Friday, 9 March 2012

Beautiful Advertising

When I was clearing out my office at the beginning of the year I discovered lots of old mags that I'd totally forgotten I owned. I love looking through old magazines, particularly American ones!

One of the things I love are the adverts, it's just a little glimpse into life at that time and the adverts are so blumming stylish!

Sadly I don't have an A3 scanner so they're all a little cut off but here's a sample of just a few.

Isn't she dreamy?

I always love a vintage car advert, it's all about lifestyle and look at those colours!

This is a beautiful Jantzen advert, again such gorgeous colours!

I can never get enough shoe adverts, especially wedges. I'm going to say again, look at the colour, there just isn't enough colour in clothing these days!

I have the shoes on the top at the left, it always thrills me to find an advert from the 40s/50s of something I actually own, I don't know why but it does!

And last but not least it's the weekend so cheers!! Although I'm still teetotal cos of meds, so it's a grape juice for me! I could just do with a Daiquiri right now

Or a nice cold beer yum!


Kim Bombshell said...

I am catching up with Mad Men right now....have you watched it?

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I haven't watched it Kim, is it actually good?

Kim Bombshell said...

YES! Very Noir, no hero, to speak of. Great would love it!

Vix said...

I love retro ads, they are so much better than the mundane stuff in today's mags. Those cars are so cool.
Boo to not drinking! Have a lovely evening regardless. xxx

Alix said...

Great ads - I love all those peep-toe shoes! And the daiquiri looks just the ticket!

delia hornbook said...

I love vintage adverts to i agree with Vix about them being better than ones of today. Love those cars brum brum ;-) I would love to hop in one of those this weekend. Have a great one, dee x

Andi B. Goode said...

I love vintage ads, too. I think a lot of them were a lot less 'clever' (that is, a lot of them are very obvious about selling whereas advertising today can be quite subtle and...almost insidious) than some ads of today (though...there are some very obvious advertising techniques still used by people who probably don't have a lot of money for it!) Sorry - off topic! I love the colours in old ads. So gorgeous.
-Andi x

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Those shoes are incredible! Seeing those full color ads really inspires me to play with color more often. I'm with you, I get so excited seeing my stuff in old ads. I spotted my dining room set in a newspaper ad from the 50's last weekend and was so giddy about it

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I have the HUGE book of the 50s adverts by Taschen. I love looking at the colours and products - my fave are the formica ones - "cover everything in Formica!" :)

Josi Bunder said...

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