Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A sad and sorry tale!

Well dear readers I intended to post photos, videos and an exciting review of Twinwood, sadly life didn't quite work out that way!

It all started on Wednesday the day I loaded the van full of stock, the forecast for our area of the UK was rain, rain, rain and more rain. I started the day with a heavy heart but as the forecast for the weekend and Twinwood wasn't too bad, I thought I can put up with a day of getting wet if all will be good at the weekend!

So on Wednesday I got so wet through I have to get changed entirely at least once including shoes as I got so soaked to the skin. Eventually I just had to give up as every time I went back out the rain got heavier, which I didn't think was possible but sadly it was!!

Anyway no worries, I had a hot shower and Thursday I finished loading the van in the morning and set off to Twinwood!

Once we arrived at Twinwood, the sight that greated us wasn't great, flooding on the grass, water and bad weather surrounded us, but in that great British spirit we battled on! We put up the marquee and then the heavens opened, as you can see from the photo below, setting up at Vintage events can turn out to be neither glamourous nor fun!

Yes that IS a waterproof with a hood, I never owned one until I did events but believe me doing outside events is not entirely glam!

Here is the view from our marquee, uuurgh

Yes that is a humongous pool of water where my marquee should be, see that white line out front, that should be where my marquee should start, needless to say it wasn't there as I would have been swimming!!

Anyway we abandoned ship for the Thursday and decided to finish Friday, now fortunately we had the forsight to book a hotel, PHEW!!!

We had a lovely meal on Thursday night, then a great nights sleep and off we went on Friday to finish setting up, it wasn't a great day on Friday but we got done.

Then Saturday we set off for the site ready for a days trading!!

It was only when we got there Saturday that we realised we probably weren't in the best place location wise, and we weren't anywhere near our other trader friends BUT we made new friends so that's all good.

Here is a fab pic of a Lancaster flying over our marquee, ok it's not clear but believe me it was impressive!!

However Saturday turned out to be our worst day trading at an event ever, which was shocking as we'd heard it was a great event! We were sad, but we were there,  so hey tomorrow is another day

And yes tomorrow WAS another day!

We arrived on Sunday morning to a freezing cold site and the wind blowing like it was the end of the world. Again though in true British fashion we thought it'll be fine!!

The wind continued to whip around the site but a Spitfire flew overhead and everyone grinned like an idiot, I tried to get a picture of it flying over our marquee but it was too blumming quick!

Then in the afternoon the gales arrived, I have never known wind like it, well we were in a marquee! If it wasn't for the fabulous customers in the marquee at the time when a particularly bad gust hit I would have lost far more stock than I did. My lovely customers held on to my stock for dear life until I unloaded it all from shelving and tables. Then fortunately some friends arrived, thanks so much to Marion and Diane for calming me and helping to pack away some stock.

Then my lovely friend Kay from Rocket Originals heard talk of what had happened to me at the other end of the field, she arrived with coffee, kind words, hugs and help to pack away my stock. Once I was all done, Martin (Kay's husband) from Rocket Originals arrived to help me pack my van and then Martin and some guys from The London Boot Company took my marquee down for me, as if I had tried to do it on my own in that wind I would have been flying higher and faster than the Spitfire!

So all in all, no pics, no video, a terrible disaster, I'm a sad Fiona today, and it was a tough tough weekend to go through, oh and I didn't mention I bruised my rib when I fell on some boxes whilst unloading the van on Friday, oh yeah it was fun,not!

However the good thing that came out of it is the kindness of people, not only friends but strangers too. People are great in helping others in a crisis and I thank all those who did help me.

I'm still getting over the hideousness of the weekend and all that work for nothing, well we essentially made a loss, so a lesson here don't always assume that traders are loaded, sometimes they do a lot of work and come home with nothing.

I'm trying to recouperate and have licked my wounds a lot today, hopefully I will be back to full mental  & physical strength soon!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

See you on the other side....

I'm taking Notorious Kitsch on the road today to Twinwood.

So as I said in my previous post I'll be missing in action for a few days.

I'm charging up my flip camera as I write this so hopefully I'll remember to take some video and pictures

See you next week, have a good holiday weekend everyone in the UK!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Fabulous Fifties!

The 50s is my favourites era but I'm actually talking about a book. If you love the 50s whether it be clothes, accessories, material, homewares, well whatever, and you don't have this book, then where the heck have you been?

It's a Schiffer book and it's just the best, it's actually called Fabulous Fifties Designs for Modern Living.

I rediscovered my love for a lot of my books when having a move round of stuff this summer, but this book is the crowning glory. It's not the cheapest book you'll ever find, we bought it over 10 years ago and it was £45 then, we sell it at Notorious Kitsch at £49.50 so it hasn't gone up much in that time. May I just add I'm not doing this as a plug, this IS the best book you'll ever buy if you love the 50s, and you can get it all over the place, however this book got me into selling books on the site, that's how much I love it!

I scanned some of the pages so you can have a sneak preview. It's like all your dreams come true in one book, it has it all and one thing I really really love about this book is that it features men's clothes too, so often ignored when looking at vintage fashion!

Anyway here goes.

There are lamps, oh how we all love lamps!


Furniture! Oh my the lamps, the furniture, to die for!

Pages and pages of fabulous fabric, you know how I'm a fan of fabric too!

Pages & pages of fabulous bags, I want them ALL!

Pages of fabulous women's clothes, to die for!

And last but not least the men finally get a look in too!

Of course it also has lots of information and valuations, blah blah blah, but who cares about that, for me it's all about drooling over the pictures and planning my fantasy life!!

I know it's expensive but you won't regret it, I promise you, why not put it on a Christmas list, this is honestly THE best book we ever bought relating to our collecting passion.

I'm afraid there will be radio silence from me for a few days, I'm off to Twinwood with Notorious Kitsch. We load the van tomorrow, leave Thursday and won't return til the wee hours or Tuesday morning!  However I will report back about our trading adventures, the weather is not looking so great here in the UK at the moment so I have no idea what to expect, although I know it's going to rain like heck when I'm loading the van tomorrow, oh joy!

See ya soon!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Making do - A vintage way of life!

I was prompted to do this post by someone who's never been to our house but has read my blog, we were chatting at an event and she said 'I bet your house is amazing', it made me really think because no actually it's not and no I'm not being modest it really isn't, I have some amazing things, but my whole house is not amazing.

So I thought I would broach a subject that illustrates this. Making do, vintage style!

We have lots of cute stuff in our house and always have, but it's changed through the years according to the size of place we lived in, we downsized a lot a fews years ago as we were in rented accomodation for about 18 months, also even if you have collected stuff for as long as we have, your tastes adapt. We have friends who have fabulous stuff, but to be honest we've never really had the money, we were musicians for years - that means broke but fun life - then sadly my husband had a really bad car crash and he hasn't been able to work since, so we've never had a lot of extra cash, and to be honest when we have we don't just spend it on stuff we like to experience life, so holidays are high on the agenda!

Anyway let me get to the point. When you love vintage stuff, you often have to make do until you get what you want at a price you can afford.

A huge example for us right now is end tables for the couch. We don't have any, we are making do with some pieces of furniture until we can afford something like this

Although I've got to be honest I don't think we'd ever pay $400 for end tables, unless we won the lottery!

So for now I have this on my side of the sofa

It's a lovely green & gold trimmed cocktail trolley. The top is a removable tray see below for pic. I say cocktail trolley but it could just be a tea trolley it just looks quite glam for just tea so I imagine cocktails being rolled through on it. I love it but it's not my ideal end table.

And even worse is what Paul uses for a endtable, horror of horrors it's a bedside cabinet! Paul needs things to hand more than I do as he's disabled, it doesn't mean he can't get up and do stuff but it's handy for him to have medication and stuff nearby. So this is ideal storage wise for him but oh how I hate how it looks, especially next to a fabulous cocktail cabinet!

I've learnt to make do much more in the last 10 years since my husband has been unable to work and therefore we've been worse off financially. It's quite a hard learning curve as I'm a very impatient person, when I want a room to come together I want it to happen now, but financially we're not able. Then I get to thinking about how people lived 50-60 years ago, making do was a way of life, only the very rich or lucky had their house and wardrobe exactly as they wanted. It is quite a modern phenomenon of vintage lovers to have a house period perfect isn't it? I understand it, if I could financially do it, boy I would, but I can't and so I realise I'm coming to terms with mixing time periods, making do and adapting to what I have, it's quite satisfying.

Two additional people influenced me when writing this post, first up was Mary from Welcome to Deluxeville I can't quote her exactly, but she said something along the lines of she's a patient lady when it comes to finding what she want and only pays what she can afford, it got me to thinking about my situation, and also Glamour Daze whose latest  post is about a young woman's wardrobe plan of 1947, it's quite shocking how little they made do with! So thanks to both these ladies!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Rediscovering Vintage Treasures!

During my DIY/sorting stint this summer I've unearthed so much stuff packed away that I had even forgotten I had, mmm I think that is a problem called hoarding, anyhoo....

As it's Friday afternoon and I've had a productive back to work week, I thought I'd share a few pics of some of little treasures I unearthed.

First up is a 1940s microphone, I don't remember where we even bought this but I know in our mind we thought we'd be able to use it onstage with the band at the time, I'm sure we must have plugged it in and surprise suprise it didn't work, still it looks good and I won't be parting with it as it's a useless object but reminds me of a part of my life!

Isn't that smart huh?

Next up is not really a vintage treasure in my eyes but in others I guess it is, it's something from my childhood! As I was born in 1966 I guess something from my childhood is now well and truly considered vintage! It's a puppet from The Magic Roundabout, I guess non-UK viewers will think, what? Here's a link to explain more. Of course UK viewers of a certain age will recognise Florence he he!

She now had pride of place on the bookshelf, no longer stuffed in some cupboard somewhere!!

Next up is a really nice metal wall plate we have had forever we just haven't found anywhere yet to put it up in this house, and it's been stored away for a while, I want it to go back up as it's so unusual and so nice, I've never seen another thing like this before, although I'm sure you guys will prove me wrong, I know they're not common at least!

It has such beautiful texture and colouring doesn't it? But no makers mark it's just stamped England on the back!

I also re-arranged my bookshelves and oh the books I found which I'd forgotten all about, I'm going to do a seperate post about some of my favourites, great sources for home style, clothes, and a bunch of other stuff, in fact it will probably be a range of posts in reality as there is a lot to get through!

So this weekend I might make the curtains for my office, but I'm pretty tired and I have a super busy one next weekend so I might just potter about the house! If I make the curtains, I'll make sure I take pics so you can see!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lots of Stuff!

Hey all, good to see ya!

Sorry I haven't been around for while, all that DIY and trying to get things finished swallows up your time doesn't it? Anyway I'm back - well honestly I never went away but I'm back as in online!

I officially came back to work on Monday, which is weird cos I work for myself but I gave myself some time away the last month, not real time away, you can't do that when you run your own business but I didn't work at it full on as usual but as of Monday, eek I'm back! Of course now I'm back I have sooo much to catch up on, but I also have loads of new ideas for blogs post, however this won't be one of the new idea posts, sorry!

Anyway I had a couple of lucky & cheap finds lately which I want to share.

Remember those lovely sherry glasses I got, you can see them here well I found matching shot glasses for £1, yes a £1 whoo hoo! So of course I bought them, here they are

I'm so happy I have some more of those lovely glasses! Sorry for the bad pic, I'm a bit sleepy! Anyway very interestingly on the shot glasses France is imprinted on the base so I'm assuming they're French. I'm wondering if I can get a whole set now, they are so cute I would love more!

Ok next up, I need to explain. If you've been collecting this stuff forever, you will have also bought and sold forever because unless you're a millionaire you wouldn't have the house room for all the stuff. Why am I telling you this, well as a subject covered before and by other, there are always vintage regrets for me, most of mine have been shoes I've sold, even though I never wore them and probably never would I still regret selling them! Anyway I've regretted selling other stuff too but usually you just think ah well, that was nice, why did I sell it, but I did so what the heck. You rarely get a second chance at these things but guess what I did. Now please don't think I'm crazy but both me and my husband loved this and we don't know why we parted with it and no it's nothing special but we loved it. What is it? A rice holder, but a pretty special one.

It was only a £1 again, and we're super happy we got it again :o)

In other news I got the curtains up in Paul's art room, I wanted to put these ones up because they're arty in a way and they're pretty faded so it doesn't matter if he ends up splashing a bit of paint on them, they are lovely though!

Here's a closer look!

So there you go, some stuff I've been doing, hopefully I'll post more often from now on, although I am preparing for a bit event next weekend at Twinwood, where hopefully I'll do some filming so you can see what it's all about, if I remember to take my camera!

Speak soon!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sorry I've been AWOL but....

I've been busily trying to finish my DIY to do list before Monday when I officially get back to Notorious Kitsch work. I may be able to do some small stuff over the next couple of months but I wanted to get the big stuff out of the way so this has been a full on week!

I will post pictures at some point, when is it eventually finished, as you can tell it's midday Saturday and I still have lots to do, especially in my office.

How would I like my office to look? Well not quite how it IS going to look as I don't have money to invest in cute furniture. The good news however is that I will have a sewing area, how blumming exciting is that!

So I keep looking at cute 50s kitchen tables on ebay to get for a sewing table, they're pretty cheap so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I've also managed to get my husbands art room almost sorted too, which is very exciting for him as he's been tripping over stuff for ages - which when you are disabled is not an ideal situation to be in eeek!

Anyway here's a sneaky peek of part of his art room, when I finished gutting this room a while ago and painted it, imagine my surprise when I went in one day and found he had started a mad crazy mural on the wall!

Here is it a bit closer!

Yep what goes on in that fellas mind eh? As you can see his style has a very cartoon appearance, he was a great cartoonist before he had his accident and really started getting into painting when he started on the path to recovery.

I will put up some of his artwork at some point, we haven't quite worked out how to photograph it yet, it just doesn't come over at all. He sold some of his paintings for the first time in June, and plans to try to sell more in the future, he has soooo many in the studio!

I found a huge Tiki style one when we were clearing it all out, I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but it might end up in our bedroom!

I will put up a pic of my most favourite character in a painting he's ever done, I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with this one, it's just part of the painting I've photographed but I think the woman is mesmerising!

I will post more of his artwork up when we figure out how to do it justice by photographing it, and I will post more often I've just been busy moving furniture, bookcases, mountains of books etc etc!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Whoo hoo I did it!

Another thing crossed off my renovation to do list for the summer!

The bathroom is done, well nearly, I do have a couple of small projects in it still but mostly it's done.

It needs a few more cute things in there, maybe a plant, more chalkware but pretty much it's done, oh and I think I need to line the curtains now they're up, I really don't want that fabulous fabric to fade!

Here's the pics!

First up the curtains I made, with the blinds that I have had for years and haven't put up til now, plus lovely picture of a Vargas girl

Here's the curtains closed, it's a bit of a dark picture but after it I've put a close up of the fabric, it looks stripey cos the blind is showing through! But how fabulous is it?

Next up a bit more detail of the mirror and the curtains open.

Next up, my nemesis! Yes that is the black cupboard that I tried to put up for over a week and in the end had to ask my mate to help me, I wasn't doing anything wrong, it was simply one screw was too short, if I'd figured that out I could have done it myself, ah well, next time! I know for something that tormented my life for a whole week it doesn't look much does it? Actually it's solid wood, a good size and I got it for 99p on ebay! I painted it black, it needs another coat & I'm going to replace the knobs for something fancier, but I'm pretty pleased with my bargain, it's far nicer than horrible modern bathroom storage!

Next up is a smaller cabinet which is actually a repro but I think it's pretty good for repro and a fab chalkware fish, oh yes I need to paint the door and I have no idea what that plastic thing is on the door!

And here's a closer look at the fish

I'm very happy with my work, it's been frustrating, annoying and tormenting, but it's done!

So that is one more job ticked off my to do list, I can't believe it, you know these projects have been waiting to get done for so long now. That's the kitchen & bathroom now both pretty much done, I won't deny there is still some stuff to do in both but they are looking good!!

Now I'm going to have a rest for the rest of the day, then who know what I'll start tackling tomorrow!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Oh My Lord look what I found!

15 yards/13 metres of 1950's curtain material, like brand new, laying in a charity shop!!

I have to say they did know it's worth, it wasn't cheap, but nevertheless I bought it and I'm going to sell it as I have nowhere right now to put it and honestly I don't need any more material in my stash. I bought it to sell it cos again as I said it wasn't cheap but I wanted someone to own it who would love it and use it, how often do you find mint condition 1950s curtain material. I nearly hyperventilated right there in the shop, I'm surprised an ambulance wasn't called he he! The colours are so vibrant it was like it was made yesterday! I know too many exclamation marks but come on, how good is this?

Here's another shot

Can you believe material survives with such vibrancy?

Anyway as I said I've put it on ebay straight away otherwise I WILL keep it, and it will sit in my stash for 10 years, like the other 2 sets of curtains I've finally made recently! So if you're interested, and let's face it who wouldn't be, click here. I really want this to go to a great home!

I also picked up some other vintage fabric but these were a steal!

First up 1950s Taffeta type material in lilac shot through with silver and 5.5 metres, honestly how I survived this place I do not know.

This didn't photograph so well but use your imagination!

And then this, amazing vintage subtle tropical pattern material, again loads of it!Oh my!

So I am one very amazed person who is now addicted to charity shops all over again ha ha!

Thinking about sweaters, yes already!

It was a bit chilly last night, I mean it's still summer and I'm sure we're still going to have plenty of hot weather to come but it got me to thinking about my favourite time of year Autumn.

I love digging out my cute sweaters and feeling a bit snuggly in them!

I'm very lucky I have a mum who knits, she's copies 40's and 50's patterns for me and so I always have an abundance of sweaters, so I rarely buy but I've been eyeing up Rocket Originals sweaters for some time now. Of course it doesn't help that we are often on a stall next to them at events or share an apartment at events, so I get to see it all and get tempted.

However what I do love is their new cotton mix sweaters, the ones my mum makes are usually wool or acrylic so initially when there's just a slight chill in the air they're just a bit too warm, but these are nice and light so I'm thinking I may have to invest!

I love this one

I particularly love the neckline, how fabulous, and red too, my favourite!

Then there's this one too

oooh I think I need one of these too!

They're a great price at £30, I think that's a bargain! Oh and for all those ladies who read from overseas I know they ship worldwide, so enjoy...

It's time to start getting some new sweaters knit by mum, I just won the above pattern on ebay for 99p again, so I'll be getting that done, but in the meantime, Rocket Originals sweaters might be the way to go!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I can't do it!

But I can't do it :o(

This is not a phrase that utters forth from me very often, I am one of those people that truly believes if you put your mind to something you can do it. I guess I was brought up that way, I rarely come across stuff I can't do and when I do it shocks and annoys the hell out of me!

What is my problem I hear you ask?

Well as you know I'm tackling all the projects that I haven't got around to finishing over the summer and I just tried to do something, and I messed up, and I need help but really don't have anyone who can help, I have a really good friend who helps out sometimes but I hate asking cos he's so busy.

The thing is when it comes to heavy and awkward, it's really hard to do with one person, obviously my husband can't help, so it's down to me and today I found one of my 'can't do' spots. I've already hung one small cupboard in the bathroom, but this bigger heavier one I'm struggling with BIG TIME! Also putting up the blinds in there, oh boy me and my husband had a huge row on Friday over that, I can tell you that cos we rarely row, it was one of those I'm so angry and frustrated at myself cos I can't do it so you buster will have to get it in the neck, he didn't take it laying down he he!

I never concentrate on what I can do, but what I can't do, I've done loads in this house and I'm pretty handy, but grrr when I can't do something it frustrates the hell out of me. I can't afford a handyman, so that's out of the question, so what do you guys do in this situation?

Maybe I just need to calm down and rethink it tomorrow.....
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