Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We have a new bedroom YAY!

We have a new bedroom YAY! For some time now I've been wanting to move our bedroom into the biggest bedroom in our house it's always been my intention, but hey you know, life and time passes by and you never get around to it. But this weekend I thought, nope this is it I'm doing it!

It doesn't sound like a huge job but my husband is disabled so if there is furniture to move, I have to move it, hence the delay! This weekend we got to it though, and I'm soooooo pleased we did, there is no way I can show you our old room, eeek! But I took some pics of the new room. It's nowhere near complete, it needs pictures on the wall, shelves and we have vintage lighting to install but the bare bones are there and I love that I've found a home for one of my favourite pairs of curtains! I like a room to grow though, so I'm happy with the bare bones to grow organically!

I love my dressing table and it seems happy in it's new place.It's part of a set, the chest of drawers is in the top photo and I have a wardrobe, now in our 'clothes' room!

I finally found a place for my cute lucite bags! Although it's not a permanent home, I'm going to put shelving up to display these and the next lot too

Oooh you can see my lovely curtains really well in this pic the colours are so fantastic!

These are some great earrings displays I bought a while ago on ebay, so much easier to decide what I'll wear for the day. I have a gorgeous set in that blue box my friends bought me for my 40th birthday I would have really opened it so you can see!

You get to see the matching chest to the dressing table here plus a great valet stand for my lovely husband to hang up his trousers at the end of the day. Finally we've found just the right place for our cute 50's rug too, and finally a nice place for my trusty old travelling case. See close up below.

My trusty travelling vanity case, it's very very bashed up because it travelled with me all the time I was a singer which was for quite a few years, so it's seen a lot of use, it also got to the US the first couple of times we went when restrictions weren't so strict on the airlines, I felt so swanky boarding the plane carrying this!

So now it's happy in retirement in our bedroom!

To complete this room, I have a 1950's ceiling fitting that I need to install, then I'm looking for a couple of mid century lamps for the bedside cabinets, I'm going to put up some shelves and get some more things on display, then some artwork, I'm on the look out now!

Hope you enjoyed it, I ache like hell with all the furniture moving, but I'm happy I did it!


Yesterday Girl said...

Oh well done you! What a lovely selection of bags you have, and how fancy to have a 'clothes room', I'm very jealous!x

Miss Matilda said...

Lovely, well done ! Loving your bags x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ha ha ha well we have a clothes room that will double as a spare room but really it's a clothes room! I'll photograph that when it's done but don't hold your breath!!

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

The new room seems really bright and I love natural light in my rooms! I'm drooling all over your purse collection and I hope you show pictures of them in their final home on the shelves when you get them up.

I look forward to watching the evolution of your room!

Mary Deluxe

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thanks Miss Matilda!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

aw thanks Mary, yes hence the blinds we get a lot of light at that side of the house which is also where our living room is! I will definately show pics once the bags are up.

Ah I wish I could find things in the UK that you do in the US I love all the lamps, ah well!

Fleur de Guerre said...

Looks lovely lady! My bedroom is appalling - jealous!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh I LOVE it!! Wonderful! I can't wait to finally show photos of ONE of my rooms ha ha.

Well done!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

LOVE the curtains! And all your period furniture pieces :)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thanks ladies! Ah Fleur why do you think I didn't do before and after shots!

Susan said...

Your handbags are to die for! I must go vintage shopping this weekend.

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

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