Sunday, 10 June 2012

Farnham Maltings Vintage Fair

Well I have a lot to catch up on because I haven't blogged for so long and one thing I wanted to let you know about is Farnham Maltings Vintage Fair which was on Sunday 6th May, I know over a month ago!

I normally go to the monthly antique and collectors market there and occasionally find a little gem, I'd heard about the Vintage Fair that was on last year and so I thought as it was local it would be rude not to go!

I feared it would be hideously overpriced and full of faux vintage but to my surprise there were some real gems there. I also knew a few of the stall holders so that was nice too. Homes and Antiques did a nice little review here. I'm crediting them as I'm stealing a photo from them later!!

So what did I find?

Well the very lovely Acorn & Will had a stall and I've been promising myself a lovely brooch from them for a while. I couldn't choose and as they were doing 3 for £10 I bought myself this trio of lovelies!

Are they lovely?

The next 2 things are rather predictable for me..... fabric!

I spotted this lovely slightly glazed cotton fabric almost stuffed under a table for the princely sum of £10 with enough to make a dress, so a total bargain and just my colour too.

I can't wait to make this up, but as the weather has turned decidedly wet and windy this last week the urge to make a lovely summer dress has left me for now.

Last but not least I got the most unbelievable amount of fabulous barkcloth at an amazingly bargainous price - I know bargainous isn't a word but I like it :o) There are yards and yard and yards of this stuff in fact there is so much I haven't measured it yet I just snatched it right up as it's our kind of colours and our kind of print.

It's in absolutely pristine order, the colours are bright, just gorgeous. I don't have plans for it yet but I could not pass this up as it was just too good. Interestingly it seems to have a story behind it too. It's in one enormous sewn together panel, I couldn't imagine what it was used for and then saw something sewn in the top of the panel. As far as I can make out it says Redhill Hospital, Merton R*dland 3/63, was this really in a hospital as a cubicle curtain? Could that be? It's just lovely and perfect with no fading. Anyway I thought this was fascinating.

I mentioned I met some people I know there, Tina and Gemma were there, see picture below of Gemma from Homes and Antiques article. I saw some other friends and stall holders too, all in all it was a nice morning out, although have to say it got VERY crowded as we were about to leave so if you do go when it's next on, get there early and get out!

I would definitely recommend it for a visit though, it was fun, we saw some nice things and bought some nice things too!


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Isn't Gemma pretty, I love her to bits. Those fabrics are lush (and bargainous is too a word ;) xx

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I also have a few Acorn & Will brooches! Love the hospital curtain fabric! Really cool, and Bargainous is definitely a word (in my vocabulary anyway!) ;)

Kitty said...

Ooh nice scores there Fiona. I always think vintage fairs are a vastly underrated thing, they are better than most people think, not everything is cheap but there are always a few bargains to be had.xx.

Ivy Black said...

Lovely stuffy Fiona...fabric deliciousness. The first print will look lovely as a frock. I bought some barckcloth curtains about 20 years ago and they had come out of the local hospital...the had a white tag sewn in.
Yes, bargainous is a top word!

delia hornbook said...

Wow that looks like a great event. Love your barkcloth fabric that is gorgeous its lovely to hear the storys behind all these. Your brooches are lovely i bought myself and my mum one at xmas she has some amazing stock. dee x

Vix said...

That sounds fab, I'm loving those gorgeous brooches and that stunning leopard-looking fabric. It would make a stunning frock (with thermal undies underneath and a fake fur on top!) x

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Oh wow all that barkcloth fabric is quite lovely! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I love old fabric and hoard it when ever I run across it.

Ange said...

You always strike lucky at vintage fairs! What a stash. It looks like it was a lovely event and ideal in this weather as it was indoors. Nice to have you back in Blogland! xXx

Jenn @ The Powder Keg said...

Those brooches really are did well!

keshling said...

Could it be Merton R Hand, as in right hand curtain around a cubicle? Just wondering...

K xx

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