Saturday, 22 January 2011

Not quite to plan!

Well if you're waiting to see what I made I'm afraid my day didn't go quite to plan.

First up I decided that really I ought to sort out my sewing supplies to see what I have so that I don't start making something and then realise I don't have the cotton, buttons or appropriate zip, this happens to me a lot so organisation is the key.

Once I'd emptied my lovely sewing box I could see quite why that 32 spool holder couldn't cope with the supplies I had, whoops!

Yes I actually need 2 more, not even 1 more mind you I had forgotten about the supplies my mum gave me from a friend of hers so that's why it's quite so bad!

Then I got all my haberdashery out and decided I would photo and make a note of
everything I have so that I know what I have.

Here's the mess uuurgh

First thing I found which I absolutely must do something with is this beautiful belt buckle.

I'm unsure of it's era, it's beautifully made, and in fact wouldn't look out of place on anything from the 40's to the 60s I guess. I'm really not sure what I will make that I can attach this too, but I do love it so I'm sure one day it will come in handy

Then all plans failed. Our toilet cistern was coming loose from the wall and I asked my mate Bloater - who handily lives next door - if he could help me (read fix it) sort it out. I really really thought it would be a short job but not something I could easily do on my own. Anyway it turned out to be anything but, it was horrible and no matter what he tried it didn't work, we even had to venture out to B&Q to get new fixings, eventually hero that it is he did it! I was so grateful, the reason I pre-empted it this time was our downstairs one actually fell off on a Bank Holiday once, I had to sit on the loo for 2 hours holding it on until the emergency plumber arrived who then charged us £220!

Here's our bathroom in disarray!

Fortunately we now have a cistern back on the wall and a fully working toilet. Bloater is usually better know for his amazing music but he's a darn good bloke and a great mate too. A bottle of rum will be winging it's way to him soon!

By the time this crisis was over quite frankly I couldn't be bothered to start something new, so I'm sat here with a G&T and a slightly dodgy back from leaning over to hold the cistern in place whilst trying to keep out of Bloater's way!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I will leave out the toilet humour! Enjoy the G&T and don't do any drunk and disorderly crafting later!

Kim Bombshell said...

I have some grandiose plans today...lets see if I get anything done!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Household calamities are rubbish! Glad you got it sorted for a bottle of rum!

delia hornbook said...

Its good to have a sort out i always feel that a straight house is good and restful for the soul, enjoy your sunday, dee x

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Ugh I feel your plumbing pain! Glad you had a friend sort it out!

Vintage Vixen said...

Argh! What a disaster! I tried not to laugh but I was just imaging you holding on to the cistern and it was hard not to! xxx

Tasha said...

Ha! I wouldn't even have known that part of a toilet was called a cistern. Toilets are NOT something you want to have troubles with (I know from experience too, ugh)!

Love that belt buckle, can't wait to see what you find to do with it.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh Vix it was funny, I even had OH bring the laptop so I had something to do ha ha!

Thanks for all your well wished re the toilet!!

I can't even sew this week or at the weekend as I have an event this weekend and prep all week, so sewing will have to wait for my return :o(

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