Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Talented Friends!

Ok this is a bragging post, I have very talented friends and I'm going to brag about a couple today I do hope you don't mind! I'm so proud and sometimes you forget if you are surrounded by these people and then sometimes you think, these people are my friends and they are amazing, I need to shout about this!

First up is my very good friend Bloater, or known professionally as Big Boy Bloater , he's just about to embark on tour with Imelda May as her support band, then he kicks off his own tour in Feb.

I love this promo shot of him!

I've known Bloater and Lisa (his wife) FOREVER, we are old, it's true, actually Bloater isn't old, he's the young fella, he's 40 soon, mmm that'll be quite a night ha ha!

They are really good friends who saw us through some of the worst times of our lives, we've had some of the best nights of our lives with them - New Year's Eve 1999 comes to mind, oh dear - and I couldn't think of nicer people this could happen to, oh and they're pretty good next door neighbours too. Bloater is such a talented musician, you just have to look on his website, if you see high praise from people like Jools Holland and Mark Lamarr you know you're pretty good. Anyway things are really taking off for him, and I'm so proud!

If that's not enough Lisa is going out on her own with a 5 piece band as Lil Lisa Jane, I was at her first solo gig and it was marvellous,  can't wait to see more! I hasten to add Lisa played Sax for years with Bloater's original band, so she's not a newbie to the stage.

They were also responsible for my worst hangover from hell after my birthday last week, those are friends I like to keep, you can see this woman would mix up some hellish cocktails can't you?

And if that's not enough, my good friend Sue from Pennychoo Cards! I haven't known Sue anything like as long as Bloater and Lisa but I feel like I have, you know one of those people you meet and you just click with, you can have grumpy old people conversations straight away with them, but then roll around laughing the next minute, well that's Sue!

Sue is a very talented designer and I mean big time talented! She's done all sorts of work for many many amazing people. But I wanted to show you some of Pennychoo's christmas card designs, I bought some straight away, I love her work, I don't think I've ever seen anything she does that I don't like in fact, I know sickening isn't it?

So here are some of her Christmas cards, love em all!

From the Boibles range

From the Eggnog range!
So there you have it! I of course have other very talented chums, but I just felt the need to shout about these for now. Sharing the love :o)


Lisa said...

Shucks! *blush* XXX

Vix said...

You have got cool chums, but there again you're pretty cool yourself. Thanks for sharing them with us. x

Lady Cherry said...

You are lucky to have such talented friends - love Imelda May. What a fab card. Lisa has got an ahmazing hair colour! x

Coedith said...

I love how when you brag it is about others. What a wonderful friend you are. Having people in life who know you so well is such a blessing. Plus they are your neighbors-How great is that?! You know what they say "it takes one to know one" so it makes since you have such talented friends.
Love the cards!

La Dama said...

What great friendsyou have amor,love lisa's devilish red hair and stare.
She is one talented lady.
Have u tried unfollowing me and following me again?

pennychoo said...

Ahh, shucks, you! You're farrrrr too kind (about me, anyway!)xx

Jennie DeSoto said...

awww They are two of the sweetest folks I know! :) I need to eventually get my butt back over to the UK to visit everyone :(

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Great post! Its nice to be proud of your friends :) Even though I've only met Sue once, she totally cracks me up!

Rocket Originals said...

What a lovely post :o) I couldn't agree more about all three of your talented chums mentioned above. Lisa and Bloater are excellent musicians, we've always really enjoyed seeing them play (and what great people to have as neighbours). I've only met Sue a few times, she's lovely and her design work is brilliant, love it.

You and Paul are 'Cool Chums' as well you know!!
Kaye xx

delia hornbook said...

aahhh what a lovely post nothing like having best chums ;-) And those cards are lovely. dee x

Circus Girl (Zoƫ) said...

Aww I used to work in a wee shop and I made them order pennychoo cards, they sold well! :) x

Misfits Vintage said...

Love it! Congrats to all for their success and congrats for that FABULOUS red hair! (And for having such lovely friends)

Sarah xxx

Tara said...

How lovely to have such a talented gang in your life! I adore those cards!! This post made my day! My best friend of 23 years is an amazing interior designer! She helped me shape up my mid-century themed house! She, too, is good at cocktails! She once made some wicked margaritas. Ah, nothing like getting pissed with a good gal pal! lol!

Maydy May said...

Wow!! I absolutely adore Imelda May!! How exciting! Also very cute cards.....you really do have some amazingly talented friends! :)
May x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

LOVE your auburn hair! =)


Anushka said...

I just had to comment on this post, I saw Big Boy Bloater when he supported Imelda May in 2010, my boyfriend and I thought he was brilliant! I went up to him in the foyer during the interval and made him sign a postcard, and told him that he was going to be my pinup. He seemed a bit weirded out by this (although my boyfriend then bought his CDs so hopefully that made it better!)

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