Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Planning Summer sewing

The weather was so gorgeous last week all I could think about was my Summer wardrobe. Of course now it's all changed but I can still think ahead!!

I purchased 3 different patterns last week 2 adding something new to my wardrobe, one not for me but maybe in the future, however I could not pass it up.

First up is this cute Marian Martin blouse pattern, I LOVE these patterns, they are my favourite patterns for blouses, in fact I have several of their blouse patterns. I really love all these, but the one that sold it to me was the middle one, I just love those tie shoulders!

And a really neat addition is the cutting from the paper that the original owner placed in the pattern, she's written the date on too, July 21, 1954, how cool is that?

Next up looks like a rather dreary old lady pattern, but when I saw the shape of it I thought yes I know what I would like to do with that!

I see this worn casually, not tucked in,  over peddle pushers or jeans, with the 3/4 sleeve, can you see what I mean? It's also in a bigger bust size which is great for me!!

I have to say though I LOVE the back of this pattern, there are such fabulous nuggets of information like ' The price of the material is usually a safe indicator of it's worth' love it, so true as well, I never think you have to go crazy, but if you buy really cheap even today, it rarely lasts the distance.  See if you can find any other gems....

And last but certainly not least this beauty!

I once had this exact bikini made by for me by a friend many moons ago (and many lbs ago too!). It was so complimentary and I've been looking for the pattern ever since. Obviously I won't be making it for me at the moment, but it could be a future project, either for me or as part of a project moving onwards eeek!!!

Do you like my finds? Do you have any plans for sewing for Summer?

PS I swam a whole mile this morning, go me!!


Misfits Vintage said...

Yay you for swimming a mile!!! That is fantastic! The patterns are all lovely - I especially love the tie shoulders top (in a sweet gingham!) and the swimsuit pattern is GORGEOUS! We are moving into Autumn here so I'm starting to think about my winter wardrobe. I even tried on a couple of berets this evening. Yep, they still fit. HA!

Sarah xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love the shape of the 3 tops on the 1st photo! Think I will have to look for something similar as they don't look too difficult for a beginner sewer like myself! I have finished my dress now btw, and love it so much that I'm making another one the same in Hawaiian fabric....I'll do a post on it soon :)

Alix said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I just love your patterns - the first and the last for the 'models' themselves, and the middle one more for the back! I was naturally drawn to the 'Cutting out' bit (after this morning's near disaster - now luckily rectified!) and had to giggle at the advice about nail scissors. But them I practically guffawed at the bit about 'In a small household shears of 7 1/2 inch length are quite satisfactory', because of course a larger pair of scissors might just take up so much room that you'd have to eject a family member!!! The shoulder pad advice is pretty priceless too! Thanks for sharing them and have fun creating!

Helga! said...

Darling,I love those patterns,especially the bluse with the tie shoulders!!EEK!
Yay for swimming a mile! That's awesome! Summer here you come!

Living Vintage said...

Love all those patterns!!! How cute good sewing.

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, I love the tie top in the first pattern, too! I love tie shoulder blouses, etc., but don't have any myself. One day!
-Andi x

delia hornbook said...

Those patterns are lovely love the first one those tops are such a gorgeous shape. Its lovely to look at old patterns. Well done you on swimming a mile ;-)) dee x

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Ivy Black said...

That's what I like to see! They are fab patterns, Fiona, I especially like the one with shoulder ties.
Good for you with swimming a mile...no mean feat!

iLiveinmyLab said...

Oh I love that first blouse! AND that bikini is FANTASTIC! Do post photos when you complete it! It'll be fabulous I'm sure! :)

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