Saturday, 13 February 2010

Photo Shoot with Tony Nylons & Fleur de Guerre!

I had a really interesting Wednesday this week! I was contacted on Monday by Tony Nylons about a photo shoot he was doing with the lovely Fleur de Guerre and Miss Aloha from Hula Boogie, they needed a few bits from Notorious Kitsch for their photo shoot.

Obviously as it was for Hula Boogie it had a tropical Hawaiian theme.

It all got very inventive and we ended up using fabulous Hawaiian themed teatowels and tablecloth to make a bikini top and sarong for Fleur!

These are candid shots so apologies for the quality, I will post the real ones from Tony eventually!

I love what Miss Aloha and Fleur did with the teatowels and tablecloth! Mind you I'm not sure everyone could get away with it!

This is Miss Aloha setting up a shot for Hula Boogie promotion with Fleur!

The lovely Fleur in a fabulous Whirling Turban dress, one day I will have one of their dresses!

I've met Fleur before several times but never seen her model, it was a real privelege, she has a real talent for it, not that I doubted it, but it was really interesting to see. You often think that to be a model requires a pretty face and good figure, I don't think that's the case at all, it was hard work, she also had to get into some interesting positions which are entirely unnatural AND she had to wear teatowels as a bikini! A true professional!

So that was my Wednesday! Another interesting day.


Sara Green said...

Brilliant, you know I had thought ages ago about getting one of them tablecoths and making a skirt or shirt out of it. May have to do it now!

Fleur de Guerre said...

Hehe - ace candids! I can't wait to see the final photos!

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