Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm back!

Hey all, I'm back! Well in reality I got back at the beginning of the week but with all the sleep catch up and work catch up I haven't been able to post til today!

As ever we had a great time at the Rave and as ever I didn't take hardly any pics, I always forget to take my camera on a night and during the day I work, so I'm a blogging failure ha ha!

However I did get some and I did meet some great people!

First up I thought I'd let you see the reality of setting up for a big show, so many of you just see the end result, there is sooooo much work that goes on before it looks like how you see it.

So here is my stall before anything happens!

Our neighbours, the lovely Bunnys Workshop, Jirral makes fabulous chalkware masks and did I take any pics, nope I did not, so stupid! But here is Jirral and Nicki setting up!

And this is what the main traders rooms looks like as they are starting out, if you've seen in finished you'll know how much work must got into it!

However I did mention that I met some new people, well new as in I've never met them in person but feel like I've known them forever!!

I met the very lovely Kim from The Kim Show blog, she was exactly as I imagined and we got on like we'd known each other forever! She also bought a fabulous pair of peddle pushers or clam diggers from me, which I was so happy for as I've had them forever but they were really too long for me but they suit Kim so much she went back and changed into them straight away as you can see in this pic! Lovely to meet you Kim, hope we get to spend some proper time at some point, sorry I was so busy!

Kim said she felt like an Amazonian woman next to me, well I am rather short ;o)

I also met 2 lovely Australian (I think!) ladies, now here is where I fell down horribly, not only did I not ask their actual names, I didn't even get a pic, cos guess what we started talking about all our lovely blogging friends all over the world and then it got busy and they left before I got chance to ask names and take pics! But they were lovely! Our respective husbands/boyfriends were extremely bemused that people who have never met were talking about the 2 weddings of the month in blog land, namely Tasha from By Gum, By Golly and Mary from Deluxeville and the fact that we'd all met Kim too! So hello ladies, please identify yourselves, and sorry we ended up just chatting and not connecting properly it was lovely to meet you!

As I said we had a great time, we always share at the Rave and Riot with Kaye and Martin from Rocket Originals and that adds to the enjoyment, they are great chalet mates! I would never take a pic of us in the chalet, it's less glamour & more PJs and looking knackered!!

Last but not least, the lovely Australian ladies asked how my grass was coming along, who'd have thought people were interested eh? I'm pleased to announce it's looking fabulous

However I do appear to have sown extremely fast growing grass so it doesn't look like this at the moment ha ha!

We are supposed to get stonkingly hot weather tomorrow and Monday, so I'm preparing for it! We've had a really crappy June so far in the UK!

Hope you are all well


Living Vintage said...

Sounds like it was a fabulous time. The grass looks better than mine which has a 40's plymouth parked on it.

Missy Vintage said...

Oh I'm always the short one in pics too! ;O) x

Coedith said...

What fun! I love your sandals. It is funny how much of a community blogging is and how it connects us regardless of geography.

phenolicfanatic said...

Hi Fiona-I am one of the aussie gals´and indeed it was awesome to meet you and your hubby!Great to see what the vendor area looks like before we arrive- cause it looked so amazing with all the stalls set up. I spent every last pound I had by Sunday- so many delicious goodies to buy!! Thanks for being so wonderfully friendly and welcoming-it is true what Coedith said blogging creates such a great community to tap into. Michele xx
ps the backyard lawn is looking terrific-it would have loved the rain.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Michele! You know I thought it was you but didn't want to put my foot in it!

I bet you did spend every last penny there was some amazing stuff there eh?

It was lovely to meet you!

Thanks re the lawn, yep it's growing like crazy now

Kim Bombshell said...

It was great to meet you too! I am starting my travel blogs, may take a few days to get to the Rave...but I had the time of my life over there xxx

Tasha said...

OMG you and Kim look so cute next to each other-- what do people say, like Mutt and Jeff? LOL

La Dama said...

You look like you had a great time,You are a cutey amor, I am shorty myself. I love your hair. cute sandals.

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