Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sewing & why don't I do it more often?!!

Yes you can tell I have a lot of time on my hands right now, still on sofa, still in PJs as I said nothing serious just a cold, but it means I have time for thinking and writing which is rare!!!

Anyway I got to thinking about sewing, I love sewing, I love having new things to wear - I can't buy much at the moment, we're pretty broke - I have lots of vintage patterns and vintage material sitting there waiting to be made up, so why don't I sew more often?

I know part of it is time, I so often have projects I start and don't finish as I run out of time. I know the best times I've had sewing are when I've had a holiday weekend totally free and have sewed all weekend, however of course those weekends don't come around very often.

I planned a weekend of sewing this weekend but of course as I'm not well I know I will make stupid mistakes, and just don't have the energy anyway.

Recently though I set up a sewing area in my office, I have a table to sew on, all my material is in there, it needs a bit of organisation but I'm hoping this will encourage me to get on with it. Once it's organised I'll take some pics, but don't hold your breathe!

A few months ago I got very organised and scanned all my patterns and saved them on my computer in categories, oh yeah actual categories!! I have plenty of patterns too, but never enough!

So in the next few months I'm hoping that I'm going to get going on my sewing.

I've been wanting to make this blouse up for ages, it's very much my style as it has a sweetheart neckline, always good for people with a large bust!

There are so many options with this blouse aren't there?

Then I would really like to get some skirts made up, I wear trousers far too often, I particularly like this pattern with the detail on the pockets of the middle option

Of course I'd also quite like to make up a dress, although I don't wear dresses very often as I don't go out as much as I'd used to but still a gal has to have a dressy option as well and I refuse to pay the price most people are asking for 50s cocktail type dresses nowadays! I have a beautiful organza with matching lining, it's just deciding quite what to make out of it! I want to make an illusion style cocktail dress, I tried in vain to find a photo of exactly what I meant but just couldn't so it's kinda like the dress below but instead of lace, imagine see through organza, does that make sense or is my cold addled brain far from the mark?

However finding a pattern with an illusion neckline is hard, I'm still looking, but I think I might just have to make it up myself, which - may I add before you think I'm some master seamstress - is not as hard as it sounds!!

Are you a proscrastinator when it comes to sewing? Or do you buy pattern & material and get on with it? If you do, advise please!!


delia hornbook said...

First sorry to hear your still poorly. I love the patterns and the 50's style dress at the end is lush. I bought some vintage material yesterday and came home decided im going to try and make a dress, after buying a vintage pattern. I got as far as pinning, and cutting the fabric, the next step im going to look at today but i have to say i may still be sat there tonight looking at it and getting no where further, as i have never made an item of clothing let alone followed a pattern. And i only got my old sewing machine a few months ago, You could call me the virgin sewer. But heck its fun trying ;-) Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your sewing ideas. Dee.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ah honestly it's just a cold, but thanks! And well done on buying and cutting out already, certainly an example I need to follow!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

it's nice to have to take time off, even if you are not feeling 100%.

New material has gotten so expensive, I think it's cheaper to buy new clothes. However, isn't vintage material expensive too (unless you buy it from a boot or yard sale or whatnot?)...

I took the required Home Ec class in school (do they teach those any more?) and learned basic sewing, but other than running curtains and pillows up on the old machine, I'm afraid that's the extent of my sewing skills!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

yes true!

I know material is SO expensive and yes vintage material is ridiculously expensive, however I have a huge stash and as with anything you can still get bargains sometimes, you know how it is ;o)

Ivy Black said...

I sort of am a procrastinator when it comes to my own sewing mainly because I'm not at work. At work, I have to teach others and I have to see projects through. When I was young, I used to get or make a pattern, get the fabric, make the thing and then wear it that evening! It probably wasn't that well made which is the difference now. I do like to have lots of projects on the go but recently I've been making myself finish one before starting another. I don't think it matters long as it's made in the end. xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oooh yes I used to do that, sit down on a Saturday morning and make something for that evening, mind you I also didn't have much trouble finding 50s stuff cheap & to fit! You're right though, don't look at the seams.

I'm like you try to finish something before starting something else, I guess that's why I'm not getting anything finished :o)

Gemima said...

I procrastinate away, then get impatient with myself and do a rush job... which invariably reults in my bodging the whole thing and mildly swearing!
I've got a tonne of things I need to take apart and fix, and am slowly getting there, it's helped since, like you and Ivy I've sworn to do one thing at a time :)
Feel better soon lovely
G x

Kim Bombshell said...

I can't even hem pants, I envy you!

Stefanie Valentine said...

I started learning how to sew (Mr V's mum is a fantastic sewer and is teaching me) but unfortunately all I have done so far is half an apron, oh dear! I keep meaning to do more sewing but something always pops up. I would love to be able to make up some of the amazing patterns I've got!

Mrs Cleaver said...

I love the striped version of that blouse & the pencil skirt is lovely too.
I have bought a sewing machine (well hubby bought it actually)& i have a bag of patterns so i can learn to sew but i havn't even touched the machine yet,i am such a procrastinator .Having a 2 yr old running around doesn't help but sometimes i think i'm just using that as an excuse lol.
Hope your better soon xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

so nice to know there are many procrastinators around, and those who can't sew, don't worry if you could you'd probably procrastinate like the rest of us!!!

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