Friday, 26 March 2010

Vintage Regrets

I don't know why but I was just thinking about my vintage regrets today. You know those things that got away, the things you nearly bought but didn't and have regreted ever since!

One of mine was an amazing lime green sparkly lucite bag in Phoenix Arizona, it was so beautiful, and a really unusual shape too, I didn't get it because in my stupidity I was thinking mmm I have nothing that will go with it, DOH! I can't believe I was this stupid, I wear a lot of green.

I'm pretty good if I see something I like, having bought vintage stuff for years, if I can afford it I buy it, I will even buy something if I see that's cheap and fabulous as I know I'll find someone who wants it. However sometimes I'm just plain dumb and regret my none purchase for a really long time. Another one I remember is another lucite bag, this time one of those lovely amber colour ones in the beehive shape at a reasonable price, yeah I know stoopid!

I've also sold things and regreted it, this is something I'm learning not to do with age! I used to often do the car boot sales at weekenders, like Hemsby (mmm maybe 18 years ago now) at the Rhythm Riot and places like that. I've always had too much stuff so recycled at these events, oh btw this was the time long before ebay was around or popular! There is one dress I remember selling, the thing is I don't mind if I sell to the 'right' person it's when it's the wrong one! I saw her in the dress later that night and nearly demanded she take it off right there and then, it fitted her but it didn't 'fit! aaaaargh I often think of that dress.

I'm parting with some stuff at the moment and really happy to report that this skirt - the one I was lamenting about parting with in an earlier post has gone to a friend of mine in the US, she'll pick it up at the Rockabilly Rave, YAY I know it's gone to a good home and will be well loved :o)

And I am learning as I get older to buy when I see! This lamp, we saw in a vintage shop in Topanga Canyon near/in LA. We loved it but it was expensive, we got in the car drove for about 10 minutes, turned round, went back and bought it, and we're so glad we did. There was more drama we shipped it back to ourselves and despite fabulous packaging it snapped in half, WHAAAA! So we had to have it restored - costing us even more - but still we don't regret it.

She's pretty huh?

So I'm wondering what your vintage regrets are? I'm sure you have some, oh one thing I always buy is shoes, whoops, so I have no vintage shoe regrets. Please let me know yours!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I saw a pair of lamps just like yours on eBay.

They were big, and gray and white, perfect match for my living room. But when the bid went over $500, I just couldn't do it, though I had the money. I simply could not spend that much on one pair of lamps. But... I still think about them!

I also regret selling a huge lot of vintage plastic flowers! I bought the box for $7 on eBay, and times got hard so I resold them on eBay for $75 which was great, but you cannot find plastic flowers in any quantity anywhere, in a good assortment, or so it seems.

I also regret that our own house, the one I grew up in and live in now, was not taken better care of. Details were lost, like one of the intercom screens, the starburst on the mailbox and I remember the day a guy came and took our 1950's pink fridge away for a newer one (that worked).

Ah well, we cannot linger too long on these things, for our time is too short and sweet to spend wishing, and there are always wonderful "new" vintage goodies to add to our collection. =)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh you know I think I saw those lamp, they were fabulous, imagine how much to ship to the UK too, eeek!

You live in the house you grew up in how cool! I can imagine you wish it'd been kept original. I remember my parents having a kitchen table, chairs and sideboard from the late 50s with a starburst design and when I was in my early teens I convinced them to get rid, omg I can't believe I did that now!

You are so right though, we should not linger on it and look forward to the new goodies coming our way!

BakeliteBebe said...

I just did a post on the very same thing and I listed most of mine.... :)

Love that lamp!!!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

LOVE your lamp - amazing. I have an original early 1960s habitat kitchen table that has orange, yellow and brown 'pop' flowers embedded in the formica top. I found it in my local Salvation Army and it was filthy, but in mint condition with the original chairs for £20. I have a Ford KA, so it took 3 trips to move it all home, and hours to scrub off the 50 years of dirt (carefully!) and re-upholster the seats in vintage fabric. I have had it for 3 years now and it is my single most favorite piece in my home. It was one of those complete "had to have it" moments :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

BakeliteBebe - ha ha I saw your post & promptly forgot all about, that's why it must have been in my mine DOH!

Dolly Cool Clare - Well done on that buy, that's cheap!

Helen Highwater said...

I sold a lot of clothing thinking "I'll never be small enough to fit into those again." And now I'm faced with the possibility that I may well!

However... I think some clothing pieces belong to a specific period in your life. My mohair skirt suit was one of my most favourite items ever and I wore it constantly in the 6th form. But I think, honestly, it belongs in the 6th form. It would be a bit odd wearing it now because I'm no longer that person.

phenolicfanatic said...

Gosh I can relate. I too have done the "oh I wont have anything to go with that", the "I wont fit that anynore" and the "I'm not into that look anymore" Foolish girl am I! I am happy to report that two things I regret the most are happily in the hands of two of my pals- a handknitted cropped red forties sweater with red bakelite heart buttons (sold after a break up) and a strapless full circle dress with swallows on it (sold for thinking it was gettting too tight-it would fit me now). I am happy that they are nearby and in the hands of gals I love though!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah Helen well just think you can buy new stuff!

Hey Michele, yes I'm the same, at least they have gone to good homes, and another one today went to another friend :o)

Ivy Black said...

Vintage regrets? I've had a few....the most beautiful red rose print Fifties dress..lost that because I thought I'll go back tomorrow, no-one else will want it. Yeah right! Ditto a set of vanity cases, some Midwinter china and Sixties mohair coat. Nowadays, unless I'm flat broke, and if I can afford it, I'll take it!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

same as me I'm flat broke at the moment but still if I saw something I couldn't live without I'd still buy it and just not eat!!

'The Girl Can't Help It' said...

Yes I feel everyones pain. I too have past up things that I really do regret. The worse ones are when you decide the day after to go back and get something and its gone!!!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I bet it's worse when you buy to sell as well Kim!

Karen @ Bobbins And Bombshells said...

I've let so many things go...mostly for lack of space in my tiny apartment or lack of dollars in my wallet!
Great post and great blog! I have an award for you!

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