Friday, 21 May 2010

Too busy to blog!

So again another apology for lack of blog posts, especially to my new followers HELLO!

So what have I been doing that means I haven't been blogging?

Well last weekend I took Notorious Kitsch to Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekender. You would think this means just packing up on Thursday and coming home on Monday and you're done, sadly no! Events like weekenders take a heck of a lot of organising before and after, but they are fun.

Now sadly I was so busy I forgot to take pics, how bad am I? The worst blogger in the world in fact! However one of the other lovely stall holders Shona from Heyday DID take pics and post about the weekender, you can see it on her blog here. I know it's cheating but Shona's blog is new and fabulous so give it a read!

The other fabulous thing which is also a downside to doing these events is seeing all the great new stock that other companies have. Fortunately I can't leave the stall too often to browse, but actually I had the worst/best stall next to me, you guessed it Rocket Originals! I love Kay and Martin so being next to them at an event it great, but seeing all those lovely shoes is a killer!

I am the proud owner of these!

I want to be the proud owner of these!

I know you've probably visited Rocket Originals before, but if you haven't where have you been?!!!

In May last year at Hemsby things were much worse, I had Rocket Originals beside me and What Katie Did opposite, what torture!!!

Then of course you have the likes of Freddies of Pinewood who do the best jeans ever and some great tops as well now! As well as many many more sellers with many many more goodies! I had to resist this time but believe me it's very very hard, it probably sounds like fantasy land to most people but as we're trying to earn money not spend it, it can be counter-productive!

What else have I been up to? Well on Wednesday I had a lovely girly evening with Katie from What Katie Did and Shona from Heyday clothing, we decided it was about time we enjoyed each others company more when we're not running about working. We had a lovely chat about life and our businesses, it's so lovely to have other likeminded people doing exactly what you are doing and understanding the struggles and the victories in life!

So I'm afraid this post is very text heavy and not full of pretty pictures I will try harder next time!!


In The Heyday said...

Hey thanks for the promo, even if you are using my blog as back up!
I am wearing my new Freddies Jeans today - great for running about in.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ha ha ha yes sorry about that I was a bit shameful! I just read it back & didn't mention what fab stuff you have, everyone, follow the link to Heyday this lady produces some fabulous clothes!!

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