Monday, 2 April 2012

California dreamin......

This time of year always reminds of California, why? Well when we had more cash we used to always be preparing for a trip to California at this time of year. We always tried to coincide it with a couple of anniversaries we celebrate one on the 27th April and our wedding anniversary on 1st May. So usually at this time of year I'd be preparing my holiday wardrobe! I miss travelling a lot but more than anything I miss Pasadena CA, our favourite place on earth.

I know I've mentioned it before but we would live there if the opportunity arose. We went once for 3 months, rented a short let apartment, and although we couldn't work, we lived a normal life to a degree as we had to do the laundry, shopping and cleaning, we LOVED it and we would certainly like to do that again one day.

So what do we like about Pasadena CA?

One of our favourite places is Fairoaks Pharmacy, it's an old fashioned soda fountain on old Route 66 with a pharmacy attached, it also has a great little gift shop full of vintage and retro goodies. The food is delicious too!!


The Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market, this is just so overwhelming! It's the biggest flea market I've ever been to stacked high with vintage clothes, furniture, jewellery, you name it, it's here, you could spend a whole day looking around, it is PURE heaven!

Palm trees, there are huge gigantic palm trees everywhere in Pasadena, Palm Trees make me smile!!

We love Pasadena so much we have vintage postcards in our living room of the city, as a reminder of where we always want to be!

This is a picture of our pool in the apartment building we stayed in whilst we were there for those 3 months! Yes the sky was this clear and blue nearly every day *sigh*

The outdoors lifestyle, something we just don't have in the UK, we just love it!

There is soooo much more about Pasadena we love. We'll be back one day, we'll be back!!



That's all what i wish for you :)



Dolly Cool Clare said...

Pasadena looks fantastic, and definitely on my 'want to go to' list! I am also sad this week as lots of peeps in blog land are off to Viva, and to make it worse, one of my best mates is there now on a 3 wk California road trip including VLV. I would so liked to have gone, but had to be sensible with the move and all - boo hoo! And its coming up to a year ago since we went to Florida, even bigger boo! Ah well, one day in the future I will be going! :)

Miss Magpie said...

I haven't been to America for 3 years now and I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms.
I would love to do Route 66 one day, in fact I would love to travel all over America like Stephen Fry did in his black cab.

Eartha Kitsch said...

You'll make it back one day! I've never been to California but have always dreamed about that flea market.

The Vintage Housewife... said...

greetings from Cali! I would love to see you when you come someday! Yesterday i was in pasadena @ the city college flea marketing...same vendors as rose bowl better prices...i will think of you when i visit pasadena from now on cuz you love it so much :0) Rose Bowl this weekend couldn't you just pop over for a bit!? teehee

DearHelenHartman said...

It is a dream of mine to go to the Pasadena Flea Market. Love the pics and the new look of the blog.

Solanah said...

Oh how funny, this is the first year I haven't gone down to California this time of year too. It's nice to get away from the gray and rain, and soak up the sun! It usually gets me through the rest of the dreary weather (till June sometimes), and I'm really feeling the vacation absence this year! Hey maybe one day we can meet up there, that would be an ideal vacation!


Perdita said...

Looks a fantastic place!

Mess Girls said...

Having grown up in California and spending our first wonderful honeymoon years in Orange Co. I can sure relate! We are still on the west coast but up north in with the rain and continuos grey skies.

59KUSTOM said...

I know what you mean. I took my first & second trips to SoCal in 2011 (see my blog) & can't wait to go back. I really have had enough of these New England winters.

Abbybelle said...


I really enjoy reading your blog! I was born and raised in Pasadena (my mom still lives there, I live in Burbank). Pasadena is the best!!

Living Vintage said...

Hmm... perhaps when I win the lottery I will move to Pasadena.

Mar said...

I was born, raised, and pretty much still live in Pasadena.

It's a great city that has a lot of my family's history. The first homes my parents bought are in Pasadena and we still own them today.

I'm glad to see someone far away thinks of it so fondly.

I was at the PCC flea market this weekend- if you ever come back, you'll be sure to find me there.

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