Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Planning a Dining Room makeover!

I'm off work sick today, since I've worked in an office and no longer self employed I feel like I'm sick ALL the time, it drives me nuts, offices breed germs I'm convinced of it!

Anyway that's not what I'm here to talk about.....

It's Easter holidays next weekend and I've taken a couple of extra days off as I plan to tackle my dining room at long long long last. We have lived in this house over 7 years now and we have never tackled the dining room, I may add that mostly this is because we used to use it as a store room for my business for many years, so there was little point it making it nice as it was a work room.

However now is the time!

I nearly always start with a colour theme from a key piece in the room. My key piece in the dining room is my dinette set, that is the one non-negotiable item. This is the only picture I can find of it, can't believe I've never taken a proper picture!

Then I look to see if I can find some curtains that will match, I was lucky enough to stumble across these last year and snapped them up, just the right colours and will look fab with the dinette set

So now down to colours, well now I do like colour on my walls sooooo I am going to bite the bullet and go red on one wall and great on either 2 or 3 walls, eeek I know it will be bright!!

Unfortunately I need to paper the walls first, I have never papered before and I'm slightly dreading it, I would love to just get the walls skimmed with plaster and lovely and smooth, but the quote was beyond my budget so some slightly textured wallpaper to hide the lumps and bumps, then paint!

I do have a question though, I need to buy something to hang the curtains on but I have the most awkward window set up in this room - actually all my downstairs rooms! I really want to have an wooden type pole as the blind is wood but as you can see I can't hang the curtains with curtain rings as the curtains will be lower than the top of the window. AND if that's not bad enough there are some badly placed pipes too grrrr! Ideas please, here is the top of the window!

I'm going to show you some before pictures, partly cos I want you to see how much difference it will make when I'm done and partly to show those lovely people who thought my whole house must be fantastic after my last post that this is certainly not the case, we all have dodgy rooms which need work, that are in a mess!! Oh the shame!!!

 So as you can I have a LOT to do!

I am motivated by the use of red and grey in this picture.

So everyone, what do you think about my curtain rail suggestion? Bear in mind I'm in the UK, so no fancy options from the USA please I just get jealous!!


Eartha Kitsch said...

That room is going to looks SO pretty when you're done. I love your ideas and how that fabric plays off of the table. I'm absolutely clueless with window treatments so I'm no help there but...I can't wait to see the end results!

Gabriella said...

Hmmm...I know you said that you want wood, but I was thinking that IKEA has these things (diginet) that you screw into the wall and then run a wire between them. I think that they would be able to get close enough to the top of the window without taking too much space and would fit between the pipes and the window as well. You don't even need rings as you can just run the wire through the the top of the curtain and then clip it into the holder. Here's a link to the ikea page.

Ivy Black said...

I was thinking the same thing as Gabriella. I think that system was invented for awkward windows. It's going to look fab when it's done. I love red and grey together, can't go wrong.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oooh thanks might just do that!


Ha ha ha ha Fiona you are an honest blogger !!!
I keep loaded to see the results :)

Living Vintage said...

You could also make a vintage looking roman shade. Just one more idea. But the Ikea ideas sounds good too I have seen those wires I was actually thinking of getting some to hang my sons art gallery on.

Helga! said...

O, MY gawd, that's helluva amazing motivation!
I'm a swooning for your dinette set, formica ALL the way,baby! I can't WAIT to get a new dining room, some major renos involved before that happens, dammit!
Darling, offices are simply SEETHING with vermin and disease! Ugh!

Vix said...

Your dining set is gorgeous and the inspiration picture makes me swoon!
The air conditioning used to kill me when i worked for a living I had a permanent bad throat. Feel better soon! xxx

Elidia Wolford @ DaviesConstruction said...

Your design looks promising! I can't wait to see it right there in your dining room. I'm sure that your family will enjoy feasting in a wonderful area like that. Good luck in the makeover!

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