Monday, 27 June 2011

Am I the only one who decorates in summer?

Every summer I have the urge to decorate or in fact finish decorating! I can't help myself the weather gets nice and I think, mmm painting and moving furniture around. Am I strange? Am I the only one?

I don't even know where the urge comes from, there is no family background to this, my mum and dad rarely decorated, their house was functional. But I just have this urge. Does it come from the fact that I can't sit out in the sun for hours on end as I burn and get overheated - read irritable!!  I don't know.

You can see what I did last year, if you look back at my posts from July and August  well I feel the same surge of 'doing' this Summer, so yesterday I sat down with my to do list from last year - of which I'd ticked off a lot! - and got to looking at what still needs to be done and what is new on the list!

Also I've been looking at others blogs and websites for some inspiration!

What kicked me off on this again was seeing Mary from Deluxeville's dining room she started painting, or ex dog room he he! I LOVE this colour she's used, not sure we get Martha Stewart paint over here!

Someone else who always inspires me is Tasha from By Gum By Golly whenever I see a shot of her in their home I love the colours that are used, they are very me! See here for instance

Those are the people's blogs I see regularly and think, ooooh I like that! I do realise I've mentioned both the lovely Tash and Mary in my last 2 posts, I'm not stalking them honest, it just happened that way!!!

Then of course there are great books which give me fabulous inspiration and recently I started stocking one of my faves Inspiring 50s Interiors, if you've never seen this book, believe me you have to get it! I sold out at the Rave, yep that quickly, it's a crappy cover but the inside *sigh* the inside!!! I want soooo many rooms from inside this book, every time I decide to decorate I get it out for a bit of inspiration.

Here are just a few

How cool huh? If only I had the time and money, but at least I can use them as inspiration!

So I'm off to look at my to do list, won't be starting til after this weekend I think, but we'll see, I have some very small paint touch up jobs to do first but then, mmm, downstairs loo I think it needs a makeover

So tell me am I crazy decorating in summer?


Coedith said...

Ha! You aren't crazy. I love the inspiration, seeing all that decorating is contagious. I liken it to spring fever. Keep us posted.

Helga! said...

O,my some fantastic inspiration there!!! I also love Voodoo Stitches interior,she's got greta style.There is a great American book called PAD that has cool idea,you can probably look at it on Amazon.
It's actually G who gets more into the interior decorating!I just moan about it!!

Miss Rayne said...

No, I've just finished repainting the living room and put up some shelves and wall pockets, for me it always gets me at new year and about the end of june.

Kitty said...

Not crazy at all! I can hardly move in cold weather, it turns me into a reptile I think. If I lived in England I'd have to do everything in summer!

iLiveinmyLab said...

Nope! Not crazy at all! Since summer lasts forever here I have rotating decorations. In undergrad though I think my most "Infamous" was my light up palm tree and tiki decorations. I would also give just about anything for that kitchen in the last photo you posted! In fact I'm going to go show it to my husband now and say "build this for me please!!!!"

Tara said...

Your not alone, Fiona! I have been updating my home lately! I recently did some atomic paintings, bought some rugs, got a new starburst mirror and decorated a modern lamp to make it look vintage. I have been thinking about making new curtains for my bedroom and along with replacing the 80s-era chandelier in my living room with an atomic-looking one. The pics you have in this post are inspiring me even more!

Living Vintage said...

Ha I have been having my husband build a wall in our basement in my generally cluttered and not used sewing area and today i was taping and mudding the sheetrock one more coat and sanding and I should be able to prime. I have already purchased flooring in armstrong tiles that they have been making in the same colors since well.... I am guessing at least the 40's I think it will have a good look I am thinking of painting the walls a light pink a bit girly but I live with my husband and 3 sons I need a bit of girly space to myself!!!

delia hornbook said...

oohh looks like a great book. And no your not alone im into the making for the home at the moment ie cushions etc. Its good to get ideas and inspiration from places, happy decorating, dee x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Helga you are so right that's who I missed out Voodoo Stitches, I knew there was someone else I was thinking of!

Glad some others of you do decorating in Summer, don't feel quite so mad now!

Jennie said...

Same here, three rooms to do plus knocking a wall out. I don't think we do get Martha Stewart paints here, but the pinky colour Mary Deluxe used is similar to "Cupcake" from Wilkinson xx

Bella VonBluebell said...

awww you are no alone doll. i get the urge but sadly don't even own my own place to decorate
:( I have so many ideas waiting to burst out but am not yet on the property ladder and renting is so rubbish here. You can't change a thing and it's always plain old magnolia walls. Grrrr.

Vix said...

I can see why you do it, the sun's streaming through the windows and shows up every minor flaw and imperfection. Last year I made my patchwork curtains, not an easy feat in broiling sunshine when you've got Georgian windows, it nearly killed me...never again. x

Tasha said...

I looove that second room with all that bamboo!

Too funny that I saw the top of that picture of me and thought "Hey, that's like the color of our living ro... oh!" Hee hee!

I wish I could decorate for the seasons, but we don't have enough room to store things. It would help so much because I love so many things and don't have enough space to be able to realize all my decorating ideas!

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh boy, I've got the decorating bug, right now. But, alas, I still live at home...I'd really love my own place to decorate, right now. Ah well. I'll file this away for inspiration for 'one day'. ;]
-Andi x

Jennie DeSoto said...

I LOVE both of their blogs! I get so much inspiration from them as well as your blog. Start small hun! It's amazing what a little bit of organization and paint can do-look at your desk/sewing room post :)


La Dama said...

I been putting up shelves and your not crazy. I enljoy decorating when you can see waht your doing. the pink bed room is fantastic.

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