Saturday, 16 March 2013

Appreciate what you have!

As a vintage collector/user of all manner of things, clothes, shoes, furniture, you name it, if it's my era and I love it, I'll be coveting it! But the problem with being a lover of these things is that despite the fact that I do try to sell things on I no longer use, I have a lot of stuff I have, live with every day but just don't appreciate.

I'm sure many of you recognise this situation, I'm sure most people who love vintage stuff suffer from this particular malady! So I was just thinking this morning, after spending the morning trawling ebay and 'watching' a load more stuff, that I really should appreciate what I have too.

Here are just a small selection of my particular favourites!

My beloved cocktail bar which has seen lots of moves, lots of different locations but I'll never part with it!

A new addition to our family, I actually got 2 of these, non-matching sadly, but super cheap for the price they normally go for and both gorgeous!

 These is my most favourite lamp, we bought it in a store in LA, we saw it, loved it but it was a little out of our normal spending range, we left it drove away and then turned round, went back and bought it. But then we had to ship it, we packed it really well to ship home to ourselves, it arrived and it was broken in two, we were so sad, but had it restored - more money! - and now it sits pride of place!

I love these little book ends!

 ooooh I really love this, my bargain of the century I think! A gold glitter bar stool, really comfy really heavy duty, just gorgeous, how much did I buy it for? £15, yep lucky eh? And that was only last year!

Another bargainous find and gorgeous, my lovely 50s coffee table.

This little lady has been with me for years, she sits on my bedside cabinet and makes me smile a lot.

I was lucky enough to buy this as a whole set many many moons ago and really do appreciate having it.

I LOVE my g plan sideboard, converted to TV cabinet! It was in very worn condition when I bought it, but again I got it at an amazing price and just treated it with love. A more stylish TV/entertainment cabinet you couldn't wish for!

 So why am I constantly searching for new things when I have so much to appreciate!

I guess it's the nature of collecting and loving these items.

So I challenge you to look around you today and appreciate the things you already have!


phenolicfanatic said...

So true Fiona! I´m even worse with clothes- I need to actually wear the ones I have and haven´t worn before trawling ebay for more LoL! xx

Gabriella said...

Thanks for sharing some of your collection with us! That bar! Those lamps!

I always wonder the same thing: With a house full of 20+ years of vintage collecting, how could I possibly continue to thrift and go to vintage fairs? But I can't seem to stop. I kind of think I've gotten better since we bought the house, but then I look around and realize that EVERY surface has some treasure on it and that the closets are crammed. Uy! These days I am strictly a bargain shopper. I never ever pay full "vintage value" for anything, no matter how gorgeous. It does help to keep me in check a little bit but every time we go "just to look" I end up coming home with something. ...and I can't seem to part with anything I have! Must learn to sell on ebay...

Elisa said...

So many beautiful things! Thanks for reminding me that I, too, need to look around and appreciate what I already have more often!

delia hornbook said...

Wow you have some amazing things in your home. I love all your lamps those are stunning and you cocktail bar is gorgeous. I know what you mean about collecting more things im always scanning my house those at appreciating what I have it makes John chuckle he says your scanning again :-) dee x

Kim said...

Love your stuff!!!

Kitty said...

I love your cocktail cabinet and big lamp, fabulous!! I've just moved into a new house with heaps of display space, so I'm allowed to buy more stuff now, woo hoo!

Mick said...

WHAT LOVELY THINGS! Every 6 months or so I do a deep cleaning and tend to fall in love with my things all over again. I find the hardest things that I buy to actually use is kitchen gadgets. I love them, but some of them either take to long to use or are just impractical in this day and age. That lamp is making me DROOL! Wonderful, Wonderful things!

Jennie DeSoto said...

Can I say how much I LOVE your decor! My place has some great pieces but alas living with Lina who is 6 it's never neat and a couple items are in the basement for safe keeping till she is older. xoxo

Vintage Coconut said...

You have such lovely things! And I think your challenge is a great one! My mind is always running at (MORE MORE MORE) too.
It seems collecting vintage is so fun because you never know what you will find or come home with. It's always a adventure!

Anonymous said...

The whole room is just beautiful...but I am especially jealous of your cocktail cabinet. I have always dreamed of owning one myself. The wall colour is such a breath of fresh air, so light and yet deep at the same time. Thanks for sharing! xx Shauna

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