Saturday, 23 January 2010

A stylish inheritence!

I wanted to show you something which we inherited recently as it's so cool. My husband's mother sadly died in November, even more sadly as they're not a particularly close family, however her passing seems to be rectifying that to a certain degree. She hadn't left a will, so family and friends thought it would be appropriate to share amongst us all, which I think is a great idea and whatever was left went to charity.

It probably goes without saying that the things we loved no one else did!

I will pop some of the other items up at some point, but thought today I'd post a pic of the fabulous 50's kitchen cupboard we got.

It originally had glass doors, which we still have but I thought it looked much nicer with some of my 50's china, without the door, so they'll go into storage.

I will do a post on some of my favourite china too as well, I LOVE this stuff, I never use it which is such a shame but it's so cute to look at!

Here's another pic, I stole a clock from our stock as I thought it really finished this area of the kitchen off (is it stealing when you own the company?!!). I love our lime green kitchen and think the black clock and black china really set it off.


Dee La Beau said...

I love the cupboard, the lime and the clock! All looks fabulous! :)

Miss Matilda said...

lovely! Nice to have a functional momento xx

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen walls. What a fab colour. And the cupboard is most excellent.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

thanks everyone! I love the lime, it cheers me up, even in the depths of winter!

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