Sunday, 3 October 2010

Report - better late than never!!

Oh dear, bad blogger alert! Not only have I not posted for over a week, but I swore that I would do one of my video reports, AND I did start, but before I went to the event I was so busy I forgot to charge it up, eeek! So I started the video and it promptly ran out of battery, so sorry!

Anyway last weekend as I said in my previous post was Jukebox Madness, I took Notorious Kitsch along and many other traders were there who are good friends so although we don't get to leave the stall much, it's kind of like having an event with your mates!!

Last year we decided with some friends that this year we would split one large space between us, Trevor and Donna sell fabulous lamps and mid century furniture to die for. They don't have a website so this will just be horribly tempting!!

Here are some of the wonderful things they had on their stall! I love the fact that they happened to be set up near the sweet shop sign, for me their stall IS a sweet shop! You can see my set up on the left of the photo

It's so hard to get across all the fabulous things on their stall, lamps, furniture, wall bars and some fabulous lucite handbags!

I was particularly taken with the lamp in the middle of the pic, if you look closely it's a standard lamp with 3 offshoots, then it also has a shelf and 2 little plant pots which would look divine with small cactus in! I wanted this soooo much, and even more of a torture it didn't sell, however I just can't justify spending that much when I have so little!!

More fabulous lamps, sigh....

Ah yes, there is the lovely Shona from Heyday shopping before the event starts, now this IS the advantage of being a stallholder, if you do have a bit of spare cash before the event, you do get the pickings!!

Another great stall, looks at all those goodies, jewellery, handbags, shoes, sigh again!

Love the sign 'All Good Girls go to retro heaven'! I also freakily didn't notice myself reflected in the mirror when taking the pic, I was totally distracted by all the loveliness for sale!

It's very hard to make stalls look exciting in a photo, it's strange as when you're there you can stand a long way back and see all the fabulousness but in a picture it never quite comes across!

I didn't get a pic of Rocket Originals or Heyday, sorry but I just ran out of time!

We did however have a lovely meal on Saturday night kindly arranged by Shona from Heyday, we rarely get an evening out as stallholders as we work such long hours at events, but we decided that we should get together for dinner at this one. We had a lovely evening, with Shona and her lovely husband Twain (I've probably spelt that wrong sorry!), Kay and Martin from Rocket Originals,  and Phil & Jo from Freddies of Pinewood who although weren't trading at the event joined us for dinner!

As Kay and Martin were staying with us for this event we also had a lovely time catching up, I can't believe I didn't take pictures of us at dinner, although we were all rather tired after a days trading!

Also, sneak preview - no pictures! Kay showed me the new designs they have in the pipework at Rocket Originals, ladies you are in for a treat, I can't wait, I already have my forward order in!

So sorry I didn't do any video, sorry the pics are a bit crap, but I'll be back on form again soon!!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

The trick to photographing things like these, are a mix of far away shots, and close-ups. That's how your eyes travel: take in the whole stall, then zoom in on details and particular objects. Try that next time. =)

Gee, it all looks so wonderful, I wish I could have been there!!

Kim Bombshell said...

Those lamps are divine. I'm missing the Alameda flea market today because I have to work at the shop...sigh...maybe next month.

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