Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sewing up a storm!

Howdy all! Well wasn't the holiday weekend a washout in the UK? No problem for me though I planned to sew sew and sew so I was perfectly happy!

I haven't done any proper sewing in some time and I really do want to get back in the swing, the thing is that I have my lovely sewing area set up upstairs however when I sew at the weekend I liked to do it in the living room whilst watching movies, mmmm dilemma.

Well not much of one, here's a pic of the chaos of part of the living room as I got started he he!

Yep fabric & patterns everywhere, I like to see what I have around me, terrible huh?

Anyway I was going to sew something for the Rockabilly Rave coming up but I changed my mind, I enough nice blouses for wearing during the day, but what I don't have is day to day wear blouses, obviously I don't have to wear formal office wear as I work for myself but I don't like getting sloppy either and I'll be honest I have been lately!

So I decided first up to make a couple of work blouses! My first one was using some black spotty fabric, here's the pattern on top of the fabric, I decided on the bottom option.

I always have to alter patterns as I'm have a large bust and sadly a large waist at the moment :o( Anyway I messed about with this pattern and got a reasonable if a little loose fit, which suits me just fine for sitting in front of the laptop all day! I did take a pic of it finished but had to cut my head of, sorry people, I was sewing had no make up on and my hair looked a fright!!

Can you spot the mistake? I can't believe I made such a rookie error!! I got so far and then was in such a rush to finish, I put the buttonholes on the wrong side, it's very strange when you fasten it up, but you'd never really notice.

Next up was another spotty fabric, again, just for working around the house. I have this one on as I write this, I've felt so much smarter the last couple of days in my new blouses, I'm definately going to make quite a few more!

Then I decided I fancied sewing a sun suit, well a top and a skirt. I didn't have quite enough fabric to do the skirt of my choice so I had to do a basic a line with a nice top, this is the fabric. I promise I'll take a proper pic of me in it when I wear it!

Cute fabric huh?! There's a teaser for you!

Then I dug out a dress & bolero I have only worn once, it is a lovely print but a friend made it for me years ago and it just doesn't fit right, she made the bodice to short, which is a very weird experience for me as I'm pretty short! Anyway I am going to make a deep belt with left over fabric to shape it more at the waist and hide the fact that it's a little short in the bodice! I thought I'd show you this as it's such pretty fabric! Again once I've done the belt and wear it with hair done & make up on I'll show ya!

Then last but not least a project I haven't finished yet but I've started. I had some lovely 40s or 50s seersucker which I've always thought about making PJs from so I got started. This is the print, pretty huh?

And this is the pattern, I'm making it in short sleeves and actually with shorts instead of longer PJ bottoms as I think this will be more suitable for summer.

So as you can see I've been really busy! Once I'm on a roll with sewing that is it, I get the bug and can't stop, so I'm off to work for a little while on my PJs, not too long though as I was working til gone 10 last night and I'm a little sleepy!

hope you've all been great and had a great weekend.

Oh and what is with Blogger & Explorer, since I upgraded Explorer I can't use Blogger properly so I've taken to using Google Chrome, no problems there!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gosh, how busy have you been! Those blouses look gorgeous - I am a big fan of polka!

Loving the playsuit fabric too x

Eartha Kitsch said...

My gosh! When did you rest? I don't sew so this just amazes me. Your creations are beautiful!

Lisa said...

The sun suit fabric is too cute! Nice work on the tops, too!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh yes the fishes fabric is adorable!

Feels good to get creative, doesn't it? I'm painting a largish abstract for the master bedroom right now and I have not painted on a canvas in over... Well, it's been several years I hate to admit!

Feels good to slide that paint on the fabric. :)

Glad you have projects to keep you busy too!!

iLiveinmyLab said...

I want to see the sun suit!!!!!!! That fabric is so cute!I love the little star fish! I also love the tropical outfit you're going to re purpose too!

Living Vintage said...

Too cute see what you can do with out children I wish I could dedicate a whole weekend like that to sewing. I would have to run away from home to do it though. I often hole up with the TV in the living room for my sewing although my sewing room is under construction right now so perhaps will feel more like using it when it is completed. I need to finish my smooth sailing UfO thanks for the reminder.

Kitty said...

Oh look at you go! On a roll, non? I too am prone to doing everything but everything in front of the t.v. I put it down to being deprived of it as a child. Are you still doing weight watchers? Hos it going?

Vintage Vixen said...

Those blouses are just fabulous! I can't wait to see those PJ's either.
I'm like you, I work from home but have to make an effort by dessing up, I feel far more productive in lipstick and a frock. xxx

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Great work! Love the blouses - especially the collar on the sleeveless one. They look so neat, well done you! Both the fabrics on the sun suit and dress/bolero are fab...look forward to seeing the finished result on those too :))

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thanks all, I promise I'll do proper pics when I am presentable!!

Sadly Kitty WW is not going well, only cos I having something going on at the moment that I'm a bit stressed about but it all comes to a head soon, so I'll be back on track with vengeance!!

LandGirl1980 said...

I MUST sew more!!!!! I would never have noticed the button holes :)

Helga! said...

Hurrah for a sewing frenzy!!! Funny that you like to watch tele while you sew! So sweet!
Spots always rock my world,and that spotty blouse is a darling! You'll wear it to death,I bet! I've got a bit of spot fabric,but I'm goign to make a friend a tote bag with time will come for a fab spotty 50's style frock!
The frock with the matching bolero is rather yummy! I'd like to see you rocking that! AND the jammies,when you make them!! Go girl!

Misfits Vintage said...

They are all FABULOUS - I especially love the DIVINE seersucker - hope we get to see a pic of the finished jarmies!

Sarah xxx

Coedith said...

I am really jealous of your sewing abilities! I just don't have the patience. I am also jealous of your cutie pie blouses. Nice work!

Kally said...

I love the fish fabric! And that pyjama pattern... my size too... I wish to pinch it ;)

Your creations look great! x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

Those blouses are beautiful x

Kim Bombshell said...

Can't wait to meet you soon! Neil and Deb were telling me how wonderful you are and I can't wait to see what cool clothes you've made for the Rave. xxx

Retro Chick said...

Gosh you're so clever! I love your chair as well, it's amazing.

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