Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The best repro Chalkware ever!

Yes she's a repro! This is the latest addition I have up from my favourite guy who does repro chalkware. He is so talented! I was lucky enough to visit his home and see his own personal collection. I was truly gobsmacked at the vast array of truly beautiful wall masks from very elaborate art deco women to 1950's mambo dancers. I was even more gobsmacked to find out that he had made every single one from an original and sold on the original. He is the most talented guy I've ever seen doing these.

Sadly he's not selling any on ebay at the moment, but I'll be sure to let you know when he is next! He's also not ridiculously expensive.

Here is a couple more from him, truly fabulous!


. said...

LOVE the new one, very glam! Fabulous!

Sara said...

How awesome are those!

Leigh Shepherd said...

I love these!The gold hair is fabulous x

I found your link via Twitter - is that useful info? I don't know.

Great shop

Yesterday Girl said...

Wow! Those are some pretty fabulous ladies...i want one! x

Helen Highwater said...

They are awesome. I got two from him and can't decide where to put them!!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Leigh, yes that is helpful, thank you! Always interested to know how people get here!

Yesterday Girl & Sara, once he's selling again on ebay I'll pop his link up

Helen, I know you have to find the 'right' place cos they're so good!

INAT, she's very glam isn't she, couldn't resist at the time!

Little Rascal said...

Love the Carmen head!

I collect Nubian figurines and wall heads from 50's/60's.
Some professor in Sweden wrote a long piece in a magazine that it was degrading and racist.
Bullshit man!
I mean, back then Nubian's were something exotic and in Sweden we didn't have many black people so I don't know what this man is playing at.
And if I were a racist, would I want Nubian's all over the place?
What an idiot.

phenolicfanatic said...

Hi fiona
It is lovely to have discovered your blog- what amazing chalkware and unbelievable that is it repro! Thanks for sharing. michele xx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

he's a really talented guy! I went round to his apartment and WOW you should all his collection! Anyway if you want any he has some up on ebay at the moment at

I just keep an eye out as he seems to do them in batches

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