Saturday, 3 March 2012

It's a Jewellery Finding Saturday!

Every 1st Saturday of the month we have a little ritual, we get up early and go to Farnham Maltings Antique and Craft Fair. As with any regular event like this sometimes it can be good, sometimes you won't see a thing you're interested in.

Well today it was all about jewellery! First up I found a box of jewellery that was only £1 a piece, now that's a bargain in anyone's book and honestly she had  some ok stuff in there. I limited myself to 4 pieces a couple which I'm going to pass on to friends as they are not really me but at £1 each I couldn't pass them up!

This is gorgeous but not really me, so I'm giving this to a friend. Can you believe this was only £1?

Next is this very pretty necklace, again it's not really my thing so I will pass it on.

The next two are for me, I do love a bit of sparkly!

I also like this little brooch there is something very autumnal about it, lovely colours. (amended - I've been told this brooch is by Exquisite part of the Leaf Series and they regularly sell for £15-£20, so a superb bargain for £1)

However then I really did treat myself. I rarely find something I think oooooh I really like that, and to be honest I paid more than I usually would but I rarely treat myself to something and I really did like it. So this is my treat for the day!

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the colour, style and well just about everything!

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Farnham they have a Vintage Fair on Sunday 6th May. I didn't go to the one last year but apparently it was fantastic, however I heard this from the traders side of thing so I'm assuming the prices are probably beyond me! I will probably go and check it out though.


Miss Rayne said...

Lovely, you can afford to pay over the odds very now and then when you get such good bargains too.

Vix said...

What pretty finds! I don't blame you for splashing out on that bracelet, it's gorgeous.
Sorry that you're booze-free, you deserve a treat! x

delia hornbook said...

Gorgeous buys love the second brooch the one you kept for yourself. Im a brooch addict i never leave the house without wearing one or 2 they are on all of my coats and i wear them on my tops to. I don't very often wear an other jewellry although i own a lot. Your bracelt is lovely enjoy it ;-) dee x

Miss Rosie Beau said...

Ooo some lovely things there and real bargains too! I like the leaf design as well.

I was wearing my micro mosaic brooch today and blogged about it here:

This one was a gift from my boyfriend but I've seen some at vintage fairs for about £40! However, I know he didn't pay anything like that much for mine.

iLiveinmyLab said...

LOVE the turquoise bracelet! The autumn branch broach is gorgeous too! Fantastic finds for sure!

LandGirl1980 said...

If you ever feel that the leaf one doesn't suit you - you know where to send it!!! *ME* :)

Perdita said...

All so pretty. I would have been snapping up those had I been there!

Carolyn said...

They are beautiful! I'm very jealous!

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