Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Calling all London readers!

This weekend Notorious Kitsch will be at Jukebox Madness at Kempton Park Racecourse.

Not only will we be there but so will Rocket Originals, Heyday, Home Sweet Homestyle, and soooo many more. I know of at least 2 fabulous vintage clothes stalls which will be there and a stall selling 50s american lamps too, I know this as we're next to each other!

Anyway I wanted to remind you all about this as I have only just discovered how good these events are. We did Jukebox Madness for the first time last year on the recommendation of Mike and Jan at Home Sweet Homestyle, they said it was great. I had no idea what to expect but if they said it would be good I trust them. I was amazed! It was fantastic. I thought it would be just a jukebox fair with a few random stalls as well, actually it was more like a vintage fair with a few jukebox stalls thrown in! I could have spent a fortune there, but I was there to make money not spend it, but it was really hard not to spend!

So I wanted to remind you all about it. It really is worth a visit, and if you do and we haven't met before please pop by and say hello!

I posted about the Brighton Jukebox Fair earlier in the year here if you don't believe me about how good these things are!

Oh no, there are no pics in this post, mmmm what shall I put up, ok a little something from all the shops above!

First up, the Hibiscus Georgia Style from Rocket Originals

Next up 1940s Mary Dress in Black, this is such a cute style!

And last but certainly not least this fabulous cocktail trolley from Home Sweet Homestyle!

I struggled to choose just one thing from all these fab sites, but hey this is just a taster.

If you are in London or surrounding areas this weekend, pop to Jukebox Madness, I swear you will not regret it, but bring cash, you would regret not doing so!!!

Sorry to all those not close by, I don't usually do regional posts, but really want people to support this event as it's so much better than I thought it would be!!

I'll take video and pics, honest I will this time, we're indoors so hopefully no gale related disasters!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bags and Bags of style!

Sorry for radio silence this week I have NO idea where the last week has gone! I have had a busy few weeks and it won't quieten down any until October so be ready for a flurry of posts then!!

Anyway whilst I was photographing some stuff yesterday I thought I'd photograph some of my favourite bags (or purses for our friends across the pond!). I'm not a collector, I buy what I like but only when I see it at the right price!

Up first is my first ever lucite bag, it's a combination of lucite and plastic woven, you'll see by the pic. There's a few things wrong with it, it has a chip in the lid and the bottom is warped, I think someone stupidly must have put it on top of something hot at some point. However in reality you can't really see the faults and because of the faults I got it at a good price, also I don't have to worry about it too much as it's already been through a lot.

I love a bit of sparkle, well I love a lot of sparkle actually!

Here's a pic of the damaged bottom which you can only just see if you know in the pic above.

You can see the detail of the side more here, as I said I love sparkly!

Next up is a nice lucite top but metal body bag. This again I got at a very reasonable price and because it's silver AND gold it goes with everything.

It's actually a Dorset Rex, I still didn't pay much though!

Then here's a bag I have never used but don't want to until I find the right opportunity, it's never been used, I bought it in it's original box and everything is intact, but I just have not had the right time or place to use it. I took it to NY once but it was so blumming cold the night we went out to the theatre, I didn't end up dressing up as much as I'd wanted to, well it was December in NYC!

So how amazing is that, look at that compact, never used, it makes me want to use it, but I want to take it out on a special occasion! Am I mad? Please do let  me know!

Then the next 2 are my favourites, did I mention I like glittery?

I used to have a plain white lucite bag but when the opportunity came to buy this glittery one I couldn't resist, so bought this and sold my plain one. I much prefer glittery lucite to plain, unless of course it's that lovely amber colour that would be just wrong!

Then my most favourite of all

Look at that sparkle! Oh yes I'm a rhinestone and sparkle girl for sure!

These are all such works of art, I have them displayed in my bedroom, although I need to set up a better display, however they make me smile every morning.

Monday, 6 September 2010

A fresh start in September!

I know it's sounds crazy because I'm 43 and it has been a very long time since I was at school, I also don't have children so it's not even that which brings about a new beginning feeling in September, but I always feel September is time for a fresh start. I would say I'm far more likely to make resolutions in September than in January, although I do get bowled along by other peoples January resolutions!

September to me always feels like a breathe of fresh air, Summer is great, but I always feel like I have to 'make the most of it' especially in the UK, cos sometimes we don't even get a Summer to speak of, for us in the South of England it's been pretty good this year, well apart from August, but we all know what happened to me the other weekend, so I won't go on .....

Also had a fantastic find at a charity shop the other day, 6 50's glasses, so cheap you would pass out, here they are!

There are 2 orange - not so keen on orange, 2 yellow, one green & one red which I love! One of the orange is faded & the gold rim is worn but hey it's still a set, and no don't have heart attack the glass holder didn't come with it, we had that anyway!

Not only is it a fresh start for me, but also for Notorious Kitsch, yes we actually have already started planning for the Christmas season, I know it seems early but we have to start thinking about it before you guys do!

Anyway we went to a huge trade fair yesterday and found some lovely new suppliers which we're excited about at!

Here's a sneak peek of a couple of things :o)

A fab repro brooch

And another

Cute huh? We're very excited to be stocking some jewellery items now! But it will be a few weeks before you can get them from us.

Other exciting stuff to come too!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pick yourself up.....

Dust yourself down and start all over again!!

This is how I'm feeling today and this sweet clip helped me do so!

As you all know my weekend was pretty awful and you know what if it had been an isolated incident then yeah it would have still be horrible but not quite as bad, however we've had a real run of bad luck lately, it seems that wherever we turn something goes wrong, and really random stuff too!!

Anyway today I thought it's time to pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again AND remember all the things I have to be grateful for, which quite frankly is a lot!!

Have a great day all!
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