Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lots of Stuff!

Hey all, good to see ya!

Sorry I haven't been around for while, all that DIY and trying to get things finished swallows up your time doesn't it? Anyway I'm back - well honestly I never went away but I'm back as in online!

I officially came back to work on Monday, which is weird cos I work for myself but I gave myself some time away the last month, not real time away, you can't do that when you run your own business but I didn't work at it full on as usual but as of Monday, eek I'm back! Of course now I'm back I have sooo much to catch up on, but I also have loads of new ideas for blogs post, however this won't be one of the new idea posts, sorry!

Anyway I had a couple of lucky & cheap finds lately which I want to share.

Remember those lovely sherry glasses I got, you can see them here well I found matching shot glasses for £1, yes a £1 whoo hoo! So of course I bought them, here they are

I'm so happy I have some more of those lovely glasses! Sorry for the bad pic, I'm a bit sleepy! Anyway very interestingly on the shot glasses France is imprinted on the base so I'm assuming they're French. I'm wondering if I can get a whole set now, they are so cute I would love more!

Ok next up, I need to explain. If you've been collecting this stuff forever, you will have also bought and sold forever because unless you're a millionaire you wouldn't have the house room for all the stuff. Why am I telling you this, well as a subject covered before and by other, there are always vintage regrets for me, most of mine have been shoes I've sold, even though I never wore them and probably never would I still regret selling them! Anyway I've regretted selling other stuff too but usually you just think ah well, that was nice, why did I sell it, but I did so what the heck. You rarely get a second chance at these things but guess what I did. Now please don't think I'm crazy but both me and my husband loved this and we don't know why we parted with it and no it's nothing special but we loved it. What is it? A rice holder, but a pretty special one.

It was only a £1 again, and we're super happy we got it again :o)

In other news I got the curtains up in Paul's art room, I wanted to put these ones up because they're arty in a way and they're pretty faded so it doesn't matter if he ends up splashing a bit of paint on them, they are lovely though!

Here's a closer look!

So there you go, some stuff I've been doing, hopefully I'll post more often from now on, although I am preparing for a bit event next weekend at Twinwood, where hopefully I'll do some filming so you can see what it's all about, if I remember to take my camera!

Speak soon!


Heidi Ann said...

LOVE your curtains!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thank you and welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Love the little holder...

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

How how wonderful you got to add to one collection, and re-collect something you loved!

I once bought a huge box of plastic flowers. Talk about kitsch! It was cheap, $7 US, and it came with all kinds and colors.

Things got tight for me financially, so I sold off a lot of stuff. That was one of them. Made a lot of money reselling those flowers. You can't seem to find them on eBay in big batches.

So for a long time, I yearned for them again! I looked and looked, but nothing special came along.

Now my taste has shifted to more "atomic geometric space" stuff, so I no longer want plastic flowers, but I remember never being able to replace them.

Love the curtains too. The cloth I got for the master bedroom turned out to be a lot more faded than the photos or seller indicated, but hey, all curtains will get faded eventually, so mine will go up too. =)

Miss Matilda said...

Yes, I totally agree, sold lots of things over the years and wished I hadn't!!

Will keep my eyes out for your glasses as I know you are collecting the set now!! xx

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! French - gorgeous glasses, Mrs. STM!

Glad you took a bit of time for yourself... good for the mental health, don't you know...

Hugs and love from Chicago!

Kitty said...

Oh I was wondering where you've been, you've been so industrious, well done!

Ivy Black said...

Glad you're back..I love that fabric , it looks great in your room. Have a fab time at Twinwood...can't do it this year, so a film or two would be just the job. xx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love the curtains and all the art around the window frame!
Good luck with the show - Im gearing up to do mine in two weeks, its so much work getting everything ready isn't it?!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Gingeyginge - Yes me too we always loved it, why we sold it I don't know! A whim I guess!

1950s Atomic Ranch House - ah yes faded curtains is almost inevitable except I'm lining most of mine now!

MissMatilda - Yes please I love em!

Darlene - ah yes I agree has been good for my mental health for sure!

Kitty - Yep working but not at the computer, glad I've got so much done!

Ivy Black - Shame you won't be there but I will TRY to remember to film, thing is I only ever see it from the Traders perspective which is so limited but I guess interesting!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Dolly Cool Clare - oh man yeah! It is hard work preparing for shows, however the more you do the easier it gets, I can say that for sure but it is still a LOT of work!

Pia Zadora said...

You are such an inspiration for me!

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