Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A-Z of Me

I'm not one much for copying what other blogs do but I did like this! I thought it was quite interesting, so I hope you do too!


44 – 45 next month eeeek!

B-Bed size:

Double, though I do like Californian King size when in the US  - take that last statement how you will ;o)

C-Chore that you hate:
Ironing, hate it!

I’m definitely a dog woman, but we don’t have any. I’d like either a Daschund or a chihuahua

E-Essential start to your day:
Coffee, without a doubt. At the moment I’m swimming or gym before the coffee, this is a miracle

F-Favourite Colour:
I’ve got more than one, green, red, turquoise are my most favourite

G-Gold or silver:
Either I’m not fussed, I like sparkly more than gold or silver, so I’ll be difficult & say rhinestones, I’d say diamonds but that’s never going to happen!

Just under 5ft, yep that small

I-Instruments you play:
I don’t play anything right now but I can play, piano, trumpet, tenor horn, Euphonium (yes I was in a brass band when I was a kid!) and Sax

J-Job title:
Me, I work for me doing stuff for other people, so I don’t have a title


Farnborough, Hants

M-Mothers name:

I don’t really have any, Red is the only one people call me to my face as that was my stagename, who knows what they say when I’m not there!

O-Overnight hospital stays:
Loads I’m a bit accident prone, plus I’ve had my appendix and adenoids out

P-Pet peeves:
Bad manners, people swearing in front of or at kids, racism makes my blood boil, mmm I could go on, I am at that age you know

Q-Quote from a movie:
"Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings, Love Clarence." From It’s a Wonderful Life one of my favourite movies
I’m not much of one for quotes from movies, but I do like that, so true.

R-Right or left handed:
Right, although I was left handed when I first started writing and they made me change, yes it was that long ago, so although I write with my right hand I’m pretty ambidextrous

No, just me

T-Time you wake up:
6.15 ish lately, to go to the gym, but it would be waaaaay past that if not!

Yes I wear it. Rigby & Peller for bras, great for ladies of large boob size, M&S for pants, unless fancy ones then What Katie Did.

V-Vegetable you hate:
Carrots, I’m a veggie but I HATE carrot

W-What makes you run late:
Only stuff that’s unavoidable, one of my pet peeves should have been I hate people running late and never do myself

X-X rays you've had:
See hospital overnights stays, so ankle, leg, arm, neck, back & ribs (car crash), is there anything left?

Y-Yummy food that you make:
I like my food & fortunately so does my husband! It’s all veggie, but I like making risotto, Mexican, Italian, curry, you name it

Z-Zoo animal:


DearHelenHartman said...

What a fun way to find out so much about you. Mostly that you had enough to say to last the whole alphabet. I'd trail off around e.

Tallulah May Vintage Socialite. said...

Great idea A - Z of me, may copy you some time if you don't mind.
As for the choice of dog agree with Daschund I had two minatures as a young girl and think they are just the best dogs ever.

Vix said...

I loved reading this! California King Size, eh? Most intruiging! xxx

Ivy Black said...

This is a fun's great to learn a bit more about you. I'm with you on pet peeves, I could go on forever! Red is such a sexy nickname!

Miss Magpie said...

Great list. Carrots (and Celery) are the vegetables of the devil.

Miss Rayne said...

Great stuff, quite a few things in common

Alix said...

This was interesting! 'It's a Wonderful Life' is my all-time favourite film and Clarence is one of my heroes!

LandGirl1980 said...

LOVE it! Especially It's a wonderful life!

Coedith said...

Insightful! I like it.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love it!

Rocket Originals said...

What a great idea.
Kaye xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love this type of stuff. Really cool! =)

Helga! said...

You are a wee thing!!!
I'm taking the California King Size EXACTLY as you would expect darl....!
Hmmm, funny you should say you are at that age,regarding pet peeves....I'm definetly grumpier as I get older!!! XXX

La Dama said...

I been thinking of doing this A to z post too.
I am very nosey and love to know more about my blogger amigas.
quite love king size anything ,lol
I am Also under 5 ft.but always lie. ;)

delia hornbook said...

I have to say i am really enjoying reading all these. Tenor Horn ;-)) I to used to play this no ones knows that. And i am right with you on the Mexican food its my favourite. dee x

Tara said...

I adore your responses! I have a king bed but oh, to have a California king bed! I have a 6ft tall, nearly 19 stone husband who loves to take over the bed so I would love the bigger size! I LOVE Mexican and Italian cuisine too!

Bettina Scarlett said...

I love this!! I may have to pinch this if you dont mind!!

Retro Chick said...

I love these! I'll write one myself soon as I have the time! :D

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