Sunday, 25 July 2010

Getting jobs done....

I don't know what you guys are like but I'm terrible for starting a job and then running out of time to finish. Having said that I also quite like a room to develop organically so my inability to finish a job helps this! I'm also broke so I do stuff when I can, time wise, money wise and if I have the stuff, so as you can see, jobs often don't get finished!

Anyway my lack of finishing jobs some jobs has been getting on my nerves lately so a few weeks ago I decided to make a list of all the small jobs which need doing, most of which I have the supplies for or I only need to spend a really small amount on and slowly but surely I've been ploughing through them! Feels good to tick them off the list too...

So far this week I rewired my wall cocktail cabinet and had a friend put it on the wall for me, I know I didn't put it on the wall but it's too heavy for me to do on my own, here it is back on the wall!

What is weird is this has been relocated and usually when you relocate something like this, each time you see it for a little while it's a surprise, however this looks like it has always been there! This is it close up, still need something to cover the side lights, I'm still thinking.

I'm happy to see it back up and looking glam!

Then today, I decided I had a couple of jobs which needed to be finished in the kitchen. For ages now I've been meaning to replace a horrible modern hook rail that sit over the door of a cupboard in our kitchen, I already have the replacement but just didn't get round to it, today DONE!

This might not seem like much, and in fact it really wasn't much to do, but you know you when you have a job and you just never get round to it, please tell me I'm not alone on this.

Then finally I decided it was time to put my mexican curtains up in the kitchen, but long story short I knew it was going to be hard to find the right fixing to put them up, all to do with our stupid windows reaching the ceiling, the curtains having a rod pocket so that's how I wanted to hang them, I went to 4 DIY stores, oh yes 4! I still couldn't find the solution then someone in the last store said try the store round the corner which turned out to be a huge curtain type out of town store and there it was the solution! I came home, did a little drilling, screwed the fittings up, put the curtains on and  ............ they were far too long aaaaargh!

I had no idea, this is not something we tend to have a problem with and of course in many rooms curtains being a bit long isn't a problem but in a kitchen where there's cleaning going on all the time, you don't want your curtains on the worktop. So then the dilemma having to cut vintage curtains, I don't know why this causes me distress but it does, I guess this could be why I have a disgusting amount of vintage fabric uncut eeek! Anyway I did it I cut them and they're up YAY! Here they are

Ok I know you can't really see the design but you get the idea, so here's a close up.

Cute huh? I've had these for so long I thought I would never get around to getting them up and there they are!

After I did this I sat down with my list and crossed all those jobs off, boy that felt so good, I feel a bit energised by it all now, so what's next? I have plenty to get done, slow and steady wins the day, but having it all written down in a list helps

So how do you do your renovation or home decorating jobs? Do you start and never finish? Or do you do a bit each week til it's done or do you leave it and leave it til you're fed up then blitz them? Would love to know I'm not totally mad and on my own!!

AND how exciting, I have over a 100 people following my blog now, what a great compliment I'm humbled! Thanks all! I'll have to think of a little giveaway to do, I'll give it some proper thought! 


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love your cocktail cabinet!

I can relate to those little jobs hanging over my head. And I can soooo relate to not wanting to cut vintage fabric! Eeek!

At present my work is such that I have very little free time. For anything. Including sleep. Well, except I'm at my computer all day so I shop eBay to keep me sane during the slow times. But I have to be at my computer all the time, so...

It took me a solid 6 weeks to get the large living room painted, and I still have to finish some touch-ups I'm embarrassed to say. So next project it painting the hall way. Oh and getting the curtains hung for the huge living room windows, oh and getting a plumber in, and finding a contractor for all the other things like electrical, and rewiring a couple lamps myself and, and, and and!! Too many to list!

And congrats on 100 followers!

Here's to getting those projects done, yours look fantastic!

Kim Bombshell said...

Good job! I have a million things to do around my house, and it seems that everything is always a work in progress. Now with the full time job, I'm wondering if I will ever have time to complete them all?

Curtains look great, and I totally relate to your unwillingness to cut vintage fabrics. I have a hard time purchasing cool vintage trousers for my husband because I know in order for him to wear them, we will need to cut at least 6 inches off the length.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

you gals made me feel normal THANK YOU! on the million jobs to do and reluctance to cut vintage fabric!

Atomic Mama said...

It all looks great!

Ivy Black said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've a gazillion jobs that need doing and I seem never to have any time for them.x


you made wonderfull things. Congratulations.

Darlene said...

Mrs. STM! Hullo! I love your projects and that you finished them. I know when projects accumulate, it gets harder and harder to surmount them. Well... kudos to your due diligence!

I loveeeeee your curtains! So flipping cute! Good find, ma'am... All of it looks dynamite.

Hugs from Chicago!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Congratulations on your 100 followers! :) I am really impressed. You went at it! That cocktail cabinet is amazing - and those curtains are equally amazing. Don't feel bad for cutting them. I'm sure you saved the leftover pieces for something later. Around here, we usually complete projects if we have all of the supplies - if not, they can languish for months and then we'll go crazy all at once like you did.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Thanks all, glad so many of you love the curtains they are fab aren't they?

And yes EK I DID save the cut off bits of fabric I was thinking of incorporating them into an apron :o)

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Hey thanks for following my blog. I so with you on the 'organic' thing for household projects- sometimes things can sit for a while not-done, because I don't quite know what I want to do/how I want the area to look. I find that if I either wait a while, or just go and sort through my boxes of stuff, inspiration comes. But it needs to be inspired, not pushed.

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