Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's not all excitement you know!

Despite my last post I will admit that my life is not all about going to Photo Shoots and buying for Notorious Kitsch, I need to do the mundane too.

On Sunday I decided I really had to move some furniture around, believe me it was necessity but it also meant that our beloved Cocktail cabinet ended up back in our living room! I'm so happy it's back there!

Of course then I had to set about cleaning and making it sparkly but I'm so glad I did!  Here it is in pride of place next to my smaller cocktail cabinet which is also rather cleverly a lamp!

Then I got to talking with a friend about how vintage cocktail cabinets seem to inspire some great passion and loyalty. We would never ever get rid of ours, I can't imagine never wanting it, it adds glamour to the house!

I'd love to hear about your love affair with your cocktail cabinet, I'm sure I'm not the only one!!


Sara Green said...

When we moved here in 07 I had to have one. We found one at Oxfam in Rochester for a great price and got it. I could never get rid of it, no matter how far in debt or dire need of money I get!

Miss Matilda said...

It's something i'd love to have, but I think i'd empty it too fast!!

Yours is divine!

Yesterday Girl said...

Wow! Gorgeous, i love your little cabinet with lamp too, looks very glitzy in your gaff! x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Yes Sara I fell exactly the same, I would never get rid of it!

Ah Miss Matilda, this is one of the few downfalls ;o)

Well of course we have a glitzy gaff Yesterday Girl he he!


This cocktail cabinet is amazing. I would like have a love affair with one, but still don't have it !! i've only the retro glasses and the stomach to drink cocktails. That's a good beginning, isn't it ?
Anyway, i have a love affair with a 30's buffet that deserve a post. Good idea for a next post ;p

I just found your blog today, i love it.

Olivia Banana

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Hey Olivia, welcome & thanks for saying you like the blog! I think a good start is retro glasses and a love of cocktails ;o)

Anonymous said...

hi guys i have the cocktail cabinet in the top left picture. it was given to me by my nan and am wanting to know the value of it, can anyone help?

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