Sunday, 18 July 2010

I need your help people!

I know lots of you are collectors or renovators so I was wondering if I could ask for your help.

I have a fabulous wall cocktail bar but sadly it got damaged and I'm trying to find something that will renovate it was I love it so much!

Here it is as it is now

I just rewired it so it's not on the wall at the moment!

Here is it several years ago before it got broken :o(

Sad huh? Now don't get me wrong I know that I won't be able to replace the glass which saddens me beyond believe especially as we didn't break it but someone we knew let us store it in his garage and when we went to pick it up the glass was smashed to bits! Anyway nothing I can do about that but what I think I could do is put the ridged plastic that you see in the middle at the sides too. Here's a close up

Or similar stuff on my other cocktail cabinet

If anyone has any recommendations of suppliers or products that would be great! Really really appreciate it!


Helen Highwater said...

What a fab cocktail bar! I know it's a shame you can't replace the glass doors, but I think it looks pretty damn nifty as it is right now.

Kim Bombshell said...

I was thinking the same thing. It looks great without the extra glass panels and it might be easier to retrieve your glassware and things you are going to display on it if you don't replace the glass.

Kim Bombshell said...

Oh, I took another look and saw the lights that need to be hidden. Maybe some kind of rice paper covering that looks like 1950s fiber glass whip stitched lamp shades? That is if you can't find glass or plastic to cover it.

Melzaelf said...

Wow That is sooo nice I am glad it never got broken even worse because it's amazing. I still think it looks really nice.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Sorry I have no clue about restoration of stuff but I have a suggestion for
a cheaper alternative; you can buy coloured thick, but bendable frosted plastic sheets from paperchase that could be cut and bended to fit the side panels. The light would still shine through it but would mask the actual lights themselves. Good luck with your restoration as it really is an awesome cabinet!

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