Thursday, 27 May 2010

A day to be proud!

On Tuesday I did something entirely different from my normal routine, not that I have much of a 'normal' routine but I'm sure you know what I mean.

My friend Sue, launched her company Pennychoo at a Greetings cards trade fair and I helped her out on her first day. She's a remarkably talented lady and now all the fabulous designs I've been seeing over months are now out there in the public domain and I'm very very proud of her!

Here's me on the stall, it was the end of a long day!

Her designs are very vintage in inspiration and design, it's so great to see cards that are a bit different that the rubbish than I normally see when looking for cards for friends. Her stall was also beautifully put together with a 50's coffee table, magazine rack and other bits and bobs!

Anyway I did get lost on my way there, got out at the wrong tube station, so stupid, but when I eventually got there the work started. It was such fun to see people really interested in her designs, many people were saying that there were so few exhibitors displaying something different and Sue was one of them.

These are some of my favourites, wedding cards are so bleeeurgh normally but this is super cute and you get a 'Just Married Do Not Disturb' sign to hang on the door!! Very inspired!

I'll certainly be stocking some of her cards at Notorious Kitsch, I know she's going to do really really well, I hope she remembers me when she's rich and famous!!

And here's Sue herself! She's going to hate that I put a pic up of her, he he!

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by very talented inspirational people, I know so many people running their own businesses, designers, artists, musicians etc. It is all very inspirational and I'm very proud to know such amazing people, including Sue, thanks Sue, Tuesday helped me as well!


Helen Highwater said...

Those cards are fantastic!

phenolicfanatic said...

wow the cards are awesome! love the poodle ones and the wedding congrats one!

punk in writing said...

Great cards! I think I may put in a wholesale order for my shop too.... :D

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Wonderful! Love the married door knob hanger!

Pennychoo said...

Thanks all for lovely comments and thanks Fiona for featuring lil ole Pennychoo and for being my glamorous assistant for the day! I'm surprised you didn't mention how I sawed you in half, though...x

Pennychoo said...

PS The Pennychoo link doesn't seem to be working so for anyone who fancies a quick peek it's

Thanking you.

PS (I wonder where my little hearty tattoo icon has gone??)

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Sorry Sue I've amended it, whoops!

Yes people they are fab aren't they?!

Lisa - I Need A Typist Virtual Assistant Services said...

I concur completely - even though I am also surrounded by incredibly talented people ALL the time Sue is easily one of the top talents I have met, I love her designs - and she did my company logo as well as the artwork for our last CD. If I had more money I would have her designing everything!! I can't wait to get some Pennychoo designs and as you say Fiona I hope she remembers us mere mortals when she is swanning around in the South of France on her yacht.....with Cookie moaning about the heat or something ;O)

Pennychoo said...

Crikey - thanks all.. Not sure what to say to all that... I'm just doing what I like doing: if I can make some money doing it, well, all the better! The nicest comment I had at my show was from a man who looked at the cards for ages and then said 'I can really feel the passion that went into these.' (He didn't bloody buy any though, pah!)

With luck and a prevailing westerly wind, you should be able to buy cards direct from the website ( any... day... now.... And there'll be a blog soon too! Promise! Who knew that self-indulgence could be so time-consuming?? ; )

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