Monday, 24 May 2010

I HATE compromise!

What could possibly be getting me so irate? Well a while ago, I found out that a sore ankle I'd had for 3 months and had never been seen to was because of my flat feet. Yes people I have stupidly flat feet, it's not something that's just happened, I've had flat feet since I was a little kid, my poor mum spent a fortune on special shoes - oh yes special shoes! - to try to rectify it, but to her despair I still have flat feet. To be honest it's never really bothered me much, never given me much grief apart from I've always found it uncomfortable to wear high heels for any length of time, but hey I love wedgies so that's fine!

But now that I'm 43 apparently time has finally taken it's toll! So when I went to the podiatrist, she told me that I needed to start wearing velcro shoes, VELCRO SHOES!!!! What the hell? I'm 43 not 93! A few expletives were uttered, including me exclaiming that I refuse to wear ugly shoes, at which time she pointed out she was wearing them, now I'm not a rude person but I was very close at the point, what I wanted to say was, yeah and look at them, what I said was, oh ok! Not exactly subtle but it was the best I could do.

Anyway I was given orthotics, and that was fine during colder months but now what?

I refuse to wear ugly shoes!

I've always been super lucky with vintage shoes, I have small feet and have never really had to compromise when it comes to shoes, I can pretty much find what I want, yes I will do a shoe post at some point, I have bought - and parted with - more shoes than I can bear to say.

I want to wear things like this from Rocket Originals!

Or these currently on ebay!

Or these on ebay too!

Instead today I've ordered the ugliest pair of sandals I have ever ordered I have had to compromise, I don't do compromise! I'm so fed up that I've had to spend money on ugly shoes! Actually they're not hideous they're just not nice and no I'm not going to show you! So I did a deal with myself, I will wear my ugly shoes cos they're good for me - oh the catalyst was that my ankle started hurting today cos I've just been wearing sandals I like! - but I will only wear my ugly shoes whilst working from home, maybe to the post office, but that is IT! I refuse to be seen out and about in them!

I figure if I compromise with myself I can continue to wear my pretty shoes when I'm out and about, if I don't compromise I may never wear pretty shoes again and may be in velcro shoes by 45 aaaaargh!

Had anyone else had to compromise in a similar situation? I'm trying to be sensible but it's tough for me, even at 43!!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

My feeties are a tad wide, so I can hardly buy anything that fits. =(

This means wearing vintage shoes are all but out for me because they are never "wide", so . . .

At least you can wear them on special evenings out.


Helen Highwater said...

As you know, I've had to compromise for a while - both because my feet a long and wide, and now because I've been told to by a chiropodist! I checked Hotter's sandals and there's just nothing that grabs me, so I got some quite nice ones from Clarks, which are wide-fitting and look sort of ish vintagey, plus they look quite comfy!
Here they are:
I think it's the closed back which gives off the vintage vibe, plus they look more vintage in real life!

phenolicfanatic said...

oh dear fiona- yes feeling your pain greatly! I think your approach is sensible- try and find some shoes that you can live with most of the time and wear the orthotics and let loose when you go out at night. Have worn orthotics in the past not wearing them right now. You can get low profile ones to wear with sandals etc but sadly they dont translate to vintage shoes well. I think what I found difficult was trying to find a vintage aesthetic that was not too modern looking. I'll ask one of my colleagues (I work with podiatrists) about some styles that are a bit less well 93 year old!
cheers and hang in
michele xx

Atomic Mama said...

I have flat feet too! I also had to have those *special* shoes. Mine were saddle shoes though and I loved em. Saddle shoes in the 80s. Yuppers.

In The Heyday said...

I don't (yet) have a problem, but I have high arches and without support my knees roll in! That only really works in my Converse when trekking it to the post office. Don't know what I am going to do for summer! Still, better sometimes than ALWAYS.

Welcome to DeluxeVille said...

No flat feet here but I sure do have bunions...that someday I will have to pay for dearly too!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Sad to say but nice to know you all have problems too. I have to say I am immensely greatful for having been able to easily buy vintage shoes I know how lucky I am! I shall just be greatful that I still can wear them when I want, just not all day every day!

Lisa - I Need A Typist Virtual Assistant Services said...

Velcro!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!! You didn't tell me it was that bad! Must pop in and see them - we can share terrible shoe stories....
Helen - have you tried Evans - they do great shoes sometimes and always wide fittings, I use them as my feet are size 9-10 and over the years have bought some fantastic vintage looking shoes and glamorous sparkly mules. Must admit they don't have anything right now, but worth popping in every now and then....they have nice flats too!

Retro Chick said...

Oh no! I feel your pain! I also have flat feet. 5 years ago I went to the doctors as I was getting pain in the balls of my feet when wearing heels and he told me I should be wearing "supportive shoes". I was only 26!

Suffice to say I didn't listen, I have lowered the heels slightly for every day, saving the sky scrapers for special occasions. I've started getting bad knees though, and I'm sure it's because I walk funny! I'll pay the price eventually *sob*

Pennychoo said...

Well, you know my thoughts on this particular topic because we spent quite a lot of today talking about it inbetween trying to nab potential customers. Looking on the bright side, though - if you end up wearing Velcro shoes, you could cover your walls and ceilings with the stuff that Velcro sticks to and be like SPIDERWOMAN!!

Just a thought.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

ha ha ha Sue I like your thinking!

Well Lisa they haven't arrived yet but no doubt your are one of the few people who will see them as you're next door!!

RC - Yes I am lucky that my flat feet have only caught up with me at my age I know a few people who were having problems in there 20s, fortunately I'm not good in heels anyway so there's no love lost there!

Helen Highwater said...

Lisa: I do keep an eye on Evans' shoes as they're right by the place I get my bus pass from, but to be honest, their clothes scare me so much (the thought of wearing them until my dying day was good impetus for getting a gastric band!) that I just can't stomach (lol) the thought of going in there to look at their shoes.

Besides whcih, it gets hard walking about that shop - lots of large people and average-width aisle don't mix! ;)

Ximena said...

I don't have flat feet, but I have inherited one leg that is ever so slightly shorter than the other. It's not really visible, but last year I was in so much pain that it was a struggle to get out of bed every day, as all my lower joints (back, knees and ankles) hurt constantly and would go into spasm. The doctors were most unhelpful, but I have been wearing orthopedic innersoles for the last year and they've made a considerable difference. When it comes to wearing strappy heels in the summer though... it's just not possible all the time. I wear ballet flats a lot of the time as a result, as they still look cute but are easy to slip an inner sole into during the day. In the evenings I'm normally going dancing so I invested in a pair of Aris Allens, and again the support they've given my joints has made a huge difference (and made dancing a lot more enjoyable)

One of the things that I've found helps is getting a good nights sleep every night. If I don't, I end up in a lot of pain. My assumption is that it's because when you're sleeping it's the only time in the day your body fully relaxes.

I would say thought that unfortunately Rocket Originals have a huge impact on my joints every time I wear them. I own one of their older style white pairs, and I really can't wear them for more than half a day, otherwise I'll be in agony by evening time. Sadly they're not shoes I would recommend for bad joints.

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