Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sorry I've been AWOL but....

I've been busily trying to finish my DIY to do list before Monday when I officially get back to Notorious Kitsch work. I may be able to do some small stuff over the next couple of months but I wanted to get the big stuff out of the way so this has been a full on week!

I will post pictures at some point, when is it eventually finished, as you can tell it's midday Saturday and I still have lots to do, especially in my office.

How would I like my office to look? Well not quite how it IS going to look as I don't have money to invest in cute furniture. The good news however is that I will have a sewing area, how blumming exciting is that!

So I keep looking at cute 50s kitchen tables on ebay to get for a sewing table, they're pretty cheap so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I've also managed to get my husbands art room almost sorted too, which is very exciting for him as he's been tripping over stuff for ages - which when you are disabled is not an ideal situation to be in eeek!

Anyway here's a sneaky peek of part of his art room, when I finished gutting this room a while ago and painted it, imagine my surprise when I went in one day and found he had started a mad crazy mural on the wall!

Here is it a bit closer!

Yep what goes on in that fellas mind eh? As you can see his style has a very cartoon appearance, he was a great cartoonist before he had his accident and really started getting into painting when he started on the path to recovery.

I will put up some of his artwork at some point, we haven't quite worked out how to photograph it yet, it just doesn't come over at all. He sold some of his paintings for the first time in June, and plans to try to sell more in the future, he has soooo many in the studio!

I found a huge Tiki style one when we were clearing it all out, I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but it might end up in our bedroom!

I will put up a pic of my most favourite character in a painting he's ever done, I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with this one, it's just part of the painting I've photographed but I think the woman is mesmerising!

I will post more of his artwork up when we figure out how to do it justice by photographing it, and I will post more often I've just been busy moving furniture, bookcases, mountains of books etc etc!


Kitty said...

GO GO GO STM! It does feel so good to boring stuff like this done, doesn't. Good on you!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wow, an artist! I have that identical gray clock on my art Studio wall too!

When I was doing art full time, I found the only way to photograph my art was, to take pics on an overcast day, or on a shaded porch. Direct morning light if nothing else, and I was always having to crop, color correct etc in photoshop to try and get the photo as professional looking as possible. Not an easy task, but I'd do a bunch of artworks, and photograph them all at once.

Just try not to ever get one framed under glass before you have a good photo of it, it's hell when it's under glass to photograph!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Ah, you have an art room too! So do I - but I'm not taking a photo of it - lets just say my OH is a bit more messy with his painting and its a bombsite!!
Great news your husband has sold some of his work, and the painting you have posted is great. He should try and get an exhibition on somewhere :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thanks for the tips on photographing art, such a pain isn't it?

Yes we are looking into him having an exhibition, but my time is sapped with NK! And btw his art room only looks all neat cos I just sorted it out, it won't last!


I will be very enjoyed to see more paintings.

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