Friday, 22 January 2010

Small pleasures!

Let's face it sometimes we're all so busy in life to kick back and appreciate the small pleasures in life!

Yesterday I had a coffee meeting with my old web designer (I don't mean old in age!!), I really love our meetings, we think quite similarly and brainstorm without it feeling like intentional brainstorming, which is no mean feat!

But the small pleasure - apart from meeting with a great friend - is coffee, I love coffee, it's ridiculous how much I love coffee. I have never loved flavoured coffee though, until I tried Dark Cherry Mocha at Starbucks over Christmas OMG! OK I know it's got chocolate in too, so it kinda doesn't count. Yesterday I had another one with, oh yes, whipped cream! It feels very naughty to be having whipped cream in January when everyone else is dieting, so then it feels soooooo good!

The fab filofax was a prize I won at Domestic Sluttery, I was very happy to win this and yes I'm using it and yes it's making me more organised!


Dee La Beau said...

I love those Dark Cherry Mochas!
I must be in the only place in the Universe 60 miles from a Starbucks!

Helen Highwater said...

I can't drink coffee! It makes me really high!

Although - for some reason I was able to drink the cappuccino in the New Piccadilly cafe.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

But then it makes it more of a treat when you go doesn't it! It's blumming expensive, if I lived near one I'd have to take share in it!

Oh Helen that's a cheap high he he!

Retro Model Sari said...

Yummy!!!! Nothing but a good Starbucks... I used to get high on coffee myself, but with a Macchiatto it is ok (unless I stop for a while, than my first 1-2 ones after a while make me damn sick)

Yesterday Girl said...

Love the new look blog...very jealous. x

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thanks re the new look blog, I'm very happy with it, it's me now!

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