Monday, 11 October 2010

Weird vintage obsessions

Come on then admit it what is yours? I have one, it's weird I know, oh dear I don't know whether I should admit it.... Ok here goes I love slippers!

I've always loved slippers, I used to collect vintage ones but got rid of most of them in the past couple of years, some didn't even fit.

Why do I love slippers? I don't know, maybe with vintage ones it's the glam aspect of lounging in that era, there really are some beautiful ones. I've never had a pair of these but I still want some of these one day.

Yep black, pink, red or even green would do thank you very much!

I think these are cute too.

My husband looked at me liked I'd finally lost it when I showed him the green ones, but I think they're fabulous he he!

Look how glamourous these adverts are from Daniel Green, can you see where I'm coming from now?

I love those red & black ones at the top of the first ad, soooo glamourous.

I was going to show you pics of my vintage slippers, I think I only have 2 left from my 'collection' but sadly my husband dropped our camera tonight and it broke eeeek! I wasn't a happy bunny, it's my work camera too, so I'm off to the specialist camera shop tomorrow to see if it can possibly be fixed.

So come on people, we've all got a weird vintage obsession that can't really be explained, what's yours?


Heidi said...

Hope they can fix your camera... I love slippers too... I must admit that most of my vintage collection consists of frilly nightgowns, kimonos, peignoirs etc. Not very practical but maybe that's why I collect it -a sort of escapism, same with slippers maybe?;)

Gingeyginge said...

I have a pair of vintage sling back slippers with fur round,they are so comfy.

Amy Georgina said...

Well, seeing as I only have one vintage item, and it's a hat, I can't really comment! I'm a bit obsessed with handbags so perhaps when I find the money that will be my vintage obsession. But I must say, I'm loving the slippers, and the green ones are definitely the best!!

Ivy Black said...

Fab vintage slippers..I have a pair like the red ones in the second pic but I can't wear them as they're three sizes too small! They are for display....I suppose my weird vintage obsession has to be dolls and dolls heads!xxx

Yesterday Girl said...

Oooh wow, what a weird and wonderful collection! I have a thing for long necked dog and cat

Retro Chick said...

China and glassware. I'm obsessed and I spend hours looking up dates and back stamps then I pile it all up on my dining room table! I should really sell some but I can't bring myself to part with it!

I might now become obsessed with slippers having seen those pictures though!

Temperamental Broad said...

Vintage shorts and halter tops are mine! I have way too many of them to ever wear, yet I keep buying more!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

You know mine....Glasses! I always always look for vinatge glassware everywhere and anywhere!
We got a lot this year, so our glass cupboard is full, but we now have a reserve cupboard! I rotate them too so they all get even use, ha ha!
Love the slippers, butfar too glam for me. I'd fall and break my neck!! I much prefer my very unglam slipper socks, as I wear them when I'm working and im always running up and down the stairs so much more practical :)

Vintage Christine said...

Know what I want really bad? A pair of pink satin slippers with wispy pink ostrich feathers! I'm pretty sure they make them for big feet since I've seen several drag queens wearing them! A fabulous pink peignor and a Cosmopolitan (heavy on the wodka, dahlink) and woo hoo! LOOK OUT HUBBY!

Kitty said...

One of my co-sellers,, has heaps of those Daniel Green ones, they're really expensive, about $250, I'd love a pair but I can't justify paying that for something which for me would be a frivolity. It's a funny coincidence for me that you put this post up, oldmate and I were just joking last Saturday while we were out at the garage sales that if one of us found a pair of fluffly vintage mule slippers, the other one had to model them, he he.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I've blogged about it before: handmade, hand thrown mid-century pottery (often odd or misshapen) made by unknown artists!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

First up whoo hoo I'm not mad ;o)

Ah you were the first person I thought of Miss Atomic Ranch House, you and your misshapen pots!

Heidi - I love the idea of those frilly nightgowns etc, I've never bought any cos I know I wouldn't wear them but love them!

Gingeyginge - Your slippers sound divine!

Amygeorgina - Try never to get a vintage obsession if you can help it, it gets out of hand very easily!

Ivyblack - oooh you have a pair in red? I'm jealous, doll & dolls heads scare the bejesus out of me!

Yesterdaygirl - I love those long necked cats & dogs

Retrochick - oh yes me too! That's another one :o)

Tempremental Broad - oooh I love halter tops and shorts but the rest of the world does not to see me in them!!

DCC - oh yes glasses of course!! I love your collection of glasses. And I don't wear these slippers I have comfy ones, I'm a klutz!

Vintage Christine - I LOVE the way you think!

Kitty - holy moly, $250!!! That's amazingly expensive, I know you can get them much cheaper than that! I've seen them but still can't justify it!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

One word...."lamps"....:)


Gemima said...

Those green ones are fab! I have a thing for Vintage Agatha Christie novels and have all of them bar 5, am particularly trying to get all her books in the green Penguins(I believe there are 20) But above that is... Alec Guinness (in so far as I collect all the "vintage" films with him in... then watch and swoon!) Ah Alec, if i'd have been born a good few decades earlier I could have made him so happy... sigh!
G x

Gabriella said...

Oooh. Love those slippers!

The weirdest vintage thing I collect are Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. I don't collect the special edition themed cookbooks. Instead I look for the red and white check versions that they put out every couple of years. I have five of them from 1943 to 1970.

They are basically the same book over and over again but I love to see what new recipes are included in each edition and what recipes have fallen out of favor. When you consider that, for a long time, this book was "The Manual" for new housewives who had to learn to cook three meals a day for their families, its a great way to learn about how everyday food changed over the decades.

My favorite edition is the one from 1943. It still has the wartime booklet insert that tells you how to make the most of your ration points. ...and how to make tasty cakes with bacon grease!

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