Wednesday, 12 May 2010

House Envy & Blog Love, it's not dignified!

I'm Fiona and I have House Envy. Yes I have to be honest I do! I often have possession envy, it's not smart or clever but it's true.

The person I envy is the very lovely Mary from Welcome to Deluxeville blog. You really need to visit her blog, every time she finds something it's jawdroppingly good! I can't stand it I have envy beyond envy ha ha!

She does however trawl quite hard to find these amazing things, so she is doing the work, but still the trawling definately seems to pay off.

I stole these pics from her site, I NEED her living room, just for starters!

Please Mary do you think you could donate all your furniture to me?

This is the latest find, how cool is this lamp!

One day I'm going to get myself over there and hope for an invite from Mary to see her place & trawl through the fabulous places she visits!

If you love mid century design & stuff, head over to Welcome to Deluxeville, you'll love it!


Yesterday Girl said...

I know. In truth I try not to look at her pictures as it makes me sad/green with envy.x

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the house envy but I do love Mary D's blog especially her auction finds!

Zootsuitmama said...

Her house gives me inspiration! I love all her stuff, and the way she puts it together!! Zootsuitmama

The lady said...

Wow, that living room looks amazing... I love the color on the walls as well!

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