Saturday, 13 November 2010

I'm off!

Just a quick post to say I really will be missing in action for over a week.

First up, mum has her operation this week so we leave on Monday and drive home after her op on Wednesday. Then Thursday morning, I get in the van and drive to one of my favourite events of the year The Rhythm Riot.

It was all a bit scary this morning when we heard that the company that runs the site where it is held had gone into administration, but it turns out that things will operate as normal PHEW for all the people going to the Rhythm Riot, that would have been a disaster as both the bands and the customers travel from all over the world to get there!

So although I work 15 hour days there and don't get any chance for fun, I am looking forward to catching up with lots of old friends, I'll be meeting some people I've never met before but know really well online, which is weird! If you are going and we know each other online but not in person please tell me, I'm rubbish at recognising people from photos, I have the memory of a goldfish and I'll be tired, so shake me really hard by the shoulders and shout your name at me.... only kidding but please say hi. We have our stall at the back of the main hall in between the record stalls, this is great as we get to see ALL the bands from a great vantage point as we're up some steps, BUT it means we're open from 11am to 2pm yep people that long!!

I would promise you pictures and video but this is one event I know it won't happen at, I'm just working too hard, sorry!

Oh wow I have no pretty pictures for this post, boring huh?! Sorry! See you on the other side......

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Vintage Regrets!

I know I've blogged about this before but this is slightly different as it's not about clothes I've parted with but clothes I can't even get my big toe in right now!

I'm overweight, it's true, I've always struggled to a degree with my weight all my life, in fact I was always known as voluptuous, curvy or whatever. So it was almost inevitable that when life slowed down a bit, I wasn't dancing as much, I wasn't out and about as I used to be that I would gain weight. I have to try SUPER hard to keep my weight under any type of control whatsoever. Though of course it IS within my control and so clearly I haven't been trying as hard as I could, in fact, drowning my sorrows in a wine bottle has certainly not helped!!!

ANYWAY, the one thing that does keep me focussed on trying to get control of my weight is that I do own some lovely clothes and I would love to get back into them. I did lose weight on Weightwatchers a few years ago and started wearing them again, but went through a super stressed time & sadly but it on and more, uuurgh. I keep these clothes because if I got rid of them all I would never try again!

So here are a couple of dresses I would LOVE to get back into. I think the first one is fantasy territory for me now, in fact I don't remember ever having that size waist!!

And here's a close up

Yeah fabulous huh? And no it's not even vintage! It was custom made for me for stagewear, it is STUNNING! And ok shoe ladies I didn't take a photo but I will at some point I have a pair of matching satin springolators with a rhinestone heel, oh yes you heard!! Loads of the rhinestones are missing and I need to replace them before they can be seen in public again!

I was going to sell it and took it to the doomed Twinwood, but people who had seen me onstage in it howled with horror at the thought of me selling it, with cries of 'but i have pictures of you in this & do you still have the shoes' so yes you can imagine the impression it made. But I honestly could fit my arm in it right now and that's it, the other problem though is there are not many people out there with a 26 inch waist and a 34G bust so not sure who it would fit anyway!!

Second up is this lovely thing, now I'm not sure it photographs well but take a look at the neckline close up, it is stunning!

So pretty!! I wanna wear it again.

I have many dresses I can't get into and just can't part with, am I kidding myself? Or will I do it in the new year? I'm not going to kid myself and start keeping an eye on my weight now, I could, but I know with the next few weeks I have and then with Christmas coming, the reality will be far from that!

New Year here I come and hopefully I'll be posting pictures of me in cute dresses next year!

Oh and by the way, sorry about absence, you know the situation, I'm working hard to catch up with everything so that it all goes smooth up with Mum and then at the Rhythm Riot next week.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello all, just wanted you to know that everything is ok! I'm ok, I'm all sorted about my mum and all that. Of course it still worries me and I am about to have the busiest month but I've got it all sorted in my head! Thank you all for all your lovely comments, it's so nice to have met such lovely people online, it warms the heart!

Anyway this past weekend was my birthday, it wasn't a particularly special one - I was 44 - and we're a bit broke so we decided on cocktails in the house, movies and something nice for dinner.

I had a lovely day, in fact I had a lovely weekend, we drank cocktails, we giggled a lot once we'd consumed cocktails, my lovely husband fell asleep late afternoon as I made strong cocktails a little early but he wasn't asleep long ;o)

Here's a couple of pics! The absolutely divine Cointreauteese cocktail, mmmmm

And this is a quick pic I took before I started, I didn't take one after I'd finished....!! Sorry a bit bad really I didn't get the glass in very well, I'm not used to taking pictures of myself!

Apart from having a nice birthday weekend, I also had a couple of other nice things happen this weekend, so I'm hoping that my luck might finally be turning round YAY! I'm the eternal optimist!!

I'll try to post as much as I can over the next month but I'll apologise now for patchy service.
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