Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Earring dilemma!

I love wearing jewellery, I have a great collection of vintage earrings but they are all clip on and they hurt if I wear them for any length of time. I have bought those fabulous little see-through pads for the back of the clip on, but still if I wear them for a whole day I feel like my ears are going to fall off!

So lately I have been looking at repro brands on Etsy, especially for work, as I do like to wear earrings and I wear no jewellery to work, I don't feel like me without a quirky vintage pair of earrings!

I don't know if you've heard of these brands but I've found a couple of Etsy stores I particularly like.

First up is Luxulite and thankfully they are based in the UK. I've favourited quite a few of their items, just need to get some cash together so I can indulge. Here are some of my favourites, I really will be buying some, it's just deciding which ones!

Nautical Blue and Gold Earrings

Green Confetti Lucite Earrings - Sadly already reserved!

Green and Gold Confetti Lucite Cherry Brooch and earrings

Blue Confetti Lucite Earrings

Blue Confetti Lucite with Seahorse - I'm gutted these are reserved!

The next Etsy store I found Wavy Gravy Vintage, I only favourited a couple of pairs but I really like them and I like some of their other jewellery too.

Root Beer Confetti Lucite and Shell Earrings

Blue and Gold Drizzle Earrings
Of course I could make my own, not confetti lucite, I'm not that clever, but I have some lovely spare buttons and I remember reading this fabulous post by Tasha (see her below!) at By Gum By Golly about Making Vintage-Inspired Earrings, she's such a clever gal and I do mean to keep trying this. Perhaps I'll give it a go this weekend. If you haven't checked out her blog before, do it, it's a great interesting read and she seems like a lovely lady.

Do you suffer from clip on pain? What's your resolution? Have you found a great repro earring seller for pierced earrings? Or have you followed Tasha's lead and made your own? I'd be interested to know!



Ha ha ha Fiona ! I'm not alone !! I wear a lot earclips and that's the same probleme and i even catch some cyst earlobe when i wear it too longer.

I had no solution excepted don't wear it in my car and clip it when i came at the destination and suffer all day long.

Roxie Roulette said...

I bought my mum some Luxilite earrings for mother's day and she absolutely loves them!

Living Vintage said...

Miss Tayva in the US is doing some nice confetti repros at sparklux although I think her shop is closed right now as she is preparing and going to Viva Las Vegas. I have not made my own but hope to some day there is a book I got on amazon about how to make your own resin jewelry. It is called the Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab. I think it tells you what you want to know to make confetti lucite I just haven't had the time to do it myself yet. Good luck with it an be sure to post about it.

Vix said...

I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 25 and I still love not having that vile clip-on pair and lumpy lobes! Those are some gorgeous earrings and Tasha is lovely! x

Gabriella said...

I do suffer from clip earring pain, but it's far worse if I wear posts. One of my ears, yes, only one, is allergic to metal so it gets red and it burns horribly if I put an earring through it. Plus it usually takes days to heal. So I'm stuck with clips. My earrings always end up in my purse at the end of an evening. Boooo!

I tell you, though, if I could wear posts I'd be all over those sparkly repros!

rockin' hepcat said...

My fav is definitely Luxulite, I own few pairs and love them !!

I can't wear clips, it hurts me so much !!!!!!!!!!!

Rueby... said...

I wear screwbacks for this reason; I'm not a huge fan of clips except for my bakelite hoops. I prefer not having hoops through my ears as I'm a bit afraid something will catch them and yank my ear! I have my ears pierced but just like something about screwbacks...been a few years now and I wear them almost exclusively!

Jana B said...

I bought posts at a craft store and have replaced all of my clips with those. It's easy and feels much better!

panpan said...

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Robin Seefahrt said...

I've converted many earrings into pierced. Some sterling are so heave I might have to make bracelets. LOL

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