Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday shopping!

I rarely go out browsing on a Saturday, well I work from home so I can avoid the hordes at the weekend but we didn't have anything particularly planned this weekend, I've been sorting and DIYing for the past 2 weeks, so we decided to go out and about this morning.

The day started a little too early, I joined the gym this week and have been rather enthusiastically going there and swimming, so I got up to go at 6 and guess what it doesn't open til 8 at the weekend!! Damn, I'm not exactly a morning person so you can imagine I wasn't best pleased....

As we were up early we decided to go to Farnham Maltings Monthly Market, this used to be an antiques only fair years ago, we have got some amazing things there many years ago but now it's a combination of antiques, crafts and new stuff, we stopped going when it starting going in this direction but actually since we had a stall there a few months ago we want to go again. It's not full of stuff we want but there is the odd gem!

The first thing I came across was this fabulous 50s hanging travelling wardrobe, still in it's packaging! Please excuse the picture of it on the washing line, it needs an airing, 60 years of being in packaging has left it a little musty. It looks like it's fabric but it's actually a kind of plasticy fabric, terrible description but I hope you know what I mean!

It's tough to see what this is but you hang your clothes inside, it's like a soft wardrobe this next picture shows inside at the top, when you hang your clothes.

It's a super handy and stylish thing, I'll be using it to take my clothes to the Rhythm Riot!

I then picked this lovely bias binding up in it's original packaging. Usually I wouldn't because there is no way I'll open it, the packaging is too nice and so it would be a waste of money but at 20p I could hardly not! How beautiful are the graphics on it?

I also saw a stunning dress at a knock down price, it wouldn't have fit me, but I ummed and ahhed as I'm sure I could have found someone for it, however I talked myself out of it, I'm still kicking myself now ha ha!

We then went to a local church hall where they purported to have a small antiques sale, I didn't have much hope, but I'm so glad I went!

I bought everything on one stall, a lady had a couple of bags on the floor full of material, buttons and stuff like that, I got down on the floor and had a good old rummage! First up I picked up this lovely material, it looks like shot silk but I suspect it's rayon, the colours are gorgeous and there is enough to make a straight dress, not a full one, but something nice nonetheless! I got all this material for £2, I nearly fell over, it's not a reprint, it's vintage fabric, ah the gods were smiling on me

Next up I found a bag of buckles on the same stall, I asked how much each one was but saw loads of 30s & 40s ones, so I said how much for the lot, it wasn't expensive! I bought them all, there are some lovely ones in there, really lovely, however now I've got them home I realise I probably won't use them as they are too early for me, so I'm going to sell them on. I don't really wear 40s stuff and certainly not 30s and it would be a shame for me to hoard a load of buckles just cos I like them when some people would use them, I didn't buy them meaning to sell on but really I should. Here are just a small selection!

Aren't they lovely? Can you see the one in the middle, it's covered in fabric and was obviously done so to match a dress, I bet that was some pretty dress!

I also got some buttons on the same stall, she had a jar but I resisted in asking how much for the whole jar, see I was good, these were also not expensive, proper prices I would say!! Here are just a few.

All in all a great day for finds and all cheap prices, which I particularly love!

Hope you had as much success with your finds today.

I'm off for a snooze, 6am is far too early to get up on a Saturday, have a lovely weekend!


Living Vintage said...

Love that fabric how gorgeous!!! Looks like lots of fabulous finds. And I totally know what you mean about the plasticy type of fabric almost kind of like a nylon I am thinking.

Good for you with the swimming that is one of my favorite forms of exercise (although it does play havoc if you are trying to do vintage sets) and I should start doing laps again gyms just get so expensive but their is a golds by my house that I think is a bit more reasonably priced so I should check it out.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I have a small collection of vintage sewing notions. The graphics on them are lovely, as are yours.

In fact, I think I'll make a post about them, because I've been short on ideas lately!

Glad you found some things you like. I seem to be going through a dry period and am not finding much of anything lately. Boo!

LandGirl1980 said...

I do love a good haul! I also ummm and ahhhh about a lot of stuff I see when out shopping. I am being rigid at the moment and feel smug for leaving things behind. Until I get home - and then regret my smugness.

iLiveinmyLab said...

Oh WOW! I nearly just fell out of my chair at the sight of that traveling wardrobe carrier! It's gorgeous! Love the fabric (of course) and those buttons & buckles are outstanding! Fab finds lady!!!!

Miss Magpie said...

Fantastic buys! You did have the bargain gods smiling on you didn't you.

sorbetsurprise said...

I love those buckles, they are really unusual.

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

Nice finds and I'm guessing at very good deals! How funny I was just sorting out my vintage button collection today...I didn't know I've acquired so many! I'll have to post some pictures when I get around to it. I love old buttons too!


Nelly said...

Wonderfully good day I usually just hot the opshops here but miss my fetes where they had lovely things.

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Spiffing finds now you know the reason you thought of going, because each item was waiting for you to take them home and re love them, lucky gal you.

delia hornbook said...

Wow what a great day of finds you had ;-)) Love the fabric and those buckles are lovely really like the red one, and those buttons to and that bias binding i would have loved to find that. Have a great week and a lovely sleep ;-)) dee x

Bella VonBluebell said...

Oooo love that fabric, some great gems you found there!!

La Dama said...

oh so many awesome goodies, love the bakelite buttons and fabric amor.

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