Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Vintage and Modern Dilemma!

This is not a post full of pretty pictures but a story of a vintage and modern dilemma!

Last night our TV finally went, we turned it on, it turned itself off, this went on for a while, I asked a friend who knows about these things, and he said it sound like that's it, it's f****d, so a dilemma ensued....

As any of you know who read this blog, finances are pretty limited here right now, so that was part of the dilemma, however there were other things.

My husband said, maybe we can do without a TV? It led to quite a discussion. I love the idea of having no TV, I imagine a life where I'll read more, do more crafty things etc etc, it also never really looks good in a mostly vintage living room. Then I thought hang on, let's face reality here, I enjoy some TV shows, it's kinda like a relaxation, escapism thing, I don't slavishly sit down to watch my 'shows' as we have Sky+ (I think you have Tivo in the US) so we watch what we want when we want. I also love watching DVDs,  old movies, new movies, The Sopranos - don't even get me started on the Sopranos, we must have watched it about 4 times all the way through already!!

Could we really do without a TV? The answer is no I don't think so. I do know people without a TV, and I admire it in a way, but then I think they miss out of some stuff too, I love documentaries about interesting stuff, there's nothing better in Winter than sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and watching old movie after old movie! I also love some modern stuff, a new series just started last week in the UK it was a modern twist on Sherlock Holmes, honestly it was fantastic and we both really enjoyed it which is a rarity for new TV shows.

So we decided to get a smaller TV to tide us over, we're not a household with loads of TVs so when our TV went that was it!

Then I got to thinking, about style vs modern technology! I love gadgets, I'm a thoroughly modern woman when it comes to technology, I have my blackberry which I couldn't run my business without, I use my laptop every day, I like that all my music goes on my ipod even though I still have a huge CD & Vinyl collection, in truth I couldn't do without my technology!

Of course I would love a TV like above from Predicta, or this one below cos it looks cute

But obviously the one above is teeny, you'd have to be about a foot away to see anything! And I can't afford a Predicta TV sadly :o(

So I was interested as to whether you feel a dilemma between style and appearance and how you want a place to look and incorporating technology into it? In truth we didn't really have a dilemma we knew we'd get a TV but it does make you question why you have one and if you want that vintage look how it fits in. Would love to know your thoughts.


Miss Matilda said...

I think it's fab to mix modern with vintage, if you look back to the 50's they would have had the latest thing coupled with older stuff ~ so my ethos is surround yourself with lovely old things, but as it's 2010 there is no harm in having decent new technology as long as it's easy on the eye.

As you know I'll have to furnish from scratch this coming autumn and it will all be on a budget.

AS for the TV dilemma, I can take it or leave it I have gone through a few periods in my life with no TV and love the fact I go off and relax in other ways!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

that's a great way of looking at it! Well I do think new technology is easier on the eye as the slimline flatscreen TVs now don't take up so much room and are less instrusive.

Yes that was the dilemma I was thinking I would relax in other ways, but hey ho we went ahead!

Charlotte said...

I think that's one of those non-vintage compromises that modern living allows, much like we don't feel the need to live without our computers and mobile phones.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

Straight Talking Mama! said...

very true Charlotte, if my Blackberry broke I wouldn't question living without it!

Miss Matilda said...

we'll be in a no furniture except for the bed situation in 2 weeks ~ our last TV we got from ebay for £48 there was nothing wrong with it, some house sharing blokies decided to get rid of it....if a things worth hunting down, hunt it down!!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Interesting post, STM!

I agree with MM, people back in the 50's had things from the 40's, 30's etc themselves. But for me, having 50's mixed with 2010 is different. I have one flat screen and my computer and modern stereo, but I plan on hiding the stereo in a vintage cabinet one day, and the same for the TV, if possible.

I earn my living on my computer and phone, so I have to have it sitting here in my vintage Space room, but that sort of lends itself to "cutting edge technology" so I'll pretend my computer is a space station console lol...

I've gone without TV for long stretches of time, but like you. I LOVE watching documentaries, and gosh, Sopranos! Yes! HBO and Showtime have the best shows, which I watch on DVDs rather than pay for cable TV. But not hearing all the daily tripe of bad news is good for the soul too.

I do not use a cell phone, except for emergencies, and one day, one day I hope to have a 1950's car too, but you have to have a/c where I live, so a window-mount a/c in one room, and a car with a/c is a must.

I know, people would have the latest stuff in their homes in the '50's too, if they could back in the day. And we have to make some compromises, at least, I do. =)

But "hiding" them in vintage consoles and cabinets is a clever way to go. Gut an old record player and tuck that stereo in the back. =)

Mick over at everyonegoestomicks.blogspot hid a modern TV in the back of an old gutted one. It looks incredible!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I'm hoping when we eventually get a TV that will stay in the living room that it can at least be sat on a vintage sideboard!

Coedith said...

When we have a TV we keep it in an upright bar cabinet from the 1930's. Of course it has to be small to fit. We don't have one now but I find I watch a lot of shows on my laptop. If it was just my husband and I we would have one but as a family we are better without.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

One of my friends has gone completely 'no TV' now for about 2 years after hers broke. She said she doesnt miss it at all and watches DVDs on her laptop. I personally like having a TV. I dont watch many actual TV programmes, but I do like watching DVDs and its nice just to watch the news/weather while I'm eating my breakfast.
While I love period fixtures and fittings, I also like modern stuff too, and I could not be without my computer, ipod touch, mobile etc. so they live alongside each other and I think it works for me :)

Kim Bombshell said...

I admit I haven't read all the comments because I need to go get ready for work, but I find that hiding the technology or disguising it could solve the issue. Put a decorative panel screen in front of the TV, Have the TV inside an Art Deco cabinet that is fitted with shelves for the DVD, etc...there are so many ways to disguise modern technology. I'm sure you have something laying about that would help you disguise it.

Yesterday Girl said...

I don't mind the look of the TV in the room as such but one thing I do hate is all the ugly cables from dvd player, tv, freeview box, phone charger, laptop charger, ugh, I could do without those, also remote controls for TV, DVD and freeview, just extra things that fill up space that could otherwise be used for pretty things!xxx
P.S I too loved Sherlock, thought I was going to hate it, but can't wait for the next one! x

Coedith said...

Oh tell me more about the Sherlock Holmes series?!

Darlene said...

Oh Miss STM, I am so sorry to hear of your travails as well... Pish posh poop... All the other posters had good ideas about disguising the modern technology... but I would not sweat the details. That's just me, though. :)

Hello to you and the mister!


Andi B. Goode said...

I really want to see Sherlock =[ Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get to Aus.
I still live at home so most of what we have is modern, anyway (IKEA, etc.) but (I also haven't read most of the comments because I've been on the computer too long and my eyes are paying for it) but I'm all for mixing modern technology with vintage furnishings. You can always hide it in some way...that's been my plan for when I can eventually afford to move out on my own. =]
-Andi x
PS I couldn't live without my TV. lol. I use it as background noise when I'm knitting, etc.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ooooh quite a response. Well to be honest I've had a real tidy up and the TV doesn't look too bad on what I have, although I plan to get a 50s sideboard at some point for it now we have a flat screen TV, we had one of the older ones which was enormous so didn't have an option but have a modern huge piece of TV furniture to take the weight!!

Coedith & AndiBGoode - Sherlock was fabulous! We watched it with some reservation, I'm quite a traditionalist when it comes to messing with characters like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, however it was great. It's set in current times in London, but did not disappoint, 2nd one is tonight, hope it makes it to Aus and US, you'll love it.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Wow, is this a timely post! First off, sorry about your TV. That's the worst! And I agree, it would be hard to live without documentaries and the like. I recently went without internet and TV for thirty days and there were good parts - but some bad parts too, let met tell ya! :)

Just this weekend, Mister and I were in the horrible, scary big box stores looking at flat screen TVs. Not because we like them or would spend money on them - but because he can get one for free because of his job. We stood in front of rows and rows of them and muttered, "but they are SO BIG" and " they have to be so shiny?"
We don't like the look of modern technology. Can you tell?

We finally resolved ourselves to the fact that we can't miss out on the opportunity to get a free large flat screen TV because well, we're broke and we'd never buy one on our own - and because our current one is teeny. So, we thought, "We'll just put it in something. Hide it." The rest of the day was spent driving around trying to find something to hide such a large thing in. Turns out most people like their TVs to show as status symbols and aren't really into hiding them so attractive options are slim.

Eartha Kitsch said...

p.s. Does anyone know how much those Predicta TVs run? The "inquire for prices" thing has always intimidated me!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah yes hiding is tough is they're big I can't see how to hide a big one, I'm not too worried about hiding ours, it's not huge and it's not shiny, it even has a slight red trim which matches our hawaiian barkcloth curtains!!

And no I don't know how much Predictas are, I wouldn't ever enquire for prices as it suggests they are a scary price!

Gabriella said...

We were without TV until a couple of Xmases back when the Hubs parents bought us a huge flat screen. We still don't watch too much regular TV but we watch a TON of movies on Netflix using the Roku player. We hung our flat screen on a wall and had an outlet installed behind it so that we could hide the cords. We also bought a neato little gadget that beams the signal from your DVD player and Netflix player directly into your television - so no unsightly cords there either. The eventual plan is to make a "picture frame" for the TV to make it look a little prettier. In a perfect world, I'd love to have a modern set hidden in a vintage console, but then again, I've gotten used to my giant TV. It might be hard to go back!

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