Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Peek Magazine Launch at What Katie Did Boutique!

Hello all! I'm so bad, I should have done this last week but I really wanted to include a video in my post for the first time ever!

I recently bought a Flip video, super easy to use, although my first attempt looks decidedly amateur, I think my short stature has to be taken into account when I video stuff in future he he!

Anyway the week before last I attended the launch of Peek! which is a new magazine produced by the rather fabulous Tony Nylons. Not only is this exciting enough but it was held at What Katie Did's Portobello Boutique, I was sooo excited as I haven't visited it before and I know they have been revamping recently.

It was lovely to see not only Tony and Katie, but the lovely Fleur de Guerre, Jenny from Yesterday Girl and my events buddy Shona from Heyday Clothing - you'll see her briefly in the video, I wish you could hear the original soundtrack of gales of laughter!

So I decided to let my video do the talking, it's horribly shaky in parts, there is some dodgy editing and for some reason I keep getting the girl with the pink hood in shot, but hey you live and learn!

So there you have it, my rather amateur start to a film career ha ha!

My hope is that you get a sense of what a fabulous store What Katie Did is in London and you take a visit next time you're there, I know I will!


Retro Model Sari said...

I liked it! (And I loved the part where the girl in the pink hood grabbed for a pink pantie in the shade of her hood :-D)

Sara Green said...

I need to win the lottery so I can go there and go nuts!

Yesterday Girl said...

Fabulous! At least the pink hood matched the undies she was looking at, now that's accessorizing! It was great meeting you, hope to see you again at some other glamorous soiree. Jen.x

Helen Highwater said...

Hahahaha, fab!

Shona said...

hahahahah ahaha. Well done - so well directed and put to music!
And my whole family are laughing their heads off at me. Instant NUTTER, just add Camera

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I meant to say about the girl with the pink hood picking up frilly pants of the same colour & her poor partner looking rather uncomfortable!

Lovely to meet you Jen!

Shona, sorry but it looked so good I couldn't leave it out!

All other girlies THANKS!

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