Friday, 19 March 2010

Things you just have to part with!

I've been collecting vintage clothes, music and homewares since my late teens, and over 20 years later that's quite a lot of stuff. My husband also did, but obviously since we got together in our 20s it's been a joint collecting habit.

Over the years our tastes have adapted or we've moved and don't have room for certain stuff, so we have sold stuff on and off for years. However over the last year or so we've realised we just have too much stuff! Of course we wouldn't have if we didn't continue to buy more stuff but we do, and we just have to admit to it. I've talked about hoarding before and I know many people who love old stuff do hoard to a degree. We're pretty strict on ourselves now, plus we're pretty skint at the moment, so that always helps!!

However there are always things we struggle to part with aren't there? This post was prompted by a skirt that I just put up on ebay today, I kept looking at it and not wanting to sell, but really it hasn't fit me for years and years, and yes it's very cute but it's just got to go. Here is it!

And here's a close up!

How fabulous is that print? I honestly don't know why I like it quite as much as I do, except I do like the colour combo and print.

It's tough parting with stuff but a lesson to younger vintage collectors if you don't sell or swap around you'll end up like we have, honestly we can't even remember owning some of the stuff we have! We are very slowly getting rid of lots of it. We won't ever stop buying but we're learning we have to sell now as well.

The other advantage of going through everything is you find things you'd completely forgotten about that you fall in love with all over again!

oh and if you're interested, but that's not the reason for this post, my ebay id is redpeters click here to see what's up there! There's some really weird stuff too which I have no idea where it came from ha ha!


Darla said...

Wow what a stunning skirt, I can see why you wouldnt want to give it up.

I am only 21 but already learning I need to get rid of things in order to buy new things. So lately I have been cleaning out my closets and getting rid of all of the vintage clothes I picked up whe I was 14 or 15 tacky 80s dresses and lots of carpet bags and really old t shirts. If only I was cleaning out awesome stuff like yours then I would actually fall in love again instead of being happy to get rid of ALL of my teenage mutant ninja turtle merch.


sorry for the rant

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ah well Darla if I had any hope of it fitting ever again I probably wouldn't but I need to face facts ha ha!

Glad you're learning young ;o)

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I went through a period of selling some of my vintage stuff. I needed the money and I needed to make some room. But I can't lie, it was a challenge!

There are a *few* things I regret selling, now that I have a whole 1950's house to put things in. And a few things I have yet to find that I was sure I didn't sell. Ha ha. Obviously I still have a lot of stuff!

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