Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Feeling Good!

Today I went to Nina's Hair Parlour and as usually it made me feel soooo good! If you don't know about Nina's you should really check out her website http://www.ninasvintageandretrohair.com/

All stylists at Nina's specialise in styling and cutting vintage hair styles. I first had my hair cut and styled by Nina last July, I was kinda late to the game! But once Nina cut my hair there was no going back this lady is genius and a damn nice gal too!

So if you have your hair vintage style I can highly recommend Nina's, not only it is a fabulous experience but it's fun too, I love Nina, she's such a doll! Even if you don't have your hair in a vintage style you can go along there for a one off styling for that special night!

Ok so these are slightly rubbish pictures, cos 2 I took myself but here's the before!

Then this is me and Nina, mid styling!

And the end result, however I didn't picture it in the salon, so sadly the drizzle got to it before the camera did, but still you get the idea!

So honestly, it doesn't look quite as good as when I left Nina's but as I said you get the drift, plus I took the pic myself!

Still it makes me very happy to walk out of a salon feeling so good and groomed!

Thanks Nina!


Helen Highwater said...

Wooo, lookin' good!!! I love it that Nina is always willing to mug it up for the camera as well. ;D

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thanks Helen! Yep she's certainly not short of character!

Sara Green said...

I want to go see her and plan on making an appointment after I get my 1st paycheck. Your hair looks great!
Can she cut it so that after you wash it you can do it yourself?

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Well you set your hair anyway so yes, it's the best cut I've ever had for setting my hair. Others just try, Nina & her staff understand and do it!

bellisimama said...

fantastic!!! i am so jealous that you have access to a parlor like that. and i wish i could work there!
love your blog. i found it yesterday and i am so enjoying looking through it! you are inspirational!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thank you that's so kind! Yes I am lucky, Nina makes you feel fabulous!

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