Monday, 8 February 2010

Loving what you have!

So many of us are collectors in some form or other, we don't realise we're collectors cos essentially we just buy what we like, but it ends up as a collection, let's face it!

I'm letting go of some of my collection, mostly because after an earlier post Hoarding - Are we all guilty? I realised I AM a hoarder! I hoard pretty things, but I still hoard, so slowly but surely I'm getting rid of what I really really really don't want. Of course in the process you realise you have things you really really do want! So this post is about the patterns I found that I fell in love with again!

I started putting some of my patterns on ebay this weekend, I have sooooo many more to go, but hey some of them are up, you can see them here if you're interested!

And here are some of the patterns I love, will never part with and have either made or WILL make this year, I promise!

This is such a stunning dress, I think the colour on the pattern helps a lot, especially as I have red hair, I need to make this AND in this colour! Obviously I'm talking about the green version!

I really want to make these blouses, not sure what material in though but I particularly like the style with the stripes!

Now I wouldn't feel particularly comfortable in this as I'm carrying a little too much weight for this, but it's adorable, one day!

I have made the whole outfit on the left of the pattern, it looked wonderful, fabulous for summer and great in a vintage hawaiian print!

I've also made this blouse, the one on the left, not the high neck one, sadly it doesn't quite fit at the moment but when I'm back in it I'll take a pic and let you see!

I think I want to make this for summer, it looks so cool!

Althought this dress looks on the pattern like it is a day dress, I think I'd make it for evening wear, it's got a great cut to it and in the right fabric it would look stunning!

Last but not least I love this pattern! I want the whole outfit on the left (mmm all my faves are on the left weird huh?!) the colours look fab, the fabric for the blouse is amazing and btw I want her figure too he he!

So if, no when, I get round to making some of these I'll let you know!

And in view of the title of this post, I'm realising how much I love what I already have!


Sara Green said...

I think we all wish we had those figures! Such great patterns, should you ever want to part with them, I know someone who'd buy them :p

I have a few I'll never get rid of, well all of them! Hehehe

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ah I don't think I'll be parting with these ones! But nice try ;o)

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