Sunday, 17 June 2012

What to wear....

As I said in my last post a couple of months ago I started working in an office again, I've worked for myself for so long that of course my first thought is what will I wear, I know so shallow ha ha!

Of course my problem has been compounded by my weight loss and continuing change of shape. I don't really want to buy anything as in a few months time it'll be too big, I have made a couple of things, but right now I'm making do. Wearing some things that are too big, some that I'm just getting into again, some have had to go by the wayside as they are just too big, no one wants their trousers to fall down as they're walking through the office ....!!!

I'm prompted to write this post as I sat down today to make a new work blouse out of my stash of fabric, sadly I didn't measure as I went along, I made it a little snug, usually I'd take it apart and start again but as I am losing weight I'll just finish it off in a couple of weeks and it'll fit soon

So I got to thinking if I had limitless amounts of money what would I LIKE to wear to work.

I prefer smart to casual although my work is kind of casual, so not sure these would work but I sure would like them!

I do love a good suit and used to wear them a lot when I was younger, however as I said it's a pretty casual office so I'm veering more towards this look.

Although without the bullet bra!

It's is a poorly ventilated office, it's local government they have no money, so when it's hot it's really hot, so sometimes I've had to resort to cropped trousers & blouses, but I am running out of ideas and as I said I don't want to spend money for no reason.

I have been relying on a few older blouse I have and these two that I made before I started losing weight, although they are getting far too big now.

I really want more variety, but I'm in limbo with losing weight, it's a great limbo but it is limbo.

In the meantime I guess I just need to search my stash for plainer material to run up a few blouses and skirts to keep me going. I already had to take apart the trousers I made just before I started losing weight, they were enormous.

So like I say a nice predicament but a predicament nonetheless!!

Oh and I have good news. I got the date through for my knee operation, Friday 13th July, just as well I'm not superstitious isn't it?!

No doubt you'll hear from me much more that week as I have to take some time off for rest after it.


SlutbagsMcGee said...

Congratulations on your continued weight loss :) it's not easy to lose it gradually and at a healthy pace (I have an underactive thyroid and it's a bloody pain!)so hats off to you!

I love the black and white polka dot blouse, even more so because you made it :)

Perdita said...

Congrats- your work is paying off! :) Looking good!

That pic of the 2 models... the one on the left looks like her support garments are either cutting off her blood or about to ping off across the typing pool! Haha!

DearHelenHartman said...

Your taste in dream clothes is impeccable! Congrats on the weight loss and here's to getting out of limbo and into new outfits soon.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Well done you, you are looking great. Until you stabilise, I'd advise wearing lots of belts ;) x

Penny Dreadful Vintage

LandGirl1980 said...

You are looking fab!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with PDV - belts can be a saviour. You could always take those shirts in too - with just a couple of darts at the back. Also - perhaps seek out your local jumble sales and nab some things from there for 30p :)

Vix said...

You've done so well, what a brilliant achievement!
So pleased you've got an op date, not long now! x

Maureen said...

Your knee operation will go well. In Spain it is Tuesday the 13th that is considered unlucky! I'm not a superstitious woman myself so it's no problem for me.

Hang loose Mother Goose - stay cool.

Ange said...

Looking good! I bet you make that office look far more sophisticated too xXx

Rocket Originals said...

Well done with your continued weight loss. I hope your knee op goes well, not long now. Kaye xx

Tasha said...

Congrats on having a great problem! lol I agree, I wonder if adding in deeper darts or maybe just a well-placed belt would help in the meantime?

And good luck with the surgery! I always thought Friday the 13th were kind of neat, so not a bad day for surgery at all in my book. :)

delia hornbook said...

Congtratulations on still losing your weight such a great feeling being able to get into old and new clothes. I love that first suit that is gorgeous. But blimey that lady on the left of that photo far to thin and her neck looks so long i did chuckle to myself. She must have had such a tight under garment on. Great news about your knee hip ;-)) dee x

Vintage Christine said...

I'm envious of anyone who can manage to stay on a diet--I'm currently on Diet #1,750,000 and I can stay on it as long as the hubs is working offshore but as soon as he comes home my will power evaporates since of course HE won't diet (although he could stand to lose a few pounds). The grey suit is my favorite although I could never wear something that fitted (well, at the present time, anyway). Keep up the good work!

Kim said...

You're doing brilliantly! It is wonderful at when things start falling off you or you can get into things that stopped fitting or never fitted. It is a challenge though, I have rings and shoes that don't fit now after weight loss! Keep up the good work!

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