Thursday, 28 January 2010

An interesting day!

Yesterday I spent some of the day with with one of the best known photographers for What Katie Did , he has also done a lot of pin up work, including with our favourite pin up of all Fleur De Guerre. He is very kindly using some products from Notorious Kitsch as props for some of his shots!

I don't have any of those shots and the following are candid shots so please excuse the rather poor photography, I was only an observer and only have a point and shoot camera, but it was a really interesting process to watch!

The models were Ximena and Adam a really lovely couple who I know thought they looked crazy when doing these shots but when you saw the movement which I clearly haven't captured here (sorry guys!) it looked really good! I looked at the shots and they were brilliant! They were also very professional considering they were getting far too much verbal encouragement from me and Julie!

Why is Ximena in a grass skirt? Well one of the shots yesterday was for Julie otherwise known as Miss Aloha who runs a fabulous club Hula Boogie so you see the grass skirt attire becomes clear now! You should certainly check Hula Boogie out if you're near the London area, it's a great night out!

Here's a pic of Miss Aloha herself showing exactly what she wants from the shot whilst Adam looks on!

The other shots he was working on were standard 1950s type shots, unfortunately I didn't take any of them I was so engrossed in the process!!

It was such an interesting day, lovely company and I can't wait to see the end results. 


Dee La Beau said...

Love Mr Rusecki's work! Must save up my pennies and do a Casting Couch shoot!

Grass skirts make everything look fun! Looking forward to seeing the piccies :)

Miss Matilda said...

woah, I'm envious!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thanks ladies for your lovely comments!

Yes she looked great in the grass skirt, but she's so young & slim, ah if only I was ha ha!

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