Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Weekend round up and a bit of grumpy stuff thrown in!

Hello all!

How's things? Good weekend?

Well we didn't, hence the grumpy content too. So I'm warning you if you don't want to hear some grumpiness, switch off now!!

First up I'm going to apologise AGAIN for not getting more photos. However the photos I'm going to put up now are the reality of working at a weekend event, and then you'll see why I never get any photos!

So we see our stall

We order pizza the first night after setting up to be delivered to our hotel room

We buy some cheap wine on the way back to the hotel to accompany the pizza!

And then we sit all weekend on the stall! I love this pic cos Paul looks like he's asleep, he's not, sometimes it feels like that though and to make matters worse there was so little room to move behind this particular stall we were stuck in one place all the time, grrr

So now to the grumpiness, I do try always to be positive on here, but then that's not reality of life is it? I started this year determined to feel positive all the time - as really it's my natural state of being - but today I feel grumpy, very grumpy so I thought I would just put in it writing whether anyone listens or not cos really it always feels better to write it down doesn't it?

Grumpy Pictures, Images and Photos

Here goes

1. The event we did this weekend was a financial disaster. We didn't even cover our expenses, now I will add that we were not the only ones in this position, lots of people were the same, no one has money to spare at the moment, so that's just how it goes I guess. However when you don't even cover your expenses really what you're doing is paying to work for days on end, not much fun!

2. Some b****** stole my husband's disabled parking badge out of our van this weekend. I mean really how low can you get? So he has to reapply and meantime if I take him anywhere we have to park a way away from where we need to be and he just has to walk further, which is not easy for him, grrrrr

3. The recession is starting to p*** me off - see No 1! I've had enough already! It's been going on long enough now, could we just get it over and done with. However, I've got to say since October, as a small business we've really noticed the difference, it seems to be biting hard and deep now, scary times.

4. Everything has become so blumming expensive, the very little money we have is going nowhere, see No1 and No 3!! If you don't live in the UK this won't make sense but if you do you will really have noticed. I don't think ever in my life I have noticed how much food and petrol has increased in price, and to top it all my electric/gas company wrote to us today to say that is going up too! WTF?

5. I'm sick of being broke, see No 1, 3 and 4 he he! I want pretty things again, and not have to think when I run out of foundation whether I can do without it for a while, uuuurgh! If I see nice shoes I want to just buy them! However we are only cash poor not stuff poor, we have some lovely things and I am very grateful for that, and I am grateful for all I have, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

Oh there's loads I want to grump about but I'll stop for now.

That did make me feel better, so thanks!!!

By the way I will draw the competition tomorrow so keep an eye out!!


Retro Chick said...

I feel your pain.

I'm sorry the weekend was a wash out, and I'm sure things will pick up soon. Won't they?


Kitty said...

Oh Fiona, thats awful! I've had a couple of fairs like that and I know what it feels like. I too am cash poor just now, I am on ebay hiatus for 2 months and have just had a holiday, a huge clothing buy-up and a $2000 car repair bill. I've got everything riding on the success of my shop and it's a nerve-racking time. Here's to better days very soon.xx.

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I know exactly what you mean. My mom is an artist and sells her art at festivals and online to help pay her bills and she has really felt the pain of the recession in her business. They invested in a dye sublimation machine so they have more merchandise to sell and not just art prints but even with that, it's a ton of work and very little in return. I used to sell my crafts at fairs and festivals and those bad weekends really got me down too. I hope things turn around soon, for everyone's sake. Being vintage gals in a recession, I do think we have a leg up on everyone else because we have learned a lot from our grandmothers about being frugal to get by. Hang in there, sweetie. It can't rain all the time! xoxo

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm so sorry to read this, Fiona. It is a blooming nightmare at the moment and for scumbags like that to go and rob Paul's badge is just the lowest of the low.
I'm sure things can only get better. xxx

Trixie said...

Yes I understand. It's like that in the US too. It's getting really tiring. Sometimes I think that if the media just started declaring the recession over people would believe it and it would be over. I hope it picks up and turns around for you

Sara Green said...

I understand your pain Fiona. We're going through a possible closure at work. I had to shut Llamadamadingdong down to focus on my career, as even though I was busy I wasn't making enough money as people won't pay the costs of custom made quality clothing from a relative unknown these days. Petrol and VAT have superbly pissed me off, as I think they could have done one or the other. And oil and electric companies should be lowering their prices as inflation has not gone up in ages!
Just my rant :)


Tasha said...

I'm so sorry to hear the weekend was a bust. Lots of people are feeling the financial burn. Just yesterday I learned my state taxes are going up by a lot per year, so now that's a bit more taken from each paycheck. It really sucks. But hang in there... we will all pull through.

Ivy Black said...

Sorry to hear this, Fiona. It's so hard at the moment especially for small businesses like yourself. I cannot believe that prices have started to be hiked to this extent and don't get me started on the governments cuts.
As for the shitheads who stole Pauls badge...they'll get there's one day.
Keep you pecker up,lovely!xxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Damn, stole the handicapped card? :::shakes head:::

I tried selling crafts, then my art, then vintage on eBay 5+ years ago. I finally had to give it all up for something else. Blah. I can't imagine how bad it is now. =( I couldn't pay my bills back then. Cost of living is very high here too.

Gee, grump away, you deserve it!!

LandGirl1980 said...

What a crock of brown!!!!!!!! I would love to say that I can't believe someone stole your husbands Disability sticker. The problem is - I can. People are shisters. They shall get their Karmic slappage. You mark my words.

"...not have to think when I run out of foundation whether I can do without it for a while, uuuurgh!!

I HEAR ya!!!! I cannot fathom how things have gone up so much. But. I try to calm myself, and gain a little perspective. I can still afford food. Problem is - I scare the beejeezus out of people when I go into the shops - sans foundation.

I am also in the mother of all grumps today. I am trying to blame PMT. Trouble is - thats not ringing true anymore and I have come to the conclusion that I am just one moody moo!!!!!!

Chin up (not too far though - we don't want to see you uneven skin tone .. ha ha!) I am SURE things will get better soon. They just HAVE to!!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

What a bugger :(( There is nothing worse than doing a show and you dont even cover costs. I did one a few years ago, paid £160 for a pitch at a "prime festival" it was three full days. Petrol, accomadation etc on top and I didn't sell ANYTHING! Not one thing! I was so upset...complete waste of money and time and I felt so down...so I know exactly how you feel, and I know the tattoo conventions aint cheap either. Its such a worry when booking events as its always such a gamble. I'm really trying to just do target market (not too expensive)events and no others this year. And as for Paul's badge....what utter scum. Disgraceful. Despite all that...hang in there...this recession can't last forever...hopefully!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

No wonder you are pissed off! Get it off your chest girl!

Re the badge - if he gets a free tax disc then it will have disabled written on it - put a note to say badge stolen awaiting replacement -please see tax disc!

Hhope this might be of help love annie x

Perdita said...

:( We had the same letter that you mentioned in 4). Grrrr. The same day as hubby's tax was worked out. Look's like it's gonna be a tight month.

Gemma said...

Who ever stole your Husband's badge should be knee capped... if you find the blighter could I do it please?
I'm sending much love and hugs to you, your weekend sounds utterly horrid xxxxxxx

Eartha Kitsch said...

Gah, you've got reason to complain so don't worry about doing it. And hey, they don't call you "Straight Talking Mama" for nothin'! :)

I can not believe that someone stole your husband's handicapped badge like that. Okay, I CAN believe it because so many people are such asses but I wish that I couldn't believe it.

Things are bad in the U.S. too so I can totally relate. I think that we'll all make it through somehow though. I guess because we have no choice. :) I can really tell a difference in how people are spending their money these days. Not as many people have money for fun extras. Which sucks for people who sell fun extras. Hopefully, once the economy both here and there straighten out, everyone will be making up for it big time and shopping like fiends! :D

Miss Matilda said...

I don't know what to say!

Sadly, to fund my new designs and stuff I have been selling on etsy, I think you could too if you could part with your treasures.

I don't know what those fairs cost you, but do they make the money for you after you have attended IE people remember you and buy later?


delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear that the weekend was a wash out so to speak, i can't believe the cost of things either, i went to Asda yesterday and i spent £96 i nearly died that was just the basics the only luxery item in there was a bottle of coke for the kids and a fizzy orange for me, i am finding money does not go very far these days and it is depressing. We all need a good moan sometimes its good for the soul i think ;-)) dee x

Helga! said...

Sweetheart.It's the same over here,re living costs.
What an asshole stealing hubby's badge.Kerist.
Let me put a smile on your dial whilst I play you a song on my digeredoo...

Modern Suzie said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad weekend and #2, seriously? What is wrong with people?

Miss Magpie said...

It must be in the air! I have been fed up all week, I could just bawl my eyes out. Mostly to do with the fact I am losing my job in 6 months after 22 years in the post and have nothing lined up to replace it, I'm scared shitless if I'm honest, it's hard to stay positive with a recession on and bills soaring.

The older I get the more I believe in karma and it will get the scumbag who stole Paul's badge!

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