Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fixing Vintage Saturday

I don't know what it's like where you are today but here it's dull, raining and pretty goddamn miserable. I had no desire to go out and about today, and no real energy to do much but definitely wanted to do something!

So I set about fixing some things I've been meaning to for ages. I'll cover a couple here and some more in another blog post!

First up was a pair of gorgeous shoes that the buckle had come off. Because they're fabric shoes, I just sewed the buckle back on. I'm not sure how well it will hold but I sewed it pretty firmly. These are a pair of my most favourite shoes, they are just gorgeous. I'm lucky I have small feet so can often score big time when it comes to shoes! When I got these they were in their original box, I know, and what did I do, I didn't keep it, stupid!

Next up is a project I have been meaning to do for years, yes I'm ashamed! I have these beautiful shoes, green satin with rhinestone heels, however many of the rhinestones are now missing. The shoes are pretty worn and I'm thinking of dying the satin but I'm not quite sure how, I adore the green but some of it is too worn at the side of the shoes. Any ideas let me know!

I haven't quite finished these yet, I've done one heel, but I need to know it's going to work before I spend time doing the second one. I'll let you see the end project when it's finally finished!


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Oh, I wish you could be in St Louis with me! The weather is so pretty today. Your shoes are amazing!! I've been repairing things all week too. I recently discovered "Shoe Goo" which can be used to glue soles back together. It works like a charm!

La Dama said...

The wrather here today is crap too.
Love those sparkling bow shoes, they look small.
Im sure you can glue some rhinestones on the satin heels.
Lovely turquoise shade.

Miss Rayne said...

I used Dylon fabric paint on a pair of fabric shoes, though you can't 'set' it. sometimes suede dye works well too.
Love those rhinestone heels.

Coedith said...

Good for you! I myself have way too many things I keep thinking I will repair....and the years go by, but it is too hard to let them go.

Vix said...

Yesterday started off quite well here and it's gone rapidly downhill since we set off to the pub last night and ended up looking like drowned rats. It's been snowing here this morning!
Those shoes are just stunning. Well worth the time and effort. x

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