Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Milestone achieved and some serious thinking!

Today I reached a weight loss milestone, I've now lost 25lbs, it feels so good I can't tell you! I'm so proud that I've tried so hard and it's working. Sometimes it's not hard at all, sometimes you just want to stuff your face with whatever is in the house, but I've resisted. I've exercised and done it the right way as I still have treats, just not as many and not as often as I used to. I still have a ways to go but I'm getting very close to some of the stuff I haven't fit for a long time and other stuff is falling off me :o)

I haven't been able to sew yet, I've been kinda tired after my op and today I went out properly for the first time since my op so I'm super tired today. I'm hoping to start some sewing tomorrow.

Now onto the serious thinking and this IS serious.

I heard some sad news this week about someone I know with regards to their health, it's a sad situation and I wish her all the best, sending the biggest most positive vibes ever. The same day I saw my friend who's Mum died very suddenly and unexpectedly a month or so ago, she wasn't ill as far as they knew and next thing she was dead. Sorry I said this was serious! As regular readers will know we've been through some life changing stuff too and you would think this would constantly make you think that life is short and stuff has to be done, but you know after a while you forget and you get bogged down with all the stuff that happens to us day to day. But the last couple of days and perhaps having time on my hands, has made me think hang on, life is passing, and I'm not necessarily using my time how I want to. I did get a bit distracted by my business failing last year and sorting out my life financially but I think it's time for a reassessment.

Do you do this often? I think it's sometimes important to stand back and think what do I want? How am I going to get it?

One of the things I want to do is sort ourselves financially so that we can start enjoying some of the things we used to love doing. My first one, a trip to California, we love California, but our finances and the increase in cost of flights and poorer exchange rate means we haven't been for a while, so I'm going to have a good think about how we can get back there! Who wouldn't want to go back here?

We'd love to go travelling more anyway and we used to travel a lot in Europe, so before we can afford a Californian dream holiday again, we're thinking some European Cities, perhaps Barcelona, we went years ago and loved it, so watch this space.

We also are awful, both of us, at appreciating the small things in life and so we're determined to do that more too.

I would also definitely like to work for myself again one day, but I'm ok working for someone else for now, however I want to make sure that is always in my mind as I don't want to let go of that dream.

Very long term plans, we would love to move to a property with more character and perhaps out of the area we are in now. Now this would be ideal but unlikely unless we win the lottery he he! Yes it's in California....

So time on my hands has made me think a bit more.

Do you lose track of your dreams sometimes with day to day living? What are your plans?


Vix said...

25lbs???!!! I'm so proud of you, that's brilliant considering you've been hobbling around on a hospital waiting list for months. Most people would have thrown the towel in and O'Ded on biscuits ages ago!
If we can manage two months a year in India then you and Paul can, too. Start by evaluating every penny you spend, reassess each bill & shop around for cheaper energy suppliers/insurance, scrutinise your shopping list, reassess the toiletries you use, buy second-hand wherever you possibly can, repair and patch things up and cut right back on stuff like newspapers and treats.
Stick one of those pictures of you & Paul in California in your purse and that way you'll feel guilty each time you open it to pay for something! xxx

Ivy Black said...

Oh yeah...I think it's inevitable that dreams take a back seat when day to day things take over. I've been like you lately and having a bit of a rethink about how my own life is going. I know I'm a lucky girl, but I'm not content just to sit back...I want to make a few things happen now.
Here's to us all and our dreams!
Congrats on your weight loss too. Gone on yer.xxxx

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Yay on your weight loss!
Oh my, this whole last year has been a rethinking about my life and a sorting out of finances. Sgt and I are both in a paying off debt and simplifying our lives mode. Still dreaming my big dreams!

Trixie said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! And for doing it the right way! That's difficult!

It's so funny because I live in California and I want to get out! I have big dreams but whether or not they come true, I dont know. Sometimes I'm sure they will. Sometimes I really dont know

lady liquor vintage. said...

Wow, well done on the weight loss! I'd love to have such good willpower, but I only manage a few days and I'm back on the pizza & chocolate! XO.

wacky tacky said...

Congratulations! Please come to California. I love it when people love where I live. I always think that the general sentiment around the world is that America is lame, so when I hear that people think of America (California specifically), in a positive light, I am thrilled. I hope you get to come here soon. Maybe we can do some kind of cultural exchange; I'm just dying to get to the UK!

LandGirl1980 said...

Holy smokes!!! That is awesome! I won't recognise you! Congrats love, CONGRATS! :)

Yes - plans can become lost in the day to day of living. Suddenly, years have gone by, and you wonder what happened to it all. What did I do? What did I achieve?

I am at real cross roads and need to snap out of the dolldrums before they become my norm!

Miss Magpie said...

It feels a bit weird to say I feel proud of someone I've never met in the flesh but I think you are amazing. I need to take a leaf out of your book that is for sure!

When I was made redundant last year I was forced to look at life and rethink a lot of things. I made a lot of decisions, some of which I've stuck to and some life has got in the way of already. Thank you for your thoughtful post it has refueled those plans. x

Helga! said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!!
That's some grit and determination applied right there! As Vix says,it's just a matter of applying that to the rest of ones life! I always get distracted from goals,like travel,renovating etx by frivolous things like frocks...but G and I talk a lot about what we want to do and how we can do it without sacrificing our quality of life.So it takes work,but you can't be so strict you get depressed and stressed either!You can do it,darl! XXX

pastcaring said...

Well done on your weight loss, that's a great achievement.
Ten years ago, one of my best friends died at the age of 34, and I did the whole live-each-day-like-it's-your-last thing. But it's very hard to keep that attitude going day after day. Ordinary life doesn't always feel so amazing... But of course you can set yourself goals (dreams, if you will!) and work towards them, just as you did with your weight loss.
I'm sure if you and your fella both want the same things, you can encourage each other to work towards them. California, here you come! xxxxx

Incendiary Blonde said...

Congratulations on your achievement - 25lbs, wow!

Life can often get in the way of our dreams, but never lose sight of them, and go out there and make them happen!


Never loss your dream Fiona. During years, I was pessimist thinking only others people realized their dreams. But in fact, the lone people who wins are the one who try. I wish you the best ;D

Kisses from France.

Gabriella said...

Wowsers! 25 lbs is fabulosa. Congratulations! I think its so important to step back an re-assess from time to time and THANK YOU for reminding me to do so. If you always keep your head down in the daily details and don't occasionally look at where you are going, you might end up somewhere else! :)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

A lady at my sewing class was celebrating her 80th birthday last weekend. I asked her what the secret to a happy and long life was, and she replied straight away "contentment". Being thankful for what you have, when you have it. Wise words I think :)
Congrats on the continued weight loss BTW! x

Kim said...

Well done on reaching your 25lbs! I hope you're recovering well. Your dreams and plans sound great.

I feel a bit lost at the moment. I'm unemployed and I'm looking for jobs in the same field but I'm not sure I want to work in that area anymore. I can't quite find what direction to go in or what I might get a sense of contentment from. I keep trying to re-assess and coming up empty! I'm sure I'll get there in the end though, wherever there may be!

Sometimes I find it helps to write things down or lists of reasons to do stuff or have pictures on the fridge or set little goals each week. That all helped with weight loss, maybe I should try it with my whole life lol!

Lucky La Rocka said...

Hey Fiona, congratulations on the weight loss , you inspire me I hear you loud n clear with regard to your business & wanting to travel .....Vanessa & i are itching to get back to London & Paris & Europe in general .....Hollywood isn't all it's cracked up to be i can tell you. But with flights as expensive as they are & business being as bad as it is seems like a distant dream right now . Ebay continually screwed us over & so we moved to Etsy for the most part .....boy ... is that tough ....if everyone who put something in their 'favourites' actually bought something we'd be in clover

Katie said...

Yea!!!!! Keep at it xo

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