Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Every picture tells a story!

I'm terrible at organising old pictures and have 2 boxes full of old pics which I never look at. However the other day I was looking for a photo, I didn't find it, didn't have much time, but started getting sucked into my picture boxes. Every picture tells a story and when you look back at them you might not remember all the detail, but you remember how you felt at that moment, or where you were particularly or who you were with.

So I thought for fun I would share the first few I scanned, all totally random, all with a story!

First up a picture of my lovely husband which was taken around the a very very long time ago, in fact it was my favourite picture of him when I first met him, and it had been taken before then, we've been together for over 20 years now, so he must have been in his early 20s when this was taken, cute huh?!!

Next up a great picture of my mum and her brother, I love this picture, it's so tender I think between her and her brother and they are really not like that in real life, I'm sure they love each other but they never let each other know, silly really. Still I love this pic, mum looks so sweet and my uncle too!

I love this picture of me and Dad. Obviously I know the year, well I assume it's 1967 as I was born end of October 1966 and I'm obviously still a baby, but I think the curtains and wallpaper are a dead giveaway!

This next picture is the only picture you will ever see of me in a dress above the knee! I used to do a lot of Film and TV extra (background) work and this was set in the 60s, how there got me into a 60s dress I'll never know, the coat is mine, just keeping warm on set in between takes! I can't remember the program but it had Ricky Tomlinson in, he was at our table and was as totally hilarious in real life as he seems on TV!
 He had us in stitches.

Next one was at a club that Rohan the DJ ran soooo many years ago! It was like a Speakeasy, it wasn't really a proper club it was a house of sorts under the railway arches in Camden. You brought your own drinks and it used to go on all night, it was like going to a speakeasy, there was always a good deal of alcohol consumed - as you can tell by this pic, there were no seats, which is why I'm on the floor, it was always a bit hazy cos it was so bloody hot in there, and I do remember when you walked down the stairs you could see people sitting on the loo, yep a real put together event. I do remember one night standing in the alley cooling off as it was so hot, looking up at the stars and thinking how great life was!!

And last but not least, us on tour in Switzerland after a gig, with a couple of deps, one my very good friend Bloater! We played this club quite often, and I do remember us getting rather drunk going back to the hotel and then singing Dion songs at about 5am in the room. I would not have been impressed if I'd been trying to sleep in another room, but we had fun, whoops!

So there you go, some random photos and as I said a story behind every one!

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Vintage Vixen said...

Brilliant! You are such a glamour puss and your hubby looks like a film star. I love old photos, thanks for sharing. xxx

Helen Highwater said...

Oh wow, these are great!

Hahaha - your above the knee pic. I was expecting some kind of Mary Quant, 2" below the bum affair! Hahahah! ;D You do look fabulous anyway.

Love your parents' curtains. Does that woman in the railway arches photo have a fan with piano keys on it?!

Paul looks really cool in the first pic!!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah bless ya Vix!

Oh Helen it did feel like that to me, I have never worn anything that short EVER ha ha! I kept thinking I was flashing my bum but when I see the pic I was probably overreacting!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh gosh, I have my photos in awful plastic bags, all out of sorts and in bad need of organizing! Thanks for the reminder.

Oh it's so wonderful looking at old photos, isn't it?? The fun times, people we love. From family to family, they all do tell a story.

Love yours, I must start taking more photos of mine to post and save, just in case.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Bloody Hell you are a bit of a doll! Gorgeous! I love the photos, can't wait to see more x

Kim Bombshell said...

Amazing photos!

Helga! said...

Fantastic pix!!! Glam thing,you!
Yay, you're a fire horse too!
I adore old pix,you can share more anytime!

Tara said...

What a wonderful post! I feel my house had the same wallpaper as the one in your baby photo! My mom had it in our kitchen! I love the curtains in the baby photo! They have quite an atomic look and style!

Vintage Coconut said...

Great Pictures
I love old pictures even if I don't know the folks in them. My other half thinks its strange, and didn't like when I purchased a beautiful 1960s picture of a lady I don't know from a local thrift store here. *haha*

delia hornbook said...

Great post i love old photo's and the memories they hold. Your hubby looks lovely and wow you are one hot lady. Did you belong to a band? Dee x

Missy Vintage said...

wow, I loved this post. Thanks for sharing, what amazing memories.

Midcenturymadam said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I know what you mean about boxes of photos sucking you in. Hours fly by, but in the end, mine are never organized...just put back in the box and back in the closet.

Nelly said...

Love the pics I have been thinking of putting all my old family ones in a blog too.My sis is an Oct 66 baby as well.

La Dama said...

what a siren..your hubby looks so handsome..I enjoy old family fotos.thanks for sharing .

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