstick and redder hair and plenty of kitsch/booze).

Straight Talking Mama! said...

hang on, am I your great aunt ;o)

delia hornbook said...

Cherry B is lush i have a glass to, I did have 3 but i gave two to my mum for xmas along with a case of 4 cherry B bottles as she had commented and said she used to drink it when she was a tenager and hadn't had it for years she was made up to get them ;-)) Your pizza has made my tummy grumble i have just realised what the time is ;-) good luck to your hubby for his blog, enjoy your week, dee x

DearHelenHartman said...

What a lovely post about a lovely day - the pizza really topped it off!

The gold dotted glasses really made me smile because I love that stuff and because I have that set of trays! They were a Mother's Day gift from my sister to my mom before I was born AND she told me she paid $1.50 for the set at the Base Exchange, I assume in Japan, where we were stationed.

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